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Texas Border Ranchers Fear for Their Lives and Families – Ask Veterans for Help


Texas border rancher vows to stand and fight the cartels, saying “There’s no backup in me” and calls on Texas veterans to join him in stopping the cartels from taking over Texas ranches along the border with Mexico.

These bastards [cartel members] are going through the valley, alright? They’re sending people up to Houston, St. Louis, any town where they’ve got a population over ten people, and they’re going up North to your backyards, moving in next door to you, they’re gonna be your neighbors, and think about it, if you’re doing shift work, and you go to work at night, or you’re going to the bowling league, and your wife and kids, your grandkids, are at home, these self-same guys are gonna walk in on your family. What the hell are you gonna do about it? You gonna come home, outside of crying are you gonna do anything, are you gonna do something now, before it gets to that point? I’m doing my crying all the day. Everyday. That’s my message to them. They’re going to your backyard. You’ve got a chance to stop em. Do you stand back, or do you go forward? There’s no backup in me. I want somebody to join me. Don’t backup to these bastards. Don’t. We got too much to lose. Don’t lose as much as I have, please. [in reference to his relatives in Mexico, who were recently killed by the cartel].  – Texas Rancher “Rusty” Monsee

Ranchers along the Texas side of the border with Mexico are in fear for their lives and the lives of their families, as they face a Mexican drug cartel takeover of their ranches and nearby ranches.    Below are two interviews with Texas ranchers who own land on the border.  Both describe how the American people are being lied to, and not told the truth about what is really happening on the border.


First up is an audio interview with lifelong Texas border rancher, Cuban “Rusty” Monsees (who is also joined by Rob, one of the patriot volunteers helping to guard Rusty’s ranch):

Rusty describes how the Mexican drug cartels are taking over Texas border ranches and using death threats, assault, and attempted murder to drive ranchers and their families off of their land. He tells how some of his neighbors are fleeing their ranches, while others are standing firm with the help of volunteer patriot security patrols.

He explains how the politicians and agency talking heads from Washington DC on down to corrupt locals, are all lying to the American people and not telling how ranchers are being overrun and attacked by a foreign enemy, on U.S. soil.  Rusty describes how the border is in fact wide open, with cartel drug and human traffic smugglers bringing anything they want, and anyone they want, across, including multiple incidents of illegal aliens from Muslim nations, and even known terrorists on the U.S. Terrorism Wanted list.

In the interview Rusty describes Border Patrol intercepting Muslim men from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and says “when they [Border Patrol] take them in, they’ll disappear – they’ll take them somewhere – and even the records will disappear. And I asked one of them ‘what’s the deal on the records’ and he said ‘that’s an order from way up the line, up in DC – they don’t want anybody to know how many are coming through’…they [the local Border Patrol agents] keep records but the records disappear, out of the mainframe – out of the computer – and the paper records too.”

Rob, an out-of-state Oath Keepers member who has been serving as a volunteer guard on Rusty’s ranch for the past month, adds that:

[they] had six middle eastern males on Rusty’s property [which Border Patrol was able to catch] … all I know is they were Muslim.   I wasn’t told a whole lot of information about it.   I do know they had told me they had caught eleven of the same group, the week prior to that, that had been on our United States terrorist wanted list [for acts against the United States] – not watch, but wanted list.  And this is the kind of stuff that they are not releasing to the public, they’re not allowed to release it.

When asked what happened to those men on the Terrorist Wanted List, Rob said:

They were caught and they were turned over to Homeland Security, and everything pretty much disappeared like what Rusty was saying.  None of that is any public information or anything like that, so they don’t want it to be public.  [ the BP is not allowed to tell anyone that known terrorists are coming across the border].  They aren’t allowed to speak about it.  The only thing we [the American public] hear about is women and kids… and when they make huge drug busts, that’s what we hear about.  We don’t hear about the gang-bangers coming across, we don’t hear about the terrorists coming across.  We don’t hear about the violence going down on the border.  I had a rancher call me last week, and begging for help on 15,000 acres.  He had been moved off his ranch because he doesn’t feel safe with his family there.  He’s been shot at and threatened.  We don’t hear that [on the news].

Rob says that particular rancher moved off his ranch two weeks ago, because he doesn’t have enough men to guard it against takeover by the cartels.  Rob adds:

you’re having that all along the border.  You have people like Rusty who are sticking by it, and are not backing down.  Cause, who’s gonna want to buy Rusty’s house, who’s gonna wanna buy Fernando’s house?     With the violence going on along the border.  They can’t afford to sell their house and move because they’re not going to get anything out of it.  They’re forced to abandon it [the 15,000 acre ranch], and move away or else stand their ground.

That same rancher is now asking Rob to try to bring in enough volunteers to help him protect his ranch from the cartels.

In the interview, Rusty also describes attacks on lone Border Patrol agents, during day and at night, telling how one officer suffered a broken leg, broken arm, crushed sternum, and eight broken ribs, and how the illegals “stomped on him so bad they thought he was dead, and they stripped off his uniform, got his backup [handgun], his service automatic, went to the unit, they got the tac vest … they got the M-4, all the ammunition, and … all the comm[unications] equipment.” Rusty says this has happened “about six times.”

Rusty goes on to alert us to the threat of child abduction and attempted abduction, and tells us that the cartels sell kidnapped children into sex slavery and forced prostitution:

They steal kids. Literally, they steal kids. Depending on how good looking they are, they’re gonna start at $35,00.00 to $45,000.00 dollars per kid. Blond haired, blue eyed little boy, little girl, is anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000.00 dollars, depending on how old they are. The older they are, particularly for girls, the more the price goes up. There’s been some girls that have been missing here, for five years from Brownsville, they were stolen when they were thirteen. One of them was found in a whorehouse in Mexico City. Her parents bought her out [from the cartels]– they bought her out for a million-five.

Rusty also describes how only two months ago a cousin of his from Mexico, Jose, and his wife and kids, were murdered by the Cartel:

I had an extended family in Mexico … the last cousins I had – step cousins, if you will – extended family, right at two months ago, were living in Monterrey, and they went down to Saltillo for an extended weekend with other friends, and they took their four kids, and they took their animals … at the dinner table the cartel comes marching in through the front door – takes the front door down – they shot Jose, his wife, four kids, and they killed the two animals. They bowed to everybody and they walked out. … in front of everybody else that was there at the dinner table. …. They were after Jose because he wouldn’t knuckle under to them in Monterrey because he was a businessman and he wouldn’t pay them off. (Monterrey, Mexico is about 2.5-3 hours South from the Texas border) … what makes this so damn bad is that they do this with absolute impunity. They don’t give a big rat’s ass one way or the other.

This is the same drug cartel that has been threatening Rusty and his neighbors, and has designated Rusty #5 on their list of targets in Texas, because he has refused to knuckle under to them.  Rusty warns that those same cartel thugs are now taking over the Texas side of the border, and will do to Americans what they have been doing to Mexicans, unless they are stopped at the border. In just one story of the many times his neighbors have been threatened by cartel underlings, Rusty told the story of his gravel partner:

He was out talking to a contractor, where he’d taken dirt before, and a couple of these twenty year old kids come up … and they told him off, that he needs to watch out about getting any more sand and dirt here, because I was on their list and if he wasn’t careful, they were gonna go after his family. He’s sixty-six years old. It’s he and his wife, and he’s got seven kids. They’re all married, they’ve all got kids, and he’s even got a couple of grandkids on the way and they all live on the same six acres. They’ve all got their own homes. …. If he comes in too often [to Rusty’s ranch] and they see him, they’ll go to his family and they’ll take them all out.

Rusty and Rob both describe how the Border Patrol is hamstrung by rules set from above, in Washington D.C. with the Border Patrol instructed not to engage with any armed cartel coming across.  As Rob put it:

That’s correct. They can’t make any contact with armed cartel, or any armed person for that matter, so if there’s an armed terrorist, armed cartel, uhm, armed MS-13, coming across that border, they’re not allowed to make contact with them. They have to let them walk and call DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety]. And they come out and they arrest them on criminal charges. [what’s their response time?] “Maybe two hours.” So, in other words, it doesn’t happen. “Yeh, it doesn’t happen. It’s complete bogus is what it is. And there’s also Fish and Wildlife [land] down there owned by BLM that nobody is allowed to go on. Nobody. Border Patrol is not even allowed to chase people on it. … about ¾ of a mile [away from Rusty’s land]. We actually do patrol between that and the river [the Rio Grand which empties into the gulf of Mexico a couple miles east of their location] . And I know Border Patrol does as well, but they’re not supposed to. There’s a joke in the community here that the only people allowed on Fish and Wildlife land are the illegal immigrants.

The Fish and Wildlife land Rob is talking about is approximately 900 acres, along a mile and a half of the border, which makes for a very large, wide open “free pass” zone for the cartels, terrorists, and gangs coming across the border. When asked “Have you seen National Guard of Texas, or Texas State Guard?  Have you seen anybody?” Rob responded, with “no” and Rusty said:

The Texas State Guard are in the flimsy, cheap, probably Chinese made watch-towers.  They’re not bullet proof, they’ve got glass on four sides and they posted them from McCallen, which is the North end of the Valley, to Loredo, which is about 200 miles.  They’re not down here south.

