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Bill Whittle – Your Second Amendment


Bill Whittle gives us some good arguments to counter those who would attempt to take away our Rights. Our thanks to Don Johnson for bringing this to our attention.



Hi everybody. I’m Bill Whittle and this is the Firewall.
Just as a quick public service announcement in these days of increasing lawlessness, Federal encroachment on constitutional limits, and crybaby Progressive whininess in general, I thought I might take a moment to pass out a little rhetorical ammunition to those of you who have to hear from people who, if they can no longer pretend the Second Amendment doesn’t exist, then at least try to misinterpret it to the best of their ability.
The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads,
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
Progressives read this and say that only those people in “a well-regulated militia” have the right to keep and bear arms. Let’s find out why this is utter nonsense, shall we?
Over at the Constitution Society, author J. Neil Schulman conducted a remarkable exercise. He sent the text of the Second Amendment not to a lawyer but to an expert on the English Language: Roy Copperud taught Journalism at USC for 17 years and served on the usage panel of the American Heritage Dictionary. Mirriam Webster’s dictionary frequently cites him as an expert on American English usage.
Paraphrasing their remarkable exchange here, Shulman asked Copperud the following questions:
“Can the sentence be interpreted to grant the right to keep and bear arms solely to ‘a well-regulated militia’?”
Copperud replied “The sentence does not restrict the right to keep and bear arms, nor does it state or imply possession of the right elsewhere or by others than the people; it simply makes a positive statement with respect to a right of the people.”
Schulman then asked if the right to keep and bear arms was granted by the Constitution, or whether that right preexisted the Constitution.
Copperud: The right is not granted by the amendment; its existence is assumed. The thrust of the sentence is that the right shall be preserved inviolate for the sake of ensuring a militia.”
Shulman: ”Is the right of the people to keep and bear arms conditioned upon whether or not a well regulated militia, is, in fact necessary to the security of a free State, and if that condition is not existing, is the statement ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’ now null and void?”
Copperud: “No such condition is expressed or implied. The right to keep and bear arms is not said by the amendment to depend on the existence of a militia…The right to keep and bear arms is deemed unconditional by the entire sentence.”
Shulman concludes with an example even a Progressive could understand. He sent Mr. Copperud a precisely grammatically identical sentence: “A well-schooled electorate, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and read Books, shall not be infringed.” Does that mean, he asked, that only a well-schooled electorate — high school graduates, say — are the only ones with the right to keep and read books?
To which Mr. Copperud replied, “There is nothing in your sentence that either indicates or implies the possibility of a restricted interpretation.”
So, what does the Second Amendment actually say, according to an expert on the American usage of the English language?
1. A well-regulated militia is one of the nice things that an armed population can provide, but it’s not the only thing, and it’s not the reason to arm the People.
2. The right to keep and bear arms is reserved to the people, not to the militia. This makes sense because a militia is a group of citizens, who, unlike an army, bring their own weapons with them. That’s why it says the people can not only bear arms — they can keep them.  At home. Where they live.
3. The right of the people to be armed is not granted by the Second Amendment. That right is inherent in the People, and the Second Amendment says that the government cannot infringe upon that pre-existing right.
Finally, you might hear Progressives say, well, that right was written back in the days of flintlock muskets! They never would have approved of such a thing in the days of automatic weapons!
Why not? A flintlock musket was the deadliest weapon available at the time. Why didn’t they limit their definition of “arms” to pointy sticks? No, the founders placed no limitations on the numbers of the weapons or their lethality.
And if the second Amendment only applies to flintlock muskets, does that mean your First Amendment right to freedom of speech applies only to what you write on parchment in quill and ink, or only as far as the sound of your voice can carry in a town square? Well, of course not. Do you know why? That would be ridiculous.





  1. WE THE PEOPLE have the right! The Leftest Progressives Are Wrong! We The People Have ‘GOD’ To Fear, Not No Green Slimmed FOOL(s)Who Studied Our Constitution in order To Destroy IT!
    EVERY Man Women & Child Should at least have (1) Half Cal At Their Disposal & Be Learned In The Arts & Tactic’s!
    **Stop Drinking the (sodium Fluoride) Water! The Progressive’s love to throw around ‘religious fanatic’s’ this sounds like something Lucie might say, hmmmmmm – Remind Lucie & all his minion’s of their Eternal Destiny, this endgame won’t be pretty for all the devil’s human minion’s either!

    God Bless you all, finally, People Who Makes Sense are Still Around!!!!!!!
    PATRICK HENRY Said It Right!

    The above words are that of ‘2tugtug’ only, slam me, not them!

  2. Shelter In Place

    You have the right to hide, and cower, in place. Hoping, and praying, not to be found. Begging for your life, and others, if you are. All the while hoping that someone who is armed shows up to save you!

    You can either be armed, and capable, or, you can hide, and hope, that the armed, and capable, show up in time to save you!

    Chances are good, that they will show up in time to clean you off the floor!

  3. I really enjoyed this video! Now I have more to add to my “arsenal” of words when educating those who are brainwashed. /Big Grin

    Stay Safe All! God Bless!

  4. I just read an article yesterday about a vote our representatives just did a few days ago. It had to do with UN Resolution 2117, which has to do with the UN super enhding our US Sovereignty and specifically our Second Ammendment. Many of you are already aware that the UN wants to grab and ban all small arms in the world. They want universal registration of all existing small arms, and even a reporting of all the ammo a person may have. Well, the good news is that the Resolution was voted down by a not very large margin. The bad news is that 46 senators out of 100 voted for signing your second Ammendment rights to a foreign power. Everyone of these 46 senators were democrats. It is my firm belief that everyone of these traitors should be impeached, barred from office, and brought up on charges of treason and/or sedition. They took the oath to defend the Constitution, and they have now gone on record that they would destroy it. They all need to go. Coincidentally, I have not heard that any of them has introduced legislation to ban cars from law abiding citizens because a small percentage of drivers kill others by driving drunk. I have not heard any of them wanting to ban Tylenol because hundreds of people die each year from it. The same goes for peanut butter, and all sorts of other things that people have fatal reactions to. Always remember that in the 1900’s, over 200,000,000 (two hundred million) “serfs” were murdered by their “betters”, who were running their respective countries. I doubt very much that the UN Resolution would mandate that the “betters” would have to give up their guns. It is imperative that everyone google “UN Resolution 2117 voted down”. Most likely you will get lots of hits, but find an article that lists the 46 traitors, and send it to everyone on your list. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper so as to alert more people. Do whatever you can to get this story out about the danger we are in.

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