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Militia Leader Defends Patrols

Larry Smith

The following statement by Larry Smith, (who is running for Congress),  is a reply to an article posted on local TV station KRGV. The reply is located on his Facebook page: here.

Larry Smith For Congress

A very misrepresented situation occurred on the border near Brownsville on Friday afternoon.

BP agents were searching for a tattooed male that crossed the border in some heavy brush. During the search they came across several armed citizens that were on private property at the owner’s request.

The individuals asked the BP agents if they needed assistance. They agreed and the two groups started searching the brush.

Several minutes later another BP agent exited the brush and began firing at one of the citizens, who was armed with an AK pistol.

From less than 30 feet the agent missed five times. Which was lucky for both men. The citizen had the discipline not to return fire as he understood the situation better than the BP agent.

Rather than admit wrong-doing and resolve the situation, the citizens’ guns were confiscated to facilitate an investigation. Their cameras and radios were also taken.

Furthermore, pressure was put on the land owner to deny these men access to reduce the maneuver space of these volunteers.

I was very disappointed in Channel 5, which failed again to cover the real story with substandard reporting. I am also highly disgruntled over the handling of the situation by both the Border Patrol and the Cameron County Sherriff’s Department whose actions resulted in attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and civil rights violations.

The next time you are calling these guys hillbillies, rednecks, or gun-nuts try and remember the family of Javier Vega and what the border policies of the Democrat Party did for him and his family.

So it may even cost me a few votes, but I am standing with these men. They are standing up for American communities that are under threat; and I support their heroic actions.

Lastly, if you deny the border problems here in the RGV then you are either ignorant or you are benefiting from the criminal activity.

Militia Leader Defends Patrols





  1. If those tasked with the job of protecting our borders are not doing their job, then it is the CITIZENS DUTY to to take up the slack and defend our soil from would be invaders. Speaking of arrests, maybe the real criminals behind this FUBAR situation need to see the inside of a cell.

  2. I am an oath keeper and live in Alabama, I guarded the border in New mexico for a week several years ago and I would also help guard these texans and ranches but The distance and costs associated with coming that far are just too great. I wish I lived closer so I could do my time again. I am a vet and will honor my oath.

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