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What’s The Buzz?

Police Work, or Soldier Work?
Police Work, or Soldier Work?

Everyone has something to say about Ferguson, Missouri’s monumental moment of madness. The wire services, the channels, the stations, the headlines, the Internet, the workplace – all are abuzz with Ferguson. But is the buzz contradicted by the truth?

That is not a good question, because the buzz is coming from all sides, from all points of view, from all political powerhouses. All sides are buzzing as loudly as they can. The truth will end up supporting some of the buzz, and eliminating other parts of the buzz.

Oath Keepers finds that as of August 21, 2014, there is not enough information assembled to know whether justice shall point its wabbling finger at Officer Wilson or at Mr. Brown. Oath Keepers has no position on that question at this time.

Our focus at Oath Keepers national is on the deployment of police assets and a wee little problem about a stand-down order from above in the chain of command which caused the police to ignore the looters whilst firing non-lethal bullets and gas canisters at innocent protestors. And, we might add, there is this tiny little problem about trotting out the militarized assets of police-state equipment against citizens who were demonstrating peacefully.

Photo by RawStory
Photo by RawStory

One of the problems with this has to do with the conveyance of the perception of the police as military units prepared, and perhaps eager, to do some serious combat – but not with the looters. No, the looters were left to their wiles while the peaceful demonstrators/protestors were targeted by armored police of various sorts.  Oath Keepers has now learned that the police were told that instead of arresting the looters, they should stand to in military-style formations and focus on the demonstrators and journalists and photographers.  That was a mistake so far as winning the hearts and minds of the demonstrators and the media. It was a mistaken application of police assets which was developed during the anti-war and civil rights demonstrations of the 1960s. Here is how one of our Oath Keepers on the ground there put it –

The previous focus on peaceful protesters with lines of policemen equipped in riot gear, in fundamentally static positions, are being thwarted by modern looters and thugs with cell phones and team work. One active sergeant told us, “I don’t want my guys stationary, they just become targets for the thugs throwing bricks and taking pot shots at us with their pistols”. The analysts in our group take this kind of reporting very seriously. The local police are equipped to handle the current situation, but only if a paradigm shift in strategy and tactics can be made. The leadership, Gov. Nixon and down the chain of command must make the changes before the whole city of Ferguson turns into a burned out war zone, more businesses are destroyed, and more lives are lost forever. One retired Green Beret in our group suggested that instead of grouping our officers in large blocks (50 to 100 men), that Nixon must order a specific change in tactics. Break up these groups into rapid reaction teams of 20 to 25 officers and hide them, staging them in places spread around Ferguson. Our intel guy concurred, and added that the younger minority officers should be in street clothes to blend in and work as Scouts, identifying threats and looters. The Scouts should be directing the rapid reaction teams to protect the businesses from the ongoing crime, and refocus the police resources away from unconstitutional activities like shooting OC gas at peaceful protesters. They should get to the business of putting the criminals behind bars. With hundreds if not thousands of criminals stealing the businesses of Ferguson blind, how many arrests have been effected? The percentage is embarrassing, not enough. The Highway Patrol’s tactics did not work, and it is time to admit it. Bringing the National Guard in for force protection secures the Command Location, but what about all the other locations where people’s lives are being destroyed? The National Guard is not the answer when the number of civilian arrests that need to be made, beg for an increase of 1000 percent. Officers should be focused on looters, not bullying the media in McDonalds. We need officers to put criminals in jail, not shoot tear gas at reporters too stupid to not shine lights in the officers eyes while they are trying to work. We need a Governor smart enough to reject the riot control tactics developed before cell phones that are now failing catastrophically, and smart enough to not disable the internet and violate our rights and freedoms. We need a Governor to show enough wisdom and to lead our state by the Constitution rather than against it with ineffective abuses like curfews. Governor Nixon should be wise enough to defeat the criminals without taking our rights and freedoms, and to change failing tactics and demand from police that they discern between peaceful protesters and looting thugs.