So, the small contingent of 1,000 National Guardsmen that Perry called up are doing nothing to stop the cartels from bringing drugs and people across on these ranches, or to protect these ranches from cartel intimidation, violence, and takeover. And that is why Rusty calls on Texans to “cowboy up” and help him and his neighbors stop the cartels and gangs from taking over the Texas side of the border. He has had veterans from across the country come to his ranch to help him protect himself from the cartels, but they need Texas veterans to step up and put more boots on the ground to keep the cartels from murdering these brave ranchers and their families.

Rusty’s message to his fellow Americans, and especially to Texas veterans is:

“These bastards [cartel members] are going through the valley, alright? They’re sending people up to Houston, St. Louis, any town where they’ve got a population over ten people, and they’re going up North to your backyards, moving in next door to you, they’re gonna be your neighbors, and think about it, if you’re doing shift work, and you go to work at night, or you’re going to the bowling league, and your wife and kids, your grandkids, are at home, these self-same guys are gonna walk in on your family. What the hell are you gonna do about it? You gonna come home, outside of crying are you gonna do anything, are you gonna do something now, before it gets to that point? I’m doing my crying all the day. Everyday. That’s my message to them. They’re going to your backyard. You’ve got a chance to stop em. Do you stand back, or do you go forward? There’s no backup in me. I want somebody to join me. Don’t backup to these bastards. Don’t. We got too much to lose. Don’t lose as much as I have, please. [in reference to his relatives in Mexico, who were recently killed by the cartel].

Well, Texans?  What’s your answer to this brave man’s call for your assistance?   Texas veterans, will you let him stand alone, or will you stand with him in defense of Texas, an in defense of our nation?


In this interview, Rusty’s neighbor, Fernando, is interviewed by Barbie, with Patriot Information Hotline.  Also on the interview is Rob, one of the patriot volunteers guarding Rusty’s ranch (as well as Fernando’s).   Fernando is a retired fire-fighter (disabled in the line of duty) and father of three who has had to fight off attempted child abductions and home invasions.  He and his older teenage son have to take turns pulling guard duty at night to keep their family safe.  He tells of one incident where two illegals attempted to abduct his four year old son until he ran the off with his rifle.  In the interview, Fernando tells how much the border has changed:

It used to be, years ago, they were coming in to find a better life, get some work, you could see the people, the kind of people coming through – you could tell that they were people wanting to work and provide for their families.   The kind of people we’re having now, they’re not coming to work.   These people coming through are full-grown men, all tattood … as soon as they hit our neighborhood, they start destroying our stuff, so they’re not here for any good.

He tells how many of them have tattoos that are from the gangs they belong to in Mexico that are now coming to the U.S. and establishing a presence in the U.S.  “The people up state, the politicians, keep saying that nothing like that is going on, I’ll invite them to my home, come spend the week with me, you’ll see what’s going on,” he says. When asked how many children has he seen coming across, he said “none.”   He has seen large groups of up to fifty people, and they have all been adults, and primarily men.  Fernando explains that the standing orders of the Border Patrol are:

They’re not even to draw their weapon on  these people – if they can they are supposed to just continue on their way, move out and leave them alone.  And to me, that puts my family in danger because that [open] gate is right at the end of my street.  If they leave them alone , let them continue on their business, they’re going to end up on my property.

As for the lies the American people are being told, Fernando says:

Don’t believe everything you hear in the news.   There is something happening here, there is danger for the people that are living here right now, based on the way they’re handling the immigration problem.   They’re allowing these people to come through our neighborhoods and those of us that are actually living here are the ones that are seeing it on a daily basis.

Like Fernando, most of his neighbors are Hispanic, and they feel the same as he does about illegals being able to just walk onto their land:

When they have to deal with the same thing I’m dealing with, they don’t like it either.  But a lot of these people, they don’t like to get involved because of fear that their family might be threatened, or they themselves might be threatened, because of the proximity with the border fence and the river, so, I mean I understand their fear, but the way I look at it is, this is my home, if I don’t stand up to these people, you know, sooner or later they’re going to want to take over, so, I’m not willing to let anybody take over.

In response to the mainstream media spin that anyone who doesn’t want an open border and amnesty is a racist, he is asked if race has anything to do with it, and replies  “no, it doesn’t have anything to do with racism.   It has to do with a way of life, and safety for our families.”  He notes that he himself is Hispanic and he has no problem with people immigrating, so long as they do it legally.  “As long as they’re not threatening my family and my safety, my own home, I don’t have a problem with them.  Do things the right way, like every citizen is expected to, follow the laws – and they should fall under the same rule – follow the laws and do it legally and I don’t have a problem with you,” he said. As for the volunteer American patriots coming down there to guard ranches, he said:

I’m very grateful.  I’ve been able to get some sleep lately now that they’ve been down here.   Because my son and I – I have an older son – and my son and I would end up taking turns at night, just making sure nobody’s in here.  And so now, we get to sleep.  That was a luxury we didn’t have before, because we had to end up being up all night sometimes.

Now, the reality on the border is clear.   In addition, we have spoken with numerous current-serving and retired Border Patrol agents in Texas, and to several land owners who have already fled their ranches because of the cartels, and they all back up what Rusty, Rob, and Fernando say about what is really going on along the Texas border with Mexico. The truth is plain to see for those who will look.

The only question remaining is what Texans are going to do about it.  Help  will not come from the government, either state or federal.  Not in time.  There is too much corruption and cowardice among those in power as well as willful violation of their oaths.  By the time you root out that corruption, cowardice, and willful oath breaking within government, these brave ranchers and their families will all be dead.   No, what will count now is whether enough individual Texans will step up to help Rusty, Fernando, and the other brave ranchers along the border in their stand against the cartels.

As Rusty and Rob asked during their interview, where are all the Texas veterans?   Well, men of Texas, what is your answer?  The desperate, but brave final request for help that Col. Travis wrote from the Alamo was not answered in time to save him and his men from being overrun.  Will this modern request for help from brave Texans be answered in time?    As with Col. Travis and his men, there will be no retreat, no surrender.   Like Rusty said, there’s no back-up in him.  All that remains to be seen is if Texans will step up to provide back-up FOR him.

Men of Texas, what is your answer?   You have received a direct request for aid from a fellow Texan in need, who is under attack by foreign enemies, while he has been intentionally exposed to their privations by domestic enemies.

Again, where are all the Texas veterans?   What are they waiting for?   They need to take the lead in assisting these ranchers.   In particular, where are all the retired Texas military officers, Senior NCOs, and experienced field NCOs, who can provide the competent, experienced TEXAS leadership that it will take to protect these ranches in an effective manner?   They need to step up now, and if they do, we are confident that the people of Texas will volunteer to help, in the finest tradition of Texans past.

Just as the people of Mexico have begun to come together to protect themselves and each other from the cartels because their corrupt government refuses to protect them, so too must Americans come together to defend themselves and each other against the cartels because our corrupt government refuses to protect us.  We need to show that America is still the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

And the veterans of Texas need to lead the way.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers




  1. I wish I could afford to go down there and defend these ranchers and as a vet that I feel that it is our duty to defend and protect.

  2. Can these ranchers put fighting men up on their property? Can they give work when we aren’t out on patrol, make sure we aren’t a drain during down time? I’ve got a family to take care of and a reguler 9-5 job that wouldn’t take kindly to me disapearing for longer than a week…that isn’t a lot of time to help. The wife might not care for the idea much either, but then she might just demand to come with (she’s a slow but damn accurate shooter).

    So yeah, there are problems with coming, but then there always are right? If we can’t make it down as boots on the ground, how can we help?

  3. If I were not 1500 mi. away,I’d be there tomorrow. I’d take my armored vehicle’s,my class 3 guns and join the fight. But who’s going to support me…? Who’s going to support my family while in TX…?

  4. Can Oath Keepers give us info on how to train to help. Some of us like myself have time and money to make it down, but not the military training. How do I get involved? Thanks!

  5. Dear Fiends,

    I live in Florida but can spend up to 10 days in Texas at anytime on short notice to help in any capacity. Please pass my e-mail to anyone that needs a boot on the ground there. I can accomodate my stay and need no assistance or supplies.

    Go Texas.

    Bruce Link, USN

  6. There needs to be a place that we can draw a line in the sand. Our inept and corrupt govt sure won’t. I’m not much good physically except for perimeter guard and loading magazines, but I’m more that willing to do that.

  7. Can someone address the legal issue here, Please?

    Looks like if I read it correctly the BP took the weapons, cameras, radios and what all from the Militia Members they fired upon that were on Private Property by request of Property Owner? If the members did not fire on them are they allowed to do this? This could cost a person many thousands of dollars for a well equipped outing to say the least.

    Then if you are fired upon by gang, illegals, etc., and your return fire killing one or more I think the Fed would be down there in force clearing out all support.

    So some legal help may get a few questions answered before one rolls out here, right?

  8. The terrorist “Choom Gang” organizer who has been
    elected twice by his Muslim Brotherhood thugs in this
    country has planned this to perfection. He has his Natzi storm
    troopers organized via computer… all over the globe. He has
    threatened the media, to stand “with him” or they will fall on their own sword
    alone. BO has promised to carry out a jihad on the U.S. and
    planned this with the Arab leaders (his think tank)
    since the Arabs “bought his way into Harvard”. The Globalists
    are backing this as they have much to gain when the plundering
    begins. Homes, property, everything of value will be the spoils
    of this war. Slavery will be alive again and those who are weak,
    undesireable, uncontrollable or unable will die.

