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Oath Keepers CPT Journal – Eureka, Montana, October 21, 2014

Montana Elk

By Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

The Ebola issue has certainly brought the concerns of the average prepper/survivalist to the forefront of American social discussion, and has reminded many of us that time is the most precious of commodities. When I think about how many people I have met in my years as an activist who refused to take any concrete precautions whatsoever, even after receiving adequate warning, I shudder.

The Eureka CPT is still in its infancy, with only a few months of organization and training, and such a quick turning of events certainly adds stress to our efforts to mobilize effectively while there is room to maneuver. The response of individual members, though, has so far been superb.

I am reminded after each training event why it is absolutely vital to have a mixture of skill sets, and why a community of prepared citizens is far more effective than a lone survivalist or lone family. Our medically trained staff have risen to the occasion of late, and have composed Ebola response procedures for the team, which they will be presenting this week. The CPT will then present these findings to the general community in a public seminar designed to educate people as much as possible in measures they can take without the forced “aid” of federal institutions such as FEMA and the CDC. In turn, we will also be sharing our response guidelines with the Liberty Movement in general. I can only imagine how different things would be if we had a CPT in every city and county in the country.

The recent announcement by the Obama Administration that the Department of Defense will soon be activating Ebola “strike teams” to be used domestically leads me to believe that the first spark of a program to introduce medical martial law is at hand. Given the fact that it has been the government’s lack of rational prevention measures that has caused the crisis so far, I think the feds have lost any credibility whatsoever. That is to say, local communities and individuals should not tolerate forced medical martial law by a government that created the problem in the first place.

The answer, in my view, is once again the Oath Keepers Community Preparedness Teams. Localized response by knowledgeable citizens within their own towns, counties and states. Frankly, the government has proven it will only get in the way, and make matters worse.

Outside of our organization for Ebola response, regular training continues. Our latest live fire session went very well, with rifle handling improving in all age groups. Our members who are recent combat veterans from Iraq have added a vital sense of how to realistically handle contact. The primary goal – train until rifle handling is ingrained in your muscle memory. Even when adrenaline is flooding the brain, muscle memory prevails.

Many new members are beginning to attend through word of mouth and invitation, and it is exciting to see so many people with a sincere interest in making a difference in their community and the world at large. Self motivated individuals truly are the most effective people, and I have seen no shortage of them in CPT training.

Our next order of business will probably be tactical group movement with the use of communications, as well as home and ranch defense. These are broad categories and will take time to master, but they are indispensable to anyone hoping to survive a national crisis situation.

With winter approaching, I highly recommend that those interested in forming a CPT in their area join Oath Keepers and contact the chapter president for their state in the near term. I would say that, at minimum 4-5 months are necessary to build a coherent and effective team, though some may be able to work faster given existing skill sets and the right set of circumstances. I expect that the viral pandemic threat, along with the resurgence in economic volatility, is more than enough reason for people to finally step away from their computers and organize face to face.

This is Brandon Smith, Oath Keepers Associate Editor and member of the Eureka CPT, signing out.





  1. It sounds like the Eureka CPT is starting off well. It will be a benefit to those around it when the SHTF.

    Hopefully the rest of the states and counties therein get their CPTs going as well as your are. They are needed now, and will be needed more if the SHTF later on.

    God Bless and thanks for filling us in on what is going on.

  2. There’s something very wrong with the Ebola hype in America, not withstanding the 4,000 plus deaths in West Africa, but what we are seeing (here) or not seeing….are the attributes of a dangerous virus.

    We were first inundated with pictures of Liberians dying in the streets and a few arriving back into the United States, setting-off a media frenzy that resembled the so-called Swine Flu H1N1 scare. Alternative media and social media were the first to expose that plot as a False Flag…a beta test to gauge a reaction of the public. “Mandatory Vaccine Checkpoints” was the topic.

    What puzzled everyone, including CNN, was the first Ebola patient’s exit from the ambulance at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. Not to mention the other incidents we saw on TV….people in hazmat suits along side of others with no protection.

    Then of course…the two nurses that (supposedly) contracted Ebola from “Patient Zero,” but none of his close family members were affected !

    Last night at 5:57pm (Arizona Time) I intercepted communications of a Frontier 407 enroute to LAX, reported that a male passenger in seat 18D had vomited all over himself and again in the lavatory. But more spectacular…while the pilot was giving his report to ‘Stat Med Link,’ he reports that the flight attendant just reported a second (female) passenger in row 8 “just threw-up all over herself.” Neither of these passengers were with each other and both said they had not been out of the country. The male passenger said he had been out drinking all night. Hmmm…sick and throwing up at 5:57pm from drinking approximately 15 hours earlier?