(end paraphrased message from Missouri Oath Keepers)

Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers founder, is composing a letter to the Governor of Missouri right now (August 21, 2014). That letter will point out the above quoted passage by our men at Ferguson, among other vital points which could, providing the Governor will have his police community leadership consider objectively the conclusions drawn by veteran cops and combat Veterans of military service who as Oath Keepers on the scene have offered similar critiques, be greatly beneficial in healing the community wounds – and also in healing community perceptions of their police and the government’s police power in general.

Photo LATimes
Photo LATimes

Yes, Oath Keepers from the Missouri chapter are on the scene and are talking consensus for the benefit of the police and the people equally.

St Louis/St Charles Oath Keepers Saturday In Ferguson
St Louis/St Charles Oath Keepers Saturday In Ferguson

This is still America. The public’s perception of the police should never be promoted by outdated tactics of deployment to quell protest/demonstration.  The police should not be militarized in logistics or in attitudes. The people are not an “enemy”. Police should not make war on the people. Crowds of citizens are not “enemy combatants”. As our people on the ground there advise our national Board, better tactical deployment of assets could have saved much damage while protecting the people’s right of peaceful assembly.Police departments everywhere should take note of the flaws in execution of security measures from the Governor and throughout the chain of command. And nothing “federal” should be a part of smart tactical deployment on U.S. soil.

Here is how one outstanding Marine put it:


Semper Fi!

Photo NBC News
Photo NBC News

Photo by TheGatewayPundit
Photo by TheGatewayPundit
Photo by Slate
Photo by Slate

Be it known: Oath Keepers opposes the militarization of our police. I will update as time permits. Stewart Rhodes’ letter to the Governor of Missouri will also be published at our website and emailed to all members and supporters on our national list.


Elias Alias, editor





  1. I agree with you and Oathkeepers. The police are creating their own problem with this heavy handed attitude and military equipment. Nothing raises my blood pressure like condemnation and intimidation.
    This whole event could start a racial war across in cities of our nation. Gov. Nixon needs to shut his mouth. I always look at your e-mails first. John

  2. OK Leadership,

    Thank you for your professional response to these very troubling encroachments on our liberty! Please continue to keep us up to date and informed as the situation on the ground changes.

    God Bless America

    Rick LaQuey
    USMC 1970-1974


  4. From Wikipedia – ” A mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict, who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for personal gain” Needless to say,people like these want to survive till payday and have no desire to sacrifice themselves for any cause.Mercenaries will always choose the safest alternative action when called on to engage. Nowadays, this mindset is expressed by terms like “Officer Safety” or “Getting home safe”, underscored by the fact that LEOs have no legal obligation to protect anyone.

    The behavior of the police in Ferguson is an illustration of this Condottieri mindset.Confronted with the danger of looting rioters on one hand and the opportunity to earn their pay safely by attacking peaceful demonstrators,the police chose the safer alternative.

    “Safety Concerns” were the official rationale for the hasty retreat of the BLM “Agents” at Bundy Ranch, but those safety concerns only arose because we armed citizens (Including yours truly)raised the stakes higher than the “Boot Licking Mercenaries” were willing to play for.The BLM agents were there for a paycheck,but saw that we were there for much more, and were willing to die there.We were not a bunch of kid with signs. We were a mass of POd grownups with guns! and we overawed them.On reflection,I think that if the worst had happened and shooting had started the BLM woud have run away.

    RAISE AND CALL! This is the key to success for us when engaged in any confrontation with tyrannical authority. Do not comply.Force the oppressors to either retreat or to expose themselves as vocious thugs by attacking peaceful citizens.

  5. Your article is excellent and justifies the existence of this organisation. My comment to that Harvard intellectual Viera was not posted, which violates the spirit of your fairness expressed above. There is one unreflected judgment you quoted about journalists blinding law officials by camera light. That’s ridiculous. Police officers today must be even eqipped with special glasses to protect their eyes from laser pointers. The joker who is responsible for that derogatory insinuation only expresses his prejudice and ignorance about police eork and police equipment.