    Why does everyone believe the phony numbers of illegal aliens
    invading our borders? 12 million? Really? Think people….
    the govm’t has used that same number for the last 12 years.
    For ten years three were 1000 PER MONTH new invaders.
    Now there are 1000 + PER DAY. People, please, do the math
    there are more than 80 -200 Million here and more on the way.
    Border patrols know this but are silenced by govm’t. They want
    you to believe there are just a few innocent children and hard
    working adults coming into US. Not so. Other countries are
    getting rid of their non productive, criminals, gang members
    and drug cartels to make money for their countries….while
    draining our country dry.
    Why does no one say anything? We have tried. When we
    speak out about the hundreds of lies, covert activities, threats,
    they infect or destroy our computers. This is how dictator’s work.
    This is how Hitler took over Europe . He has already promised us
    that he will not leave D.C. when his term is over.
    Why would he say that? He hates the Jews, Christians and
    conservatives, and anti-BO people in D.C. ?
    But …. he likes being the “king”.

    He will no doubt crash my computer…. his “Choom Gang Natzi”
    brotherhood thugs are sensoring all comments which tell any
    thing close to the truth about his deceit to the American public.

  9. WTF is going on? Do you mean to tell me that the TX Oath Keepers who have been frequenting the national Oath Keepers website for years now are not gathering together to assist in this horrific and grave situation going on at the border? You bunch of [one word deleted by editor] keyboard cowboys had better get off your [two words deleted by editor] and engage and I mean engage now! I am totally sick to my stomach after listening to Stewart’s interview and learning about the lack of participation.

    I truly commend Rob and his colleagues from Indiana and I pray for your all’s safety. I just distributed this interview to my circle of friends and we will absolutely be discussing plans to gather resources to come and assist. What I do not want to have happen which was the case when we gathered for deployment to the AZ-Mex. border last month which entailed the militia commanders basically tying our hands with weapons and equipment restrictions such as no optics, no weapon night light, no AK-47’s, etc.

    I also think there needs to be a true and seasoned military commander on site to direct operations and not just NCO combat vets. I think a special ops NCO would be acceptable in place of a commander.

    Stewart knows how to contact me if he would like to discuss this matter further.

    NOTE FROM STEWART: The Texas Oath Keepers crew has not been idle, and they are not idle now. They are working on doing it right, which I am sure you would agree with. That takes time. But I understand your frustration, in general. I think most Texans, like most Americans, just didn’t realize the full situation (and that also goes for Texas OK members), and now that they do, they will act, but as you said, it needs to be with true and seasoned leadership. And above all, that needs to be competent TEXAS leadership. What needs to happen is that Texas officers and NCOs with real-world operational experience need to step up to lead. That is essential. And that is what our Texas chapter is working on at this very moment.

  10. USN 1969 Vietnam/N.Korea. 1970 volunteer attached LAPD Narcotics. 1971 N.Vietnam. I have always lived in a Soverign State as well. I always have, and always will serve to protect the constitution of the USA against both foreign, and domestic terrorist &(Drug Dealers). ICE, and Border Patrol Agents hands are tied behind their backs by a new Federal (Progressive) Government that is attempting to change all of the Constitution of USA. The 2nd amendment, especially in Soverign States, will NEVER FAIL! I am always ready.

  11. How can you get in touch with a coordinator, if one wanted to drive down and help these people ?

    Is there a contact number to call…to help direct patriots to a ranch or operations area ?

    Please FOLLOW UP so we can go to Texas to help !

    [Editor’s Note: Arthur, Oath Keepers is not suggesting that anyone who does not live in Texas go down to Texas for this. We are setting a course whereby Texans can and will handle this themselves. Thank you for your interest but this is a problem for Texas to solve – and they can, as you will see.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  12. I’m not a Vet but I live in Central Texas and have some prior LE. I can’t afford to miss a day of work to be there and help. Kind of feels like that is the design. Decimate the middle class so they can’t help their neighbors anymore.

  13. It is disgraceful that our “government” allows essentially a foreign invasion to take place and do nothing about it. Immigration, legal or illegal, is a political football that our current leftist government is quietly happy about, because they know the people coming in will support and vote for the leftists whenever and where ever they can get away with voting.

    I live much too far away to help the Texas ranchers, but if I lived down there, you can bet your bottom dollar I would be volunteering to help. The citizens of this country need to THROW OUT OF OFFICE ALL of the corrupt politicians, from Obama on down to the lowest level that colludes in this disgraceful and willful violation of their oath to the Constitution.

  14. I am a member of Oathkeepers even though I am NOT a veteran or in law enforcement. I firmly believe that the oath to the Constitution applies to EVERY ABLE-BODIED PERSON who is a lawful citizen of the USA. We ALL are what is called “the Militia” in the Constitution, and defending against foreign invasion is one of the primary duties of the Militia.

  15. Well, the answer is in the article — there’s an area that the authorities are not allowed to go into. Sounds like a great place to dump some trash. MS-13 et al., are doing whatever they can to be as invisible as possible — they’re doing half the work for us. *Nobody* would know if they were to go missing — they already are! The two-hour response time sounds like enough time to clean up a crime scene, especially one that the authorities won’t be looking at too closely.

    This won’t end until we are just as feared as they.

  16. their has to come a time when the people need to arrest the law enforcement agencies for treason [Three words deleted by editor], they are part of the terrorist network that Bushes and Obama as well as Billy Bligh Clinton has set up, it must be torn down and all illegal felons [three words deleted by editor] as well as the judges who have permitted terrorism to enter in to the nation. you can call this a judgement on the american people for what the nation as a whole has committed like 60 million abortions and many other heinous crimes our leaders are committing. but their must come a time we stand for God and justice.

  17. Whom and how do we get in-touch with those in need in Texas?
    I would be interested in coming down, cross country, to help out the ranchers.

  18. This is truly incredible. I think we (Americans) all know it’s happening but to hear it from a resident of the area brings it home. Just a suggestion but this rancher has 15,000 acres of land. I know in the old days on farms and plantations the owner would share crop. Workers would tend a small parcel of land and would share the harvest with the land owner. Well this seems like a good way for ranchers to protect their property. Land can be used as money. Offer 50 vets 2 acres of land each and they together build homes on the land and provide a security force for the entire 15,000 acre estate. It’s a win win for everyone. The rancher still owns 14,900 acres instead of eventually losing 15,000 plus your life. Sir, you want people to join you then here is a viable way to achieve this end. Good luck to you and may God watch over you and your family.


  19. We have an ex pat/nsa down in mexico that is putting out important info concerning the illegal children that are not making it up to the border.Dave Hodges []also posted this info.The nsa has his site boxed in pretty tight[]Anybody, on the border/in mexico, if you can get an alternate means to contact Jim would be most helpful.shalom

  20. So where does OK stand on a support roll out? I believe there are already Texas OKer’s on site is this correct? If one goes down is it to be as John Doe or can we go as an OK Member?

    Hope Mr. Rhodes will respond to my Post#7 and this one, also contact info is required. At last something is taking place within 5hrs drive and ready to go. Perimeter protection or Sharp Shooter, about all I can do at my age, yet willing to offer what I can.

    [Editor’s Note: Ron, Oath Keepers is not suggesting that non-Texans go to Texas. We are calling for Texas to take responsibility for Texas. We will be announcing more to clarify soon. Thank you!

    Elias Alias, editor]

  21. Your article does not give instructions on what to do if you can help. I live in Florida but I will take time off from my job and be there in 24hrs (1400 miles). I just need to know what you need and what to bring, where to go, when to go there and who to contact. If this situation is as urgent as you are implying then I will do whatever I can to come and help, I only need information to act upon. I am an 8 yr veteran of the Navy as a corpsman HM2. If it is important to you it is important to me. Corpsman UP!

    Bruce Link, USN

  22. Contact me with rendezvous information…I can give a week or two of my time to patrol, guard, and protect. You all have my email address…member #024218

  23. Again, it is time to militarize the border between the United States and Mexico. This can be accomplished very quickly with the support of both houses of congress in numbers that would survive a presidential veto. Congress needs to man up and take back control the of the military that they abdicated to the president and recall him as commander in chief since we have no declared wars for him to command, as our constitution dictates “if called by congress”. There is enough land owned by our federal government than can be exchanged for privately owned land in the border area to created a 10 to 15 mile buffer from the Mexican boarder into the US. With the terrain in this area to create an advanced training base to service all branches of the military and the Coast Guard. With this buffer zone the military would have control of every inch of the area, with authority to keep their base secure form infiltrators, apprehend and return the aliens to the Mexican side of the border, and if fired upon return fire with deadly force. This diverse terrain would afford a variety of training capabilities for all military needs.