    What we might be witnessing is mass hysteria perpetuated by another False Flag and/or one of the 5 Ebola strains might be selectively placed in America versus West Africa.

    If the Ebola virus scare is meant to pump the Pharmies with billions of dollars for a worldwide vaccine…it appears to be another failed operation. Why??

    Because of the stupid actions of the CDC and that of the Dallas and Atlanta handling of the patients….not to mention, the upcoming November elections, the Ebola hype has tapered-off.

    Or has it?? The Frontier flight 407 was met by hazmat EMS types and NOT one word of the incident last night has been mentioned by media. It isn’t even searchable….but it did happen and I have the recording of the communications.

  3. Friends, I am an oath-keeper, because I was raised to keep my word, and I swore the oath when receiving my commission in the USAF on 16 November, 1956, at Reese AFB, Lubbock, Texas, upon completion of pilot training. I have kept that oath ever since; writing letters, verbally complaining, and teaching my views about the Constitution, and this wondrous Republic our founders gave to us.
    That said, it seems to me that we no longer have a Republic, rather, a dictatorship, hiding behind the image of liberty, perpetuated by a collaborative media.
    As for Ebola, just check out this hypothetical scenario. I see it as another in a long line of manufactured crises, generated to give the powers a tool for terror, and therefore more control. Ebola in its natural form was deadly, but not easily transmitted. After the Army had it modified several times, it is now more easily transmitted, but still not the weapon they’d looked for. So they are resorting to a different tactic to use it – after all, they’d spent so much time and money, they need to get something out of it. The scare, the hype, and then the inoculation – a set up whereby they can decide who lives and who dies. Martial law will be needed to make it work. Then comes the mandated inoculation. Within this serum, may or may not be a deadly disease. Those who die will be “victims of the epidemic.” How convenient – what a way to eliminate some “useless eaters,” as we’ve bee called by several NWO types – Henry Kissinger, for example. Why else would the FEMA folks have so many coffins and body-bags accumulated?
    This is a picture generated in my imagination, and influenced by what I’ve heard and read. It is merely a hypothetical prediction. I’d be curious as to how you react.

    Bill Pitsker, retired: USAFRes Captain & Aircraft Commander (12 yrs); Pan Am pilot (25 yrs); school bus driver (18 yrs); and sovereign, patriotic citizen of the former republic of the United States (80 yrs).

  4. As a former Veteran with special skill set I am willing to join or help form a civilian branch of Oath Keepers in South Western Virginia.

  5. Newest info on Ebola Virus, is covered by The lies of colloidal silver. It is now discussed as the virus killer for Ebola. You don’t have to be afraid of Ebola anymore. Merle Birch 541 847 3230

  6. I turly appreciate all Oath Keepers is doing and it gives me hope for the future.

    I do have one comment, though, in posting your mails some of your message is lost on the right hand of the page when reading it. Perhaps you could adjust your margins before sending. I copy your emails for my husband to read, but it annoys him when some on the end of each sentence is missing.

    Jusy a thought.

  7. Hi Guys…Don’t worry about’s a hoax…lots of proof…
    Look up this issue on YouTube and you will see various
    pieces of evidence. People need to know the truth..and you
    must DIG to find the truth. This is also the reason that
    Red Cross has been kicked out of several countries…they
    have actors giving vaccines…that kill. That’s right,
    the vaccines cause sickness..that kills…Do the
    research please…

    [Editor’s Note: Tandalayo, what say you dig up that proof yourself before you post your theories here? Give us a couple of links to the truth as you’ve found it on the Internet, okay? More than two would be even better, but at least give us two sources which back up your claim. Otherwise, people may not believe you. Thanks,
    Elias Alias, editor]

  8. I have to say that there has been so much incompetence in the handling of this whole Ebola debacle I have to wonder if it’s not all deliberate in order to keep the public stressed, frustrated and confused about the veracity of some of the news bulletins. For one thing, I think there is a good chance it’s a false flag in order to bring about medical martial law and plunge society into a massive state of population control. If that’s the plan, then it presents a good opportunity for forced vaccinations with vaccines that have never been tested, and foisted onto an unsuspecting public. These vaccines in my view will probably cause more sickness and death of a great number of the population. After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal of the global tyrants, to drastically reduce the world’s population? What better way to do it than to concoct a killer virus and a vaccine to finish the job.
    Yes, I know this is way out thinking, but I’m not alone in this mindset and in fact, adding more to the mystery is why in the world the CDC would actually own a patent on the Ebola virus. You can read the actual patent form by reading an article written by Mike Adams, “Natural News” publisher, which includes the link to the patent form.
    Here is the link to the article:

  9. False flags for what purpose? Perhaps to take our focus off the big one. Bank foreclosure fraud on a level unseen in the history of world economics. It’s a land grab people. 6 million homes so far and millions more in the pipeline,yet not a single word in the main street media. Can anybody here me?