  6. Evidence, witnesses and testimony should be acquired. This can be done independently. A prudent man put upon inquiry can come to a conclusion. If the evidence shows the cop killed the dead person amounting to murder, the officer can and should be arrested by someone who acquired the evidence witnesses and testimony, handcuffed and turned over to the Sheriff. Then a complaint must be laid before a magistrate for the magistrate to determine if there is probable cause to hold the accused to trial. That is how the system was designed to work. A private person can do the investigation and arrest.

  7. I absolutely agree with the above statement 100%. This is the kind of constitutional brain power and reporting that makes me proud to be an Oathkeeper. Stewart…I back you 100% on this commentary and I will repeat and share it with anyone who will take the time to read it for themselves.
    Good job Oathkeepers. keep up the good work. CAL….I would like to hear your take on this as I have come to hardly make a move without your constitutional wisdom. You sir are a very smart man.

    So proud to be a member of this organization.

  8. I agree, they should use these SWAT teams to track down and arrest the looters and vandals! Don’t feed into the argument of the protesters. Do the community a favor and arrest these scum who loot and steal. People in Missouri should be writing/calling their politicians to protest.

  9. The tactics proposed in the article are correct but the police and their hierarchy are forming basic static defensive lines against the looters/criminals/bangers and basically letting them run out of steam because of the threat posed by commentary and actions of Holder and the army of reported 40 investigativors/lawyers and unknown number of FBI agents along with who knows how many inferred law firms ready to pounce with charges and lawsuits against any uncovered perceived racial/ethically questionable verbal/physical confrontations. The president on down has already made some judgemental commentary about the situation which spread like wildfire thru the ranks. Hopes that any looters and criminals will be sought out will be well after the fact if ever and the media has lost interest and probably would be guilty pleas to lesser charges with probation in court. Worry about family, retirement savings, job retention and assets are driving factors for purely defensive posturing and the gangs realize this tool. Strong leadership and backing is lacking big time.

  10. I agree that it is not the Oathkeepers job to decide if the person dead was murder-by-cop or not. It isn’t.

    But the Preamble to the Bill of Rights says: “… THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, IN ORDER TO PREVENT misconstruction or ABUSE OF ITS POWERS, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution…”

    This says that those who work – elected, paid, contracted, whatever – within governmental branches, governmental agencies are FORBIDDEN to mess with in ANY way the unalienable rights of the people. Yet governmental professional LE’s were firing upon, stopping, arresting, etc the people while they PEACEFULLY protested and ignored crimes that are within their jurisdiction to stop.

    Amendment I: Congress SHALL MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    That says that they do NOT have that authority and that it was the LE’s breaking the law, not the people who were peacefully protesting. Adding more insult to their actions (LE’s), they IGNORED actual crimes going on to go after the PROTECTED BY LAW protesters. They “just followed orders”, they were “just doing their job” and the Nuremberg Trials showed us the result of that being allowed to happen.

    Show me where US Military – LE’s impersonating US military? – is allowed to be used against the people of the United States doing LAWFUL things in OUR nation. They (US Military) are ONLY allowed to defend this nation from foreign and domestic enemies of the US Constitution, NOT those exercising the rights protected by it; and that after the Militia was called out to stop the trouble happening within our nation while the “regulars” (Military) were being formed and sent out.

  11. @ flinter,

    Thank you for that vote of confidence!

    But please, read it, study the forefathers and framers and decide for yourself. I would enjoy discussing constitutional issues with you, plus you might show me a point of view that for whatever reason I did not see for myself. I am always open for discussions that might teach me something I missed.

    (Ex: US presidents being CoC .. how many time did I read that and still miss the part that says very clearly that they are the CoC ONLY “…when called into the actual Service of the United States…” which clearly gives it another meaning then most give it. If the Congress is the ONLY body able to lawfully declare war, then US presidents are ONLY the CoC when a war has been lawfully declared by the congress, and NOT before (Unless the USA is attacked and we have not been). Clearly a “duh” moment for me. Yes, that means that Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama – and others prior to them – were not, are NOT CoC’s).