    The border ranchers would be glad to have ANYONE effectively patrolling their ranches, without need to take their land by means of eminent domain. Doing that would only strip them of the very family ranches they are trying to save. Both Fernando and Rusty, for example, would be forced off their land. There has to be a better way, and that better way is to actively patrol that land. No barrier is effective without eyes on, and actual patrolling (and why not put that barrier right down on the water-front, rather than a mile away from the river?). But the real problem here is corrupt and complicit politicians and agency sell outs in the upper levels of the Border Patrol who WANT it this way, and they are betraying the rank and file Border Patrol agents who still believe in their mission, and betraying the American people, along with failing to protect the states against invasion, as Article IV requires. I doubt you will see a solution come out of Congress anytime soon, and even at the state level, the politicians are corrupt and complicit, or too cowardly to act, unless the people of state truly make them believe their careers are over if they don’t act. But people keep voting them back in, regardless of how treasonous. John McCain is exhibit A on that. And there are many in the state legislatures that are as bad, in BOTH parties. Before any real purge of the oath breakers can occur, there has to be enough of an awakening among the people. And that will not happen unless the people change the game in a significant way. And the very first thing that should happen is the border states should deploy their respective National Guard troops to the border (not a mere 1,000 as Perry has done in a media stunt that has no real teeth). Why are they not all on the border right now, by order of those governors? You know the answer. And then those governors should raise an additional force of volunteers from among the veterans in their states. That too could be done now, today, by the state governors, but they refuse to act. We are in a bad place, with both a federal government and state governments that refuse to protect the border from invasion, with cartels now taking over land on both sides, terrorizing ranchers on both the Mexican side and the American side, and in many places, THE CARTELS effectively control the border. Current serving and recently retired Border Patrol agents we spoke with said they are able to stop only 40% of the traffic, at most, on a good day. And when they are inundated with illegals, that creates a temporary window when the cartels can bring in anyone they want, with impunity, since they know the Border Patrol agents will have to process that influx, and will be tied up while doing so. And while this is happening, what are the states doing about it? Not much. – Stewart

  24. I have three cousins who were police detectives in Mexico city. All of them were experienced in Combat, they served in a stint allied with American soldiers who were doing something private with them somewhere, don’t really know. But anyway they were experienced in dealing with bad people and they were a light in a dark place. They had rescued little girls from the Russian mafia who is also operating in Mexico along with all kinds of terrorist and bad men that are doing bad things to people all over Mexico. Any way the cartels killed all three of my cousins. Even though my cousins managed to take out a large amount of bad men with them. They didn’t die in vain. Your president in America has made their deaths of no effect. Your politics, your politicians, your big corporations, your people voting along the lines that you vote, and the way that you live your lives has affected us negatively. You are the reason that we suffer so much here in Mexico. You have been the worst of neighbours. You have not yet experienced true fear, the terrorist on 911 made a huge spectacle of the event. Only 3,00 or so people were killed, over 120,000 people have been killed in the drug wars here in Mexico since 2006. You decimated our economy since the 1980’s with your big corporations coming down here taking over our jobs and enslaving us with the pittance that you call payment. Your politicians and your shareholders and the owners of those corporations have benefited tremendously from our enslavement to you. Our politicians too! Have become wealthy through the partnerships that they made with your big corporations. So things are getting bad for ranchers? Huh! You don’t know bad, wait till they start cutting of the heads of your kids and placing them on the fence posts of your home and you come up your drive way and see their little heads and their little dead eyes looking back at you! This really happened! You do not know what you are dealing with! You better vote in the right person and you better do someting about your drug use in America, you are not the only ones affected, you need to do something about your big corporations and the way they are destroying economy’s all around the world. Get your act together, or things will only get worse and not only for us, but especially for your own family’s. Please I beg you change your ways! Forgive my English.


    Lucio, the people of both nations, both in Mexico and in America, need to take their country back from corrupt, treasonous politicians. You really cannot blame the trouble in Mexico entirely on us. In Mexico, as you no doubt know, the cartels run many towns and own many (most? All?) federal officials and politicians. It is hard to see where the cartels end and the government begins. Much the same is true here in the U.S. And it is up to the people of both nations to clean up their own house. I think the vigilantes of Michoacan – the “Community Police” lead by Dr. Mireles – had the right answer to both brutal cartels and corrupt and complicit government – the people themselves must unite for self defense and mutual defense. They came together, armed, and began to hunt the cartel down, and it worked, until they allowed themselves to be disarmed by their own government. But new vigilante groups are now popping up in Northern Mexico, near the border, to help protect the people and ranches on your side who are being terrorized by the cartels. They too show us the way. You must rise up and clean out the cartels and the corrupt government on your side. We must do the same on ours. The way to make sure your brave cousins did not die in vain is to help organize your fellow Mexican citizens in taking back their streets and towns, and ranches, from the cartels. We will do the same on our side. – Stewart

    PS – please tell our readers more of the realities you have seen in Mexico, with the violence of the cartels, and more about your cousins and their fight against the cartels. They need to know more so they understand clearly how evil the cartels are

  25. OB and his Communist/Muslim/NWO handlers plans are nearly complete! They have all their Military assets pre-positioned all around the nation, all 800 Fema Camps are completely Staffed, OB’s Muslim Terrorist, 800,000 U.N. Troops on American Soil (mostly Russian and Chines), the MS13 Gangs and on and on it goes! “We the People” better be prepared because we are about to get hit and hard. I have heard that these monsters are setting up kill boxes along the Southern Border and if they are doing it there they are doing it all over our Nation! Why do you think OB, Holder, Reid and all the rest of the Traitors are sending (busing & Flying) these illegals and Muslims allover our Nation! It’s about to get really BAD! “We the People” have seen nothing yet! The only line of defense our Nation will have is our Vets and Patriots that have not served in the Military…there are Millions of Vets, but there are 10’s of Millions of Patriots. Once these Monster make their move “We the People” need to come together and fast, if not, our Nation is finished..!!! I feel sorry for what is happening at the border, but I live in and area that according the Documentary the GOAL, has the number one recruiting mosque for Muslim Terrorist in the Country! I need to remain close to home to protect my family and my Community when these Satan drive monsters make their move! God help us, PLEASE!

  26. @Lucio “wait till they start cutting of the heads of your kids and placing them on the fence posts of your home and you come up your drive way and see their little heads and their little dead eyes looking back at you! This really happened! You do not know what you are dealing with!”

    This WILL never happen in America because we have the second Amendment and millions of military veterans, hunters, current and former LEO’s that will not stand for this! The kidnapping reference really pulled at my heart strings as a parent. As other posters have suggested what is needed it for these cartel members to disappear, from say 500 to 1000 yards away. I am willing to help financially if Oath Keepers sets up a donation fund to help members going to the border.

    American corporations are not the cause of Mexico’s problems, your corrupt political system is. There are many US corporations in Canada and they do not have the same problem of corruption/crime/drugs as Mexico. We have many US factories in Canada also so that is not the issue.

  27. I am Alan heath I was only in JROTC for 4 years but I took an oath to protect this country against enemies foreign and domestic and was never deposed of that oath and will continue.

  28. Im Jerome I was a SSG in a Recon platoon I have a bravo 4 identifier I served 9 years with two combat tours in Iraq so im not shy to combat im looking for a team going to TX that I can hop aboard I am battlefield tested and approved lol my contact info is when emailing me please keep in mind I wont join any team I have to fit in the right team so ill be askin questions

  29. As a Texas OK I am utterly speechless and I feel useless. I can come up with 100s of excuses as to “why I can’t” but the truth is there are no excuses. I could quit my job of 10 yrs, quit school, leave my young family essentially defenseless…..and when my tour is over where does that leave me?

  30. This problem was created by the snakes in Washington. Its time for the people themselves to secure our border and cut off the head of the snake. Enough is enough.
    Why oh why haven’t these criminals in Washington been arrested for what is so obviously TREASON…???

  31. I’m available. Texas Panhandle. 15yrs military, Iraq last tour. 4yrs Deputy Sherrif.
    Nothing holding me here. Need contact info.

  32. hi. i am not a veteran. that makes little difference to me, because i am an american before anything else. i come from a christian american military family, 3rd generation. i have always supported my family members who were deployed, and currently my nephew who is deployed in afghanistan.
    this is getting out of hand. the destruction of our nation from within is taking place before our very eyes. as we all talk to each other, while looking up to big government to turn everything around, it gets worse before us all. we remember the pledge, we remember our fallen, we celebrate our independence with beer & fireworks, we defend others from oppression & tyranny. but, we do little for our own home, other than tell our state/national representative to do something. tell me, do you expect it to get worse while we all complain about the problem?
    we used to be a nation of do-ers, thinkers, and defenders of the righteous & true. we used to have god in our family homes & classrooms without being scared, or even punished for it. we used to honor our nation every morning, before we did anything else. we used to be so proud of ourselves, and it showed in everything we did. from cutting our grass, to making cars, to innovating & improving everything we see, to making friends.
    our nations elected leaders de-program, and shame us for ever learning to be proud of ourselves, our way, our country, and divide us all with classification, and ethnicity.
    i am not ashamed. i will be dead before i am stripped of my nation & my american pride. looks like a good few will follow suit too. i live far away from you in texas. listening to this makes my heart bleed, and my blood boil.
    this is our house. we can put up a sign that says NOT WELCOME. we have to do it together, armed, hand in hand, working as a team for the same goal. our government has become a power abusing monstrosity, formed by the plastic penis alliance. this is our own fault. my fault, your fault, their fault too. it was also a clandestine, pre-ordained future which the people whom set out to build america saw coming as they wrote the rules to protect us and our country way back then.
    one day we will have had enough. i wonder if when that day comes, will we lay down our lives? or take the medicine?
    i am sorry my fellow americans have to live this way. i am sorry i am not there, and i am glad too. i am glad there are people like us who would defend our home, even still. i pray that we find a way to unite, and become inseparable, unconquerable, and incomparable to all others once again.
    i pray for you all down there suffering the brunt of this, and i buy ammo too. maybe one day we can all spend brass together, and on that day i will shed tears of joy.

  33. I could have a fire team ready to go. Myself, OEF 2009 Infantry /military police. Search me on facebook Levi jett. Wemightneed some supplies and some combat style accommodations. We are seasoned and ready to roll.