    Ronald J O’Donnell

  10. I read all of your articles with great interest I am a 79 year old retired U.S Army First Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran(disabled). I wish I was younger, so I could be more actively involved. I spent twenty one years in the Military in the Combat Arms. I served as an instructor during most of my CONOS assignments. I can still shoot very well for a guy my age and I know how to teach marksmen the right way. You guys contact me if you have anything for me to do. I work free.

    Jim Greenway

  11. For the last week or so, I have been reading one article after the other on Ebola. And I am still confused as to how worried we all should be. Some points I have seen written include :
    1) Selenium pills boost your immune system and many survivors took it.
    2). Colloidal Silver was also used by survivors.
    3). Death rate is now about 70%.
    4). Some claim the new strain is stronger and has a higher viral lode, suggesting it may have been engineered, or Weaponized. Google “Has Ebola been weaponized”.
    5). US troops were sent to Ebola countries for the purpose of testing a new VAX that was given them. This immediately brought to my mind the movie “Beyond Treason”. Google “Testing Ebola VAX on US Troops”.
    6). The VAX will contain a RFID chip that will be implanted in each recipient. Google “RFID chip in Ebola VAX”.
    7). Incubation period may be more than 40 days. Google “incubation period of weaponized Ebola”
    Lots of other stuff I have read, but these are the most important ones stuck in the top of my head right now. Of course there were many articles saying everything is ok, that it’s just another hoax, don’t worry, which would be a better scenario. Whatever, it is clear that little is known about what the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about this Ebola outbreak. Forget about what you hear on the mainstream, but stay open to new info. Only time will tell now. Be ready for anything including having to hunker down and shelter in place. You can bet that if this is a real threat, the DUMBS will be filling up.

    It has been no secret that Satanic sectors of society want to eliminate up to 95% of the current population of 7 billion people. Google “number 1 rule on the Georgia GuideStones”. It has been written in stone since 1980, in 8 different languages just in case you didn’t get the gist of their intent in your first reading. These people and their “big idea” are no laughing matter. They are serious as a heart attack, and until we root them out and string them up, they will continue to make attempts on our lives.
    They want most of us GONE !!! Google “Georgia GuideStones” and read a lot if you aren’t familiar with them.

  12. I agree with Mr. Pitsker’s comments regarding this being a possible prelude to martial law or perhaps even forced vaccinations. For starters, I would suggest looking at the Seven Step Ebola Response Plan that Parents Against Mandatory Vaccinations has developed:

    Secondly, the alternative news site Veteran’s Today has been publishing a lot of first rate coverage on this “Ebo-LIE” frenzy (for example In my view, “Fear-bola” is just another in a long line of the secret shadow government’s false flag attacks (e.g. Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing and of course 9/11) to isolate any American who sees through their psyops, wants to do something positive to defend himself and his community (like Oath Keepers are obviously trying to do), and is then framed in their corporate media as an extremist. However, we must not dismiss the possibility that this psyop could have deadly consequences nonetheless.

    Think of the power these psychopaths could wield quarantining whole communities, or curtailing civil liberties and increasing surveillance and military presence. What if this whole drama is just being manufactured to cover the economic crisis about to result from the demise of the petrodollar?

    A psyop like this is a war tactic to gain an advantage, so I conclude this is a war being waged against Americans, and as Oath Keepers know, war is a racket. The CDC is just another corporation in bed with big Pharma, no doubt salivating over all the increased funding it is going to get if they manage to sucker Americans into buying into their fear porn, while their Big Pharma buddies rake in the profits off the vaccine they are getting ready to roll out.

    I think Oath Keepers has the right idea with initiating the Community Preparedness Teams. We have to start generating some proactive response to this possible threat to our personal liberties.

  13. Alex Jones (InfoWars.Com) will again discuss the Ebola Media Blackout and the fact…CDC is coming into various hospitals and “disappearing” patients to unknown locations nationwide. He is on air now at or on shortwave 12.160 mhz. Show starts at 11am CST.

  14. I want everyone of you Oath Keepers to know that I admire and appreciate your loyalty to your fellow Americans…I wish I was a young person so that I could do more to help. All I can do now is share all the information and the link to your website with as many people as I can. I am praying for you all. God bless you, and keep a stout heart because the enemy is at the door.

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