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The Road To Singularity: Potential Annihilation, Utopian Visions, Will Liberty Prevail?


It is up to us to decide our future. Do we want to deny our humanity? Or do we wish to embrace it? The transhumanists choose to deny it. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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by Daniel Taylor

Dreams of the far future destiny of man were dragging up from its shallow and unquiet grave the old dream of man as god…” – C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945


In 1945, George Orwell, famous for his stunningly accurate portrayal of a future police state in 1984, commented on prominent author C. S. Lewis’ book That Hideous Strength. Hideous Strength revolves around the National Institute for Coordinated Experiments (NICE) and the organization’s plot to seize control of all life. Orwell’s commentary was published in the Manchester Evening News in 1945 with the headline “THE SCIENTISTS TAKE OVER.” Orwell wrote,

“All superfluous life is to be wiped out, all natural forces tamed, the common people are to be used as slaves and vivisection subjects by the ruling caste of scientists, who even see their way to conferring immortal life upon themselves. Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself.

There is nothing outrageously improbable in such a conspiracy. Indeed, at a moment when a single atomic bomb – of a type already pronounced “obsolete” – has just blown probably three hundred thousand people to fragments, it sounds all too topical. Plenty of people in our age do entertain the monstrous dreams of power that Mr. Lewis attributes to his characters, and we are within sight of the time when such dreams will be realisable.”

Do we live in an age when these dreams of power could become a reality? Lewis and Orwell have been proven very accurate in their portrayals of the future 70 years ago. Much of the momentum for the scientific developments that would create these formerly fantastical technologies began in the lifetimes of both Lewis and Orwell. They witnessed the rise of the science of molecular biology, initiated by the Rockefeller Foundation and other tax-exempt foundations who were interested in finding out how the human body operates, with an eye toward better controlling society. The eugenics and social control paradigms that sprung from this foundation sparked scientific revolution in the early 20th century are still in play today among the intelligentsia of western society.

Vannevar Bush became the first Science Advisor to the United States government during World War II under President Franklin Roosevelt. Bush played a vital role in the creation of what we know today as the Military Industrial Complex. Specifically, the method of scientific research of this gargantuan organization – beginning with the Office of Scientific Research and Development – was devised by Vannevar.

The roots of the internet can be traced to Bush’s ideas in 1945. The forerunner to the computer itself can also be attributed to his early designs. From 1935 to 1946 the Rockefeller Foundation funded Vannevar Bush’s development of the mechanical differential analyzer at MIT for a total of $230,500. This device, along with the Hollerith machine, is considered to be one of the forerunners of the desktop computer that we all know and use today.

Scientific developments and new technologies are often spun as beneficial things for humanity, and in fact many of them are. We need to remember that while each development brings power to mankind, it also gives power to some men over other men. As Orwell said, “There is nothing improbable” about such desires for power.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in his 1961 farewell speech “…in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.”

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  1. this all well and good till the human race is extinct. when man plays GOD, the human race pays for it by it’s death. these elite people want control of everything around them, cause of their own defects , they want to create a perfect place. in short, they’re trying to do GOD’s job. just like the tower of babble, this will com to bite them in their butts.

  2. We need to not only stand in their way, we need to arrest and prosecute them for the same crimes Nazi Germany criminals are STILL be hunted for. Many of the worst, most twisted of them, to our continuing shame, were brought here and given positions of power and their “clinical trials” continued with OUR backing. Not “We the People’s” backing, but the backing and eager assistance of the military industrial complex plus the CIA, FBI, and some “representatives in high places.

    Those that still live should pay for those most heinous of crimes – the same as happened in Germany, only hidden here with the assistance of those who serve within government and the “elite” who believe we are animals or less then animals and easily manipulated.

    It is way past time we start cleaning up OUR backyard; starting with the murders of the Kennedy’s, Jonestown Massacre – where Congressman Ryan was murdered because he was ending the CIA. Oklahoma bombing, our part in creating the UN using Nazi’s; Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, all the military
    lies about the “clinical trials” they did without permission on our US Service, depleted uranium,
    US soldiers deliberately left in Vietnam – they did not make the agreed upon payments for their return; “Giffords” shooting – U.S. District Court Judge John Roll has become the third federal judge to agree that part of the Brady Law violates the Tenth Amendment and did other constitutional things was most likely the target and Giffords was used as the excuse if she was EVEN shot and not a “movie script” like most are and have been. etc.

    When you go and research those in high places deaths, you will find the people who died were ending the CIA, working to end the military complex that has made itself the 4th arm of our government – there is NONE in high Military positions that support the US Constitution – they are traitors, like it or not – because they could have kept their oath at any time and stopped any of this and instead assisted. They were working FOR our nation and needed to be removed or had an epiphany and was going to blow the whistle. Do the research, it is pretty chilling.

    Want to know why Ron Paul worked hard to stop any of his supporters from “going off”, protesting at the 2012 “convention” – he knew that the UN was there to murder the dissenters to their plans to insert another into our government along with “our” military and LE’s that were there.

    Ron Paul did win the republican nomination, and he would have been US president until they murdered him as they did others. We have not had a legitimate (instead of those “put into place” traitors) since John F Kennedy was murdered with the assistance of the US Military, CIA, Secret Service, various representatives and the Texas LEA, Fed Reserve, plus foreign interests when Kennedy decided to give the US Constitution her chance.

    IF we do not stop them, clean up those crimes, we will never be a constitutional republic under God.

    Enforce the US Constitution, it