  34. Texas native living in Wichita Falls. 43 years old, US Army veteran last serving with 1st Cav Div., former training cadre for Texas Constitutional Militia-North Gulf Region in the Conroe/Houston area. Also with medical skills and supplies. Am short of tactical supplies since I haven’t been active in a number of years. But if a rancher can provide some kind of compensation because I can’t afford to be completely charitable, and set up transportation, then I can go for some undetermined length of time. Contact me @ fireside3A@yahoo dot com

  35. I don’t see the value of oath keepers. You are just serving the govt to be able to handle more people.

    Ranchers being threatened requires force, something our government will not. Oath Keepers can only feel good about their efforts. I have been interested in helping TEXAS ranchers for some time but not in a tattle tail way.

    Live with the threat or take care of it, but stop portending that you make difference.

    Can any American mention the word “KILL” anymore?

    [Editor’s Note: Randy, we are not going to permit anyone on this website to paint Oath Keepers as 1) a militia; 2) as advocating violence; 3) as being unlawful. I personally toss such comments in the trash can when I see them. Do you want us to hand our organization to the SPLC on a silver platter? Get a clue, Bro. We are in a mental war for the soul of America and our “enemy” would love nothing better than to show “evidence” that we condone violence in defiance of the law. We are an organization which teaches about the Constitution. The Constitution itself contains all the needed remedies for the injustices presently coming from government. We do advocate for the reinstatement of the Constitutional Militia of the several States, just as the Constitution requires – but we are not a militia – we are an educational organization with outreach and with a capacity to affect perceptions. The war against our freedoms is a psychological war, and emotional knee-jerk statements are not beneficial to the defense of freedom. So, no, you’re not going to toss the word “kill” around here in any unlawful or immoral way. Thank you for reading and posting your views.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  36. This is where I say thank you. This is not a new problem, it has only gotten so much worse. When I was laidoff in 2007, I took a truck stop job, just me and Maria from 10pm to 6am off I10 halfway between San Antonio and Houston. Oath Keepers were watching then, along with DEA, State and County Law officers, Texas Rangers and sometimes the US Marshals. I saw all sorts pass through. Those who made no secret who they were and the ones who tried to look like our southern neighbors but weren’t. It’s easy for an alert woman to tell, South American generally like women and don’t regard you as filth for showing your arms and head. As local law got to know me, they sometimes gave me the headsup when it was really bad, just in case. I never had to “lock down” because of all the eyes on us.
    Again, thank you. I haven’t been there in four years, so I can only imagine how much more it is now.

  37. @Bruce Link Says:

    Bruce, most likely not a good idea. The Rumor mill around here is pretty consistent and appears on the same page. Should a false flag take place (anywhere) the powers that be are prepared to seal it as it is happening. In other-words if you are in the area, you will not get out and if you are out of the area you will not get in. Because certain factions of the deceit group love to tell you in advance what they plan, this has a better than 50/50 chance of being accurate. Indeed I have seen myself a National Guard installation in Houston add 20-30 new vehicles to their inventory in the last 30 days. What they had was Desert Camo, the new items are a Deep Woods type of design.

    COINTELPRO or fact? The presents of the equipment is fact and why would they not want to seal a False Flag, makes perfect sense. My gut says ramp up where you are and be prepared for it moving to you. The Boarder and the possibility that the Constitution is indeed suspended there says, ‘Tread with ultimate caution’.

    Take it with a grain of salt, Rumor, COINTELPRO, Personal Observation and a gut feeling from history.

  38. Thanks for the info. As many patriotic vets I want everyone to know I am ready and available to defend the Constitution. Your insight was what I was looking for. I want to help, I do not want make chaos. My prayers and thoughts are with Texas.

    I consider you all my friends and fellow countrymen.

    On stsnd by and best regards,
    Bruce Link, USN

  39. I am willing and able to go down and help out a fellow American being bullied by these thugs…please pass my email to those in need…im a vet and xchicago pd and k9 special agent…Godspeed friends

  40. Well, for starters we should look into our national parks for squatters and terrorist camps. Come on veterans,you were lied too once, it’s time to make it right! To many have died in vain for this nonsense. Godspeed to all! A Texan.

  41. @ Nancy Kosling, “I’ve seen no-constitution zone internet maps showing a 100-mile border from “any US border” with cloudy legal status for US citizens in this new zone”

    @ Ron re: “no-constitution zone:.

    All of the USA is under the Constitution of the United States of America, even the parts of the oceans that are ours. Just because a traitor serving within the general (federal) government marks it on a map, it has no more lawfulness to it then that “free speech zone” that they had put up at the Bundy Ranch. NO ONE serving within any of our governments was given that authority – to take away our Natural Rights, or give them to us; nor do they have the authority to say that the US Constitution only covers Joe’s backyard, but not the beach and your backyard. America is a constitutional republic, and the US Constitution covers EVERY INCH OF HER.

    There is NO such thing “EMERGENCY POWERS”, “MARITAL LAW”, or anyone who can designate anywhere within the USA as a non-constitution zone.

    From a Supreme Court who KNOWS: “The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man than that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government. Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.”

    Judge Thomas M. Cooley: “Legislators have their authority measured by the Constitution, they are chosen to do what it permits, and NOTHING MORE, and they take solemn oath to obey and support it. . . To pass an act when they are in doubt whether it does or does not violate the Constitution is to treat as of no force the most imperative obligations any person can assume.”

    James Madison: “”Because if . . . [An Unalienable Natural Right of Free Men] . . . be exempt from the authority of the Society at large, still less can it be subject to that of the Legislative Body. The latter are but the creatures and vicegerents of the former. Their jurisdiction is both derivative and limited: It is limited with regard to the coordinate departments, more necessarily is it limited with regard to the constituents. The preservation of a free Government requires, not merely, that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained: but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the greater Barrier which defends the rights of the people. The Rulers who are guilty of such an encroachment, exceed the commission from which they derive their authority, and are Tyrants. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them, and are Slaves…”

    Madison again – this applies to today I believe: “… the equal right of every citizen … is held by the same tenure with all our other rights. If we recur to its origin, it is equally the gift of nature; if we weigh its importance, it cannot be less dear to us; if we consult the “Declaration of those rights which pertain to the good people of Virginia, as the basis and foundation of Government,” it is enumerated with equal solemnity, or rather studied emphasis. Either then, we must say, that the Will of the Legislature is the only measure of their authority; and that in the plenitude of this authority, they may sweep away all our fundamental rights; or, that they are bound to leave this particular right untouched and sacred: Either we must say, that they may controul the freedom of the press, may abolish the Trial by Jury, may swallow up the Executive and Judiciary Powers of the State; nay that they may despoil us of our very right of suffrage, and erect themselves into an independent and hereditary Assembly or, we must say, that they have no authority to enact into the law the Bill under consideration. We the Subscribers say, that the General Assembly of this Commonwealth have no such authority: And that no effort may be omitted on our part against so dangerous an usurpation, we oppose to it, this remonstrance; earnestly praying, as we are in duty bound, that the Supreme Lawgiver of the Universe, by illuminating those to whom it is addressed, may on the one hand, turn their Councils from every act which would affront his holy prerogative, or violate the trust committed to them: and on the other, guide them into every measure which may be worthy of his blessing, may redound to their own praise, and may establish more firmly the liberties, the prosperity and the happiness of the Commonwealth.”

    It is up to us. (Caps are mine for emphasis)

    Thomas Jefferson: “The government created by this compact (the Constitution) was NOT made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party (the people of each state) has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.”

    Alexander Hamilton: “EVERY act of a delegated authority, CONTRARY to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. NO LEGISLATIVE ACT, therefore, CONTRARY TO THE CONSTITUTION, CAN BE VALID. To deny this, would be to affirm, that the deputy is greater than his principal; that the servant is above his master; that the representatives of the people are superior to the people themselves; THAT MEN ACTING BY VIRTUE OF POWERS, MAY DO NOT ONLY WHAT THEIR POWERS DO NOT AUTHORIZE, BUT WHAT THEY FORBID.”

    James Madison, Federalist 46, 315-23: “The Foederal and State Governments ARE in fact but DIFFERENT AGENTS AND TRUSTEES OF THE PEOPLE, instituted WITH DIFFERENT POWERS, and designated FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES… They must be told that THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY, wherever the derivative may be found, RESIDES IN THE PEOPLE ALONE; and that it will not depend merely on the comparative ambition or address of the different governments, whether either, or which of them, will be able to enlarge its sphere of jurisdiction at the expence of the other. Truth no less than decency requires, that the event in every case, should be supposed to depend on the sentiments and sanction of their common constituents.”

    James Madison: “The ultimate authority resides in the people, and that if the federal government got too powerful and overstepped its authority, then the people would develop plans of resistance and resort to arms.”

    Federalist 57, James Madison wrote that Congress “can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society.”

  42. Sorry, typo – was kind of wound up over this;

    “There is NO such thing “EMERGENCY POWERS”, “MARITAL LAW”, or anyone who can designate anywhere within the USA as a non-constitution zone” should read

    “There is NO such thing “EMERGENCY POWERS”, “MARTIAL LAW”, or anyone who can designate anywhere within the USA as a non-constitution zone.”

    Big difference in the meaning.

  43. Just one Texan, but ready to answer the call and support the effort in any capacity needed. Let me know when you get organized.

  44. No matter where you live; lock, load and be ready, When you have to leave the ranch/homestead, if you don’t have “security”, take your family with you, or arrange to have them stay someplace you know to be “safe”,

  45. Consider talking to the sheriff in which ever county you are in. I would hate for a ton of people to go down there and catch illegals and turn them over to the Border Patrol who gives them to ICE/DHS who then just distributes these illegals all over the country. If concerned citizens go to help and just end up helping to complete the human smuggling cycle, then what good is that? Maybe you can give them to the sheriff who can then get the Texas Air Guard or citizen volunteers who own planes to fly these people back out of Texas to their home countries. Send Mexico the bill for flying them back(since Mexico allowed these illegals safe passage through Mexico to Texas).