  12. Again, policemen in full battle gear … with beards. The same folks from Nevada? Anyway, I like the nutrual position displayed by Oathkeepers on the streets in Missouri and in media so far.

    Oathkeepers, take a moment and pat ourselves on the back. I have lost count of how many news shows have pointed out the gross, military tactics of these supposed police forces. They and people are listening.
    Russ Seibert Sr.

  13. Nice, helpful article. Elias.

    This handing over of ‘surplus’ military equipment to local police forces does two things. 1) It shows us that our military’s role externally is going down, via the policies of the Usurper Obama in particular; and 2) It works to condition the American citizenry to the sight of ‘the military’ in our streets. For, the actual military will follow right on – in destruction of Posse Comitatus – behind this beefed-up phalanx of local police, and the public won’t know the difference.

    A Police State in the making, indeed. Which needs to be countered just as soon as possible, by a concerted effort, of patriots. Before the real – planned-for -action begins.

  14. Conflicted: I fully support Peaceful & Legal protest, including in-the-face of our elected, while I oppose:
    Military style actions by LEO
    The uninformed protest for racist excuse, before situation facts are known
    The determination of guilt before facts, by the Governor
    The description of ‘unarmed teen’ though he was dangerous by his arms and fists alone
    The distraction from criminal activities created by the protests
    The outrage of non-lethal actions when faced with Rocks, Glass and Molotovs

  15. Many states are fugitive states and have been for years. In PA a sociopath organization known as the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of PA is nothing more than a sociopath gang dedicated to protecting corrupt lawyers in PA. These types of gangs have been outlawed in many other states. The way it works is if you have a complaint against a lawyer you call them to complain, give them your info and then they go after you. Corrupt lawyers are their favorite clients because the corruption maintains high employment in their ranks, maintaining corruption in the ranks of officers of the courts for the people of PA. Since the early 90’s on the whim of a known sociopath DA this gang has endeavored to destroy vigilant citizens. In my own case I know that they received the help of BATF in muddying the waters of where I actually lived and when earlier in my life with a very curious phone call for verification on my FFL license this during the years when the Clintinistas were going after FFL store owner holders. Constant ‘suspecting’ is the favorite ploy, even going so far as when in the late 90’s when my 14 year old niece was raped and murdered and stuffed down a sewer in southeastern PA, the township police never had passed the case on to the State Police or the FBI, the suspect now convicted was hiding in NYC under the auspices of his retired Brooklyn judge grandfather, later my brother had to pay ex-fbi guys to go get him, with the township police publically taking credit. Who knows maybe they’ve changed some paperwork since the late 90’s. Not securing justice for a 14 year old girl didn’t fit into the sociopath DA from potter and McKean counties upstate, ain’t that right? Now we see Nazified Pennsylvanians making up all sorts of stories in Bradford, PA not realizing the sociopaths allways surround themselves with gangs, and go right ahead help your state go NAZI, witnesses are always targeted in a sociopath nation, just to be clear, what you are really doing. Now we come to the legal abilities of the lawyer group The Rutherford Institute? which seems to want attention from the likes of RT but can’t find a fugitive state on a map. Hint, Pennsylvania.

  16. Many northeast yankee counties have caught cointelpro operatives committing crimes with cops of many jurisdictions caught at helping to cover their guilt up, hunting these fugitive jurisdictions is the only way.

  17. Contrary to popular opinion Americas’ sociopath gang problem operating under the guise ‘of a good cause’ is a really a racketeering opportunity for 20-30 year olds and is the beginning of “THE INTRODUCTION” of blatant young upper middle class sociopaths to the psychopaths that seek their own ends and seem to control upper reaches of government. Good luck with that!! Witnessed 9/15/2014.

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