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Local Speaks Out On The FreinGATE Martial Law In Pennsylvania

Local Speaks Out On The FreinGATE Martial Law In Pennsylvania

This video was produced by PETV

On today’s show we interview a local, who is in the search area for Frein, to give us a better idea of how this martial law is actually playing out!





  1. Thank you for getting this out there because all they are doing is setting the pressident that their life is worth more than yours, an they don’t give a dam about you. The town needs to start pressing harassment charges on the p.s.p. an p.e.m.a. an if you can’t then protest, armed if you have the numbers to antiquity do so. That’s how I feel about it. I’m sorry two officers were victims in this but their lives are not worth more than yours. An the people of P.A. should let them know if that is how they feel. Besides they would be more successful in catching him if they weren’t running around like commandos cause I think they are trying to kill him, so he can’t tell his end of the story.

  2. This might be Interesting to you:

    Claimed US Army vet stands his ground.
    Wether you agree or disagree.
    The man has balls.

    The PA manhunt.
    They are not trying to arrest him.
    They are trying to MURDER him. Shoot on site orders.
    No trial. No day in court. Just a vendetta by Law Enforcement to kill.
    Are the LEO’s afraid that Frien will talk?
    What really caused Frien’s actions?
    Is Frien just a Jack ass with a grudge and a gun to solve a perceived or real problem?

    Look at the number of men, amount of overtime paid, cost of air ships-crew-fuel-maintenance, Food, lodging, overtime, logistics. Hundreds of men and likely 6+ MILLION dollars $6,000,000 spent to NOT catch one Jack Ass with a grudge and a gun.

  3. The Base Line Cost of disruption of ONE jack ass. Just in Overtime:
    200 men at 20hr week overtime=4000 hrs week just in overtime. Not counting regular salary.
    4000 hrs week TIMES 4 weeks=16,000
    16,000 hrs of overtime @ $50 hr=$800,000

    Note: They ACTUALLY have more than 200 men involved in the Man Hunt search. Local. State. Federal.
    Does not include per diem, lodging, food, Fuel, Transportation, wear and tear on vehicles.
    Does not include Air Ship costs. Costs that are ALWAYS Extremely EXPENSIVE. Helicopters are money black holes.

    Eric Frein has demonstrated the economic cost, human cost, disruption to local area.
    Just one Jack Ass with a Grudge and a Gun, can tie up this much time, money, equipment, resources, effort.

    So what happens if the Feds continue pushing American people until they PROVOKE the Civil War that the Feds seem to WANT?
    Did Feds ever study VietNam, Korea? The Russian experience in Afghanistan? Current US experience there?

    Maybe everyone should learn to Live together in peaceful respect.
    Not provoking.

    (Associate Editor’s Note: I would only add that Frein is an ALLEGED “jack ass”, not a convicted one. The “discovery” of his letter outlining in detail his every crime and steps taken afterwards is a little suspicious to me. It would be nice if they actually captured him alive, if they ever catch him, because I would like to know the details behind this event.)

  4. I agree with the Associate Editor.

    There has been no proof that Frein did anything that they are alleging he did. To me, that “letter” is proof that this is a setup by the PTB. The big question I have, is what does he know that they do NOT want us to be aware of?

    So when is so much overkill done to locate a man for murder – be it a civilian, representative,or a LE?

    This is doing two things (at least); making sure that the cops will “follow orders” even to murdering a suspect WITHOUT proof. Getting the people there used to long term militarized occupation and seeing what they will do, when they will complain, when they will start trying to have them ousted out of there.

  5. I think it is training for those who will be used on the ground against the American people. (Sorry, didn’t mean to hit enter.)

  6. More on the NEPA Eric Frein Martial Law

    Its all about the #FreinGATE

    Comparing Eric Frein’s “Grenade” to a Pill Bottle: Navig8r Spots Some Relevant Features

    The Legal Issues of the Eric Frein Manhunt

    UPDATE !! Can’t Contain The Frein ? Maybe The 3rd Amendment Isn’t Outdated After All..

    The Search for Cop Killer Eric Frein, aka #FreinGATE, has Turned into Extended Martial Law

    Eric Frein Manhunt, PSP Police State, Drills, Exercises and Lies TBD

  7. Appears that Eric Frein, the subject of PA manhunt has been captured.
    Very suprised that he is still alive.
    The Law Enforcement of USA has become as Murderous as their Latin American counterparts SOA “School of Americas” trained at Ft. Benning, GA. Death Squads/Thugs. Now renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).

    Here is a video clip:

    How about this:

    Government thinks this helps establishes their dominance and compliance through FEAR.
    It actually will likely result in an American version of how the French dealt with their Overlords.
    Bastille Day.

    Maybe people raising a “Ruckus” about the situation helped Eric Frein see a court room?
    And not end up like the homeless guy in Albuquerque NM. Murdered.
    Or man in video clip. Murdered.
    Makes you sick. Ashamed. WTF is this country coming to.
    We as Free Men Must Stand.

    I will change my current vocation. Getting OUT. Will NOT be a part of this.
    Not enough Oathkeepers. Too many wanna be Followers of Orders.
    There were trials at Nuremberg. “Just following orders.” Did not play. They were HUNG.

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