  46. I am not a veteran nor a policeman but I love my country and would love to donate my time to help in anyway possible. My work schedule is 14 on and 14 off and I would be willing to donate all of my time off to help.

  47. would come and help but all I see is for donations not going down and helping. Dennis

    [Editor’s Note: Dennis, we are not taking donations for people going to the border. Donations here, unless otherwise noted, are to help Oath Keepers with our outreach programs, including distributing brochures, push cards, Oath Keepers DVDs, etc. Additionally, Oath Keepers is suggesting that people in Texas mobilize themselves to help the ranchers who are being run off their ranches by the illegal aliens – but we are not soliciting any money for that, nor are we directing it. We are, however, working on a strategy which we will share with the border States very soon – but that strategy is not an Oath Keepers mission, just a plan we hope to present to the people of Texas and the other border States. It involves upgrading public awareness of the problem and inspiring Veterans, civic groups, Veterans groups, churches etc. to put pressure on local city/County/State governments to take positive action in the absence of Federal enforcement. Our mission is to inspire the police and first responders and military to honor their Oath to the Constitution and refuse to obey unlawful/illegal orders.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  48. So how do we get In touch with those who need help? Who is leading the operation?
    I can be contacted at

    [Editor’s Note: B smith, please just stand by. I do believe contact info may be forthcoming in a few weeks or thereabouts. A lot of details are being worked through, and it’s a massive task, and no one is going to know anything until the Texas citizens themselves embrace the plan. We do not want to see every crazy yahoo in the woodwork jumping to the border – the situation is highly volatile. Anyone wanting to help will be instructed on how to interface with Border Patrol, the Texas Rangers, local Sheriffs and police, and other official enforcement agencies. And btw, Oath Keepers is NOT going to be sending people to the border. We are doing something very helpful for the ranchers and for Texas citizens as a whole, but we are not mustering volunteers. However, as the project develops there will be announcements. It is premature to say more, so just stand by please. Thank you for your patriotism.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  49. As a Texan and an Oath Keeper I wanted to put in my .02.

    First of all to the rest of this great nation, we Texans appreciate your support and desire to help. Moral support goes a long way on the battle front.

    Second of all; Texans are a strong group of individuals. I am certain that our resilience is well noted by those who would like to decimate us. For the most part we are not loud and boisterous. One might even wonder if we are awake. Do not take our quiet resolve as a sign of weakness.

    While others are setting out to do us harm, we are evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and passing the information from household to household – from office to office – from ranch land to ranch land – from oil field to oil field….

    If you pause and listen, you can hear the buzz. It is like an electric current.

    We are training. We are studying. We are gaining in strength and numbers. Those who once leaned left or right are coming together in mass.

    You will never hear of this by watching the silly news reports or the garbage spewed rhetoric of our elected officials. You may never know when you pass by a high school football game or stand in line at the grocery store.

    … but if you stop and listen, you will hear the collective beat of the Texas hearts. We will never be an easy target.

    I am not saying that we are invincible. We may appear a bit too quiet to the outside observer, but we are not asleep. We are simply exercising the polite reserve of which we have been taught. Do not confuse our manners with cowardice. We take great homage in the Battle of the Alamo. Even moreso is our resolve that never again will we suffer the fate of Goliad.

    Texas Proud guided by our faith …

    Keep your powder dry and your eyes on the target. I ask each of you to fortify your home fronts. One never knows from which direction evil will advance. Be prepared to protect your individual communities.

    Our sincere Thank You for the offers to serve! It is indeed comforting for us to know that reinforcements are in the ready should we lose our footing.

    Cindy Justice
    Houston, TX

  50. All this talk is interesting but way to late. I and many of my friends have been involved in the minuteman movement since the middle of 2005, many before that. I have personally been down on the border in CA, AZ, & TX a total of 9 times, a month at a time, and have spent thousands on equipment and expenses with no help from anyone.

    We have been sending the alarm for years, all to deaf ears of this nation, govt. and civilians. We were branded as crazies, vigilantes, murderers, racist, and much more. Now all of a sudden, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! HELL we have had a problem for 30 years or more. The border has always been wide open, especially after the 86 amnesty for 3 million that ended up allowing 50 million to come here! How the hell do you think 50 to 100 million illegals have gotten into this country, and had another 30 million anchor babies? They didn’t just appear out of thin air all of a sudden!

    We tried to help the land owners for years but they all, but a handful, refused our assistance out of fear that they would get sued and their ranches taken from them by OUR DAMN GOVERNMENT! (which actually happened to several ranchers) What has changed all of a sudden, anyway? Has the pressure finally gotten to some of the people living on the border now?

    The need for boots on the ground has always been there, but when it comes to getting volunteers, forget about it. The keyboard commandoes talk a lot of shit, but when it comes to spending the time and money to risk life and fortune for a lost cause, few can be found. I have personally been involved in operations which were advertised nationwide, expecting 100s to show up, and “6” people out of a nation of 350 million showed!!! That shows the commitment of the American people who actually care about the safety of this nation.

    Is it going to take attacks all over our country, nukes, bombs, shot down planes, etc. etc. to get the people of this nation to wake up to the dangers of an wide open border? I doubt that even that will get anyone’s attention, because as a nation, we have lost all resemblance of national pride, patriotism, love of country, love of God, and etc. Our morality has hit rock bottom and we cannot be saved at this point.

    We had a saying we used while down on the border, it went like this, The US Southern border, defended by the “thin gray line of the medicated and dedicated”. We were all retired,
    old farts, who mostly wanted to sit around camp fires and tell old war stories and drink beer. Very few actually did anything productive or useful as far as defending the border. BUT AT LEAST WE WERE THERE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY, WHICH IS MORE THAN CAN BE SAID ABOUT THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS WHO NOW LIVE HERE AND ONLY WORRY ABOUT THEIR NEXT FAVORITE IDLE AND WHERE THEIR NEXT DRUG FIX WILL COME FROM. (by the way, that comes across the open border too)


  51. Seabee,you know first hand how it has been all these

    but times have changed,and the diseases these people
    bring with them, now hitting the kids and the
    states in which they were unceremoniously dumped,

    are bring also a new perspective, and it is hitting
    home, the rest of the nation is showing the effects
    of the invasion, and they are ready to roll, as the
    guy in the airplane, said.

    Cindy has stated that there is an undercurrent of
    help and strategy now being put into place.

    That should encourage you to not give up in despair.

  52. This old Marine lives in Oklahoma, my rig is in Louisiana. I work 14days on and 14days off. I have one week per month to
    give to help our nation. I’m on my feet 12hrs a day. I keep my skills well honed. I am well equipped. I can be there next month 405-512-8620.

  53. 76
    Cindy J Says:
    September 10th, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Cindy, Hello to a close Neighbor!

    Cindy, you must have heard many times that people will view a picture in different ways and pull from that picture different meanings?

    I am not Native Texan, although I have lived north of Houston for the last 25 years and view the picture in a much different way. Let me allude to a few of differing views.

    First we have Houston declared as a Sanctuary City, that did not help much for sure, at least not for me. Then as the illegal population grew we now see their arrogance. A good example is they move down a Supermarket Isle 3 or four abreast and ‘Hey, Citizen and Tax Payer get out of our way’. I understand that they are not the only segment that does this, yet it is worse by the day and Texans take it, I see it. This is not Texas curiosity, its intimidation and no one answers back.

    Yes I agree there is talk (the buzz) you speak of, sorry that is all it is just BUZZ. The majority of the local population appears to be on some ‘Take It Drug’. I do not see anger, no its submissiveness and there is no other way to say it. Talk is cheap and I throw my Dime or Two into the Pot all to often, yet I fight, I get real mad and do not hide it behind anything. Ask your BUZZ group what their plans are for the next thirty days and see if you hear any real substance. Everyone is waiting for everyone else.

    Take Care and good Post, I have run out of Dimes.

  54. Whoever is doing whatever, whenever, it is too much of
    a wait for commanding orders, details,and arranging
    the various and asundry tactics.

    A month? a few weeks? how many more thousands
    will come across during even this weekend?

    The veterans, the Texans-at-the-ready,
    need to and want to rally, return the
    incoming mongrels, and take back the
    border forever.

    Now we read that the respiratory disease
    is in New York.

    We read that Ebola can and has come to America.

    We read that this is a pestilence unlike any
    other. (I wonder if it is on the level of
    the Bubonic Plague in Europe generations ago?)

    The longer this drags on, the more damage to
    the citizens and this country.

    I don’t doubt for a minute the type of attitude
    seen by Ron. There were some photos taken a month
    or so ago, of the tatooed mongrels,and their
    postures were not only rebellious, but also
    crude and vulgur.

    This is not the cream of the crop coming to America.

    [Editor’s Note: Elizabeth, who is to give “commanding orders”? Are you suggesting that Oath Keepers is somehow authorized to “give orders”? What are you expecting of Oath Keepers? Do say.
    Thank you for reading and posting here at our national website.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  55. Hi,Elias,

    In any type of a gathering, there has to be a leader,
    one who is experienced, skilled in commanding the
    volunteers, and one who is accomplished in the
    task without creating undue chaos.

    This is a monumental undertaking, as all of the
    above posters who have volunteered to come forth
    and protect the ranchers, and deter/reject/return
    the infiltration.

    A handful of men/women will never suffice and they
    know it,you know it. There has to be a leader who
    will step forward, give his qualifications, set up
    a command post, and issue the assignments and locations
    in which the volunteers will be monitoring.

    I know as well as you, that the purpose is not to kill
    or maim, but to defend and return the lot of them.
    This includes the gang members and their tatooed bodies,
    the children, the women and all other persons, from
    whatever land they are fleeing.

    We are also hearing that the infamous ISIS barbarians
    are already on our soil. No doubt the Southern
    Sieve is how they entered and will continue to do so.

    This is a war, and no one else is going to fight it for
    the United States. Obama is delusional, does not know
    what is going on, lies about everything, including
    that Islam is not Islam. (watch Judge Jeanine Pirro
    take him to task on that fantasy).

    In every war, it is won with strategy and well-planned
    tactics. I doubt that the OathKeepers have the
    background or the desire to get into a war.

    Also, in every war, one does not win by being
    charming and offering an olive branch.

    True, the volunteers (militia is probably what they
    will become) would like to bring this to an end
    w/o any violence. In the ideal world, that would happen,
    but not with this overwhelming influx of millions of
    uncivilized bodies.

    There well could be blood shed. There well could be
    a confrontation with one of our own … following
    the orders from Obama’s puppets.

    The truth about Obama is that he wants these people
    here on our soil. Every last one of them, and all those
    who are to come.

    The truth is that Obama is our enemy and a madman.

    The truth is that he should have been long-ago arrested
    by the Army Provost Marshal General.

    But not having that as our Constitutional right, arresting
    the domestic enemy within,

    we have only the people who are ready, willing and able.

    That means a person in charge .. someone of the
    caliber of one of the posters above.

    Someone with military experience and skills.

    I do not expect anything from the OathKeepers. They
    are a group asking for help.

    It appears they will have it, whenever someone takes
    charge… and Cindy has stated it is underway.

    My comment is that it is taking too long.

  56. An interesting view by two outsiders reading just this blog in reference to Oath Keepers, if I may.

    Friend # 1, known for 25 years, haven’t seen in awhile comes over for visit. I have him read this blog while we visited. His response – “Oh another anti-government milita nut job group”

    Friend # 2, known several years, we visit and talk all the time, visited to discuss an upcoming shooting day we had been planning, he knows I support Oath Keepers, we’ve discussed it many times. We usually talk prepping, what-ifs, survival and gun things.

    I had him read just this blog. His reaction? He looked at me and asked “so this is the group you’ve been talking about, you belong to these people, this crazy militia group” and just shook his head.

    Now I agree there have been a lot of varied views expressed here, some great ideas, some idiotic responses also. Oath Keeper leadership has made good attempts at trying to express their views.

    Many may say who the heck cares what your friends think, damn it this is America and Oath Keepers better step up NOW! I’m tired of waiting, I demand action now, I want someone to give me orders, direction, a purpose etc., but I also want someone to accept responsibility for my actions, help pay my way, help give me material support or money to make it, I can’t or won’t do anything for free. I want the ranchers to help me help them, I want, I want. But I don’t want to loose my guns if I go, I want someone to give me permission to take action and not have to worry about going to jail or worse.

    Oh ya, I don’t care that the border is controlled by International treaty obligations approved by congress, damn it this is America, I will do as I want. It doesn’t matter that I am not a resident of Texas, I still have the right to my guns and don’t have to fall under Texas state law on the carrying, display or use of my firearm, I’m an American damn it.

    Ok fine.

    Now the interesting part about these two friends mentioned above.

    Friend #1 – a retired Police SGT now working in the 9-11 dispatch center, still very active in Law Enforcement circles.

    Friend # 2 – an active duty Army SGT Major in the Special Forces.

    Maybe I’m wrong but these are just the people Oath Keepers is trying to reach out to, trying to get on board with their message, trying to get involved with. Both felt Oath Keepers was just another anti-government milita nut job group just from reading this single blog.

    You know not the damage some of you are doing to Oath Keepers name by your idiotic ramblings and statements. Not all, but enough have posted here to make Oath Keepers look like a group of idiots.

    Just an interesting exercise I undertook to see what the results would be towards the name Oath Keepers just from this one simple blog page with all the sometimes heated expressions clearly posted.

    God Bless Oath Keepers and may they continue to overlook the many many totally stupid posts they allow.

    [Editor’s Note: Steve, I may come back in here later and expound on this a bit more (or may not, depending on available time). I would like to quickly thank you for spreading the word about Oath Keepers to your friends. I do hope, however, that you explained to them that the general public often posts comments under our articles at this website. No one has to be a member to post here. It might help control some of the damage which our comment section has done to your friends’ mental image of our org if they knew that some of the comments posted here are from people who are not members in Oath Keepers, and that anyone can post here.
    If I can get a minute to get back here I’d like to amplify your note about the damage un-thinking people can do by posting their subjective rants and insensitive observations as comments here. Thank you again for shining a light on this problem.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  57. Elias,

    Yes they are both now fully aware of what the organization Oath Keepers stands for and actually both support it. They both have been on Oath Keepers website a lot since and understand more now.

    Also they have been told that many non members are allowed to make posts and understand this but both felt it still hurts the Oath Keeper name overall from an outsiders prespective unless someone explains everything to them. I was just curious what reaction I’d get from these two friends.

    Rest assured I didn’t let them go away thinking that Oath Keepers was anti anything and especially a nut job militia group, was just curious what first impressions would be because of some of the posts.

    I know for fact one will soon be joining Oath Keepers and the other will continually staying informed by myself and the website and who knows, maybe I can get him to also become an active member, would help a lot with local police officers.


    [Editor’s Note: Steve, thank you sincerely for getting back to us here with your update on your two friends’ initial and then subsequent take on our organization. I appreciate that very much. I’ve got some great news for everyone, including you. Oath Keepers is redoing our website as we speak, and soon we’ll have a brand new appearance for the general public. I’m sure it will greatly enhance our outreach to the public at large. We are proud of our peace officer members (and our soldiers and first responders as well) and we feel that while this site worked very well five years ago during the height of the Tea Party / grassroots political environment, it is past due for a major facelift, and that is now in the works. In coming months we’ll be trotting out a much more appealing website appearance which will render greater dignity and clarity to our mission. Thanks again, Steve.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  58. This may not be published, which is no problem for me.

    The two ‘friends’ are typical of some of the obots
    that are unaware of what is happening in this country
    or are obots who are aware and have no clue as to what
    it means to us as a nation.

    It is immaterial that one is a 9-11 dispatcher
    and the other from Special Forces.

    They are clueless about what the men posting here
    are attempting to do.. they are offering to risk
    their lives and their money/time/energy/daily routines

    to come to the aid of strangers/ranchers/farmers,
    who are helpless and being terrorized by a gang of barbarians.

    These ‘friends’ see only one thing: people who
    are carrying weapons, visualizing a combat zone,
    and “going where no man has gone before.’ (so to speak)

    The posters are not nut-jobs. Did they comprehend the backgrounds
    and the experiences being offered, as assistance to the
    beleaguered ranchers?

    Do they have alternative plans to roust the rabble?

    Just because the ‘friends’ have their own impressive
    backgrounds, it does not follow that they are omniscient.

    I don’t see any ‘damage’ being done by those posting here,
    and that includes myself. I resent the inference that
    non-members of OathKeepers are ranting and insensitive.

    These guys only wanted to offer their skills and time
    to protect and defend the borders and ranchers.

    Instead, the ‘friends’ belittle and denigrate them.

    I am hopeful and feel assured, that most of our
    law enforcement/veterans/security offcials
    do not have such lack of foresight, concerning this
    tragic situation, which will surely snowball into other
    parts of this country, if not curtailed at its
    starting points.

    One does not need to be an OathKeeper to have some

  59. It’s rather significant that Steve and I were writing
    at the same time, if he is in the Pacific Zone.

    Also, it’s encouraging to see that the two
    men who did not grasp all of the behind-the-scenes
    planning and focus of the volunteers posting here,

    are now enlightened and willing to give their
    support, whether it’s physical or moral.

    Thank you, Elias, for being unbiased.

  60. I wrote this blog exactly the way I did to also see what the response to it would be on this site, another research if you will.

    As I suspected readers here also overlooked the message I was trying to state or stress. I wrote it stating they were friends and quickly just brushed over their actual experience/jobs, again to see the way people pick up on only on what they want to in any blog. Both sides read into something they want to hear or see not really looking at it completely. With further explanation and discussion it then becomes more understanding, but at first everyone is quick to jump, as usual.

    My point was, and still is, seems most missed it as I suspected they would. We want exactly these types of men interested in Oath Keepers. Why? Because these men are not the average guy or gal on the street. They know more about what is going on in reality than 99% of you out there think you do because they are involved in the issues at levels way, way over your heads. They know what the system (government) is willing to do or will do.

    We want these men, who are in positions to make the decisions that will affect maybe hundreds of others under them to make the right decisions. Why? So that the other soldiers and officers won’t be put into positions where they have to make individual decisions. It’s a lot easier to have the right decision made at staff levels by one person than having to hope 100 below them will also make the right decision (which I’m sure the vast majority would do anyway).

    Along with these men we have continued contacts with Police Captains and Lieutenants as well as active duty and retired military up to the rank of Major and at times higher at our group meetings.

    And yes being a 9-11 dispatcher may not mean a lot but the retired Police SGT, I see was missed, means an awful lot, again he is very involved on the inside if you will. We MUST connect with these type of people as well as the line officer and front line soldier.

    We are also individuals who have the same concerns and understand the situation occurring in America today, maybe better than you think. We just don’t go around making stupid statements online about our feelings.

    No one put anyone down. They made an observation off what they read here on this blog, period. Just as some of you did and are now doing. Period. I know these men very well and also knew what their reaction would be but wanted to test it anyway. And I knew both as well as the dozens of others we have contact with almost on a daily basis would understand the basic concept of what Oath Keepers is trying to do. We support them totally but will also express our open views when we feel it is getting carried away.

    Believe me when I say we want these men stand8ing beside us not against us. Talk all you want about what you think you can or will do, but if we don’t gain support from individuals like this you will not like the outcome.

    An interesting but predictable reaction to the way I made this post.

    Thank you all for reading my posts and understand we are here, we support Oath Keepers totally even though you may not see or hear of or from us.

    Oh by the way we are in Mountain Standard time.

  61. There are many things that people can do to bring attention to this problem. A patriotic person I just read about tried to organize a peaceful shutdown of Mexican ports of entry, and I believe her when she says she was threatened by “thugs” (most likely drug cartel or Mexican government operatives – they are one in the same since the Mexican government is so corrupt at this point). She was trying to do what works – hit them in the WALLET.

    Our executive branch is working against the better interests of our citizens – everyone knows it, too (they are the Chicago Communist Party – LITERALLY). Why do the Democrat members of the house and Senate support them? Because they are just as corrupt and it is about gaining unlimited POWER with no way left to challenge them. a ONE PARTY system (communism light). There will be no way for anyone BUT THEM to win an election if, and when, they complete their plans. They are flooding the nation with illegals – and NOT just kids – these are whole families. And they are being promised a lot of $$$$ to vote for the Dems. And they will be moved to the states where they are needed to vote as required (after they are given some form of Amnesty). AMNESTY MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS – ANY FORM OF AMNESTY. Even if we have to RIOT.

    Aside from the POWER angle, the people they bring in are not being medically quarantined. We are BEGGING for a disaster – deaths. We almost had TB beat here in the US, and now we have 50,000+ cases, and many of them are incurable. The CDC is failing us, but they have been silenced – told to shut up or lose funding and jobs. Leprosy is now endemic in NYC (passed from person to person). As of the end of 2012 they were treating over 1000 cases – QUIETLY. How STUPID can they be??

    Mexico had meetings with our State Dept (shills for the Executive branch) and they agreed to assist all of the illegals to get here. MEXICO is acting as an enemy to the US Citizens. We must somehow FORCE Mexico to STOP helping them – hurt them somehow until they stop it. Without Mexico’s help, OBs plan will fail. We DO need to seal that border somehow. I was reading up on breeding Piranhas for the Rio Grand. REALLY! (Yes, I’m thinking of desperate things…)

    I remember seeing the IRA (Irish Rep. Army) stop all vehicles using nails spread on the highway. If there is no other way… we may have to resort to something like that.

    Most of America is asleep (drugged with government money and in some cases real drugs) or just too busy trying to survive. Seen food prices lately? Yes $$$ HIGH and getting HIGHER! But even when Republicans take control, if it is the Jeb Bush type (a fan of Open Borders and One World govt like his father is) – we have the same people in power (only the “Lite” version). We need someone like Cruz for President – a real Reagan man. Reagan had to fight the Bushes to get in power. I work in Bush’s VP office for a few weeks when Reagan was President. He did not like Reagan.

    I think that Mark Levin has the right answer, only a few JERKS are blocking the Article 5 organization. THOSE people need some pressure applied to them. The President of AZ Senate is blocking his state’s legislature from joining the Art. 5 convention. We actually have 30sates working on it right now. My state (FLA) has already sent the Art 5 Request to the US House. A few other have too. The States MUST set 12 year term limits to get rid of the GOOD OLD BOY network in DC. That would end all of this IMMEDIATELY.

    I’m going to check nail prices at Home depot. I have barn to build…
    Lt Rich

    [Editor’s Note: Lt Rich, I’ll try to help you get up to speed on the magnitude of the pathological insanity which presently rules WDC. Let me begin by suggesting that the very idea of a con-con at this time in our history is insane, as also are calls for “amendments”, because the prevalent perception in WDC is pure statism, and only statism. WDC is consumed with statism — they all believe in the POWER of government. Whatever their motive, whatever their campaign stumps advertise, at bottom of it all, every sombitch in WDC believes in the government’s power to control We The People. As you noted, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are the neap and nape of the People’s harness. There is no possible solution in letting such creatures as today’s brand of “politician” remake the Constitution, for they are bound by their worship of the all-powerful government to oomplicate our lives even worse than they’ve already managed to do. They simply have proven over the past hundred years that they are not to be trusted. The reason is that their system is bigger than they are, and the perpetuation of that reason is their denial of its existence in their own subjective perception. A constitutional convention is suicide for America at present time, It could only make a disaster of our fallen Republic.

    You are also correct that our own government has armed the Mexican drug cartels, and I would add that our own banking system has laundered the cash – billions upon billions of dollars. Wachovia got caught laundering $378 billion dollars for the Mexican cartels and was fined $160 million dollars, and paid it, and no one went to jail over that, same as Eric Holder did not go to jail for arming the Mexican cartels. You are also correct that the government of Mexico is in cahoots with our own government in WDC to move people across our borders illegally. The globalists (internationalists) for whom our government now works full time talk in terms of “migration”, not “immigration”. In their perception, a world without borders could not have “immigration”, but only “migration”. They have put that in writing. Holder armed the cartels precisely to create violence along the border, to draw federal intervention on Americans who are trying to stop the immigration. At the same time the DHS is literally creating the perception in the American mass mind that anyone one does not know personally could be a “terrorist”, which is the pay-off for a massive psy-op which has built “ISIS” to replace a fading “al Qaeda” in the public mind. And that psy-op is the backdrop against which Constitutionists are now being painted as the up-and-coming new domestic “terrorist” which is merely a domestic version of ISIS operating right here in America. The American mass mind will believe that if the media blurts out story after story about ISIS invading us across the Mexican border.

    What will be the result once the mass mind believes there is a terrorist behind every bush, tree, and corner? The NDAA-2012 shot down habeas corpus and allowed the government to now classify dissenters as “enemy combatants, subject them to rendition and indefinite detention, so that anyone who will stand against “open borders” can be handled by a military-police state enforcement apparatus. That apparatus is well nigh in place as we speak, thanks in large part to DHS’ “Fusion Centers” and the so-called “license” given to the NSA to track everyone’s every move. Two “leaked” DHS documents surfaced early in 2009 which back up what I’ve just said. DHS is “defining” the coming new “enemy”, and it is We The People ourselves, or any among our more than three hundred million individual minds who are demanding that the General government in WDC get back within the confines of its founding legal charter, the Constitution for the united States of America.

    I could fill in all the gaps in the above meandering, had I the time, but suffice to say that just the briefest incomplete outline such as mentioned above is the overt reason why it is extremely dangerous to talk of having a constitutional convention. Levin makes well-intentioned talking points, but he is leading many people into an ambush, imo. It is as subtle as the plot to sneak G.H.W. Bush into the Presidency by trying to shoot Reagan dead. Reagan survived however, and Bush did not ascend to the Presidency.

    It matters not one whit nowadays “who” gets into the White House. Any of the anointed who shall be trotted out by the “R”s and “D”s to compete for the Presidency will already be approved by the elite power-brokers in Europe and on Wall Street and in the Intelligence community. If Cruz were to be sanctioned by the Party, he would continue to take this country down for the new world order just the same way his predecessors have done. Everything inside that beltway is totally evil and totally unrelated to We The People – any new name and face sitting in the White House will change nothing. This is no time for any new amendment, and especially not for any constitutional convention.

    Stick around and read the articles we post here. There is another level of perception to be had. thank you for reading.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  62. Is action ever going to be taken? All I read and hear is ideas and coverups. This country is falling apart partly because the so called defenders of the usa are not defending, just talking. How can you call yourself an oath taker if you wont organize a group to defend the border and the citizens of this country. I am a patriot and a us army vet and this makes me sick.

  63. Amen, to that, M. Swartwood.

    It is frustrating to see that no one
    has come forth to take Timm’s offer on his
    “5 man team ready to deploy”

    and it has been a week. Where are the
    ranchers who are so embattled and
    surrounded by the invaders?

    Do they ever read this blog or does
    anyone ever contact them to tell them
    help is out there waiting for a call to arms?

    It is incredible… Even the American and
    French Revolutions were organized w/o the
    aid of email, telephones or walkie-talkies.

    The veterans, like yourself, are willing
    and able. Where is the leadership of which
    I spoke a month ago?

    I am a woman/veteran, but not physically
    able or age-wise, ready to bear arms
    anymore. And from what I have read,
    they do not want anyone to ‘bear arms’
    but it will be a rough go w/o something
    to protect the veterans/volunteers
    and to run-off the squatters/druggies/

  64. I am with you, but not a veteran. I am a professional photographer, currently sitting idle due to injuries form an auto accident. If I can help you with my skills, and they are varied, I will. I was Chairman of Friends of NRA and held 2 fundraising banquets which performed very well. Anything you need me for please contact me via email. And we’ll go from there. I can travel. Currently residing in Northeast Wisconsin, but can come down and help for the winter.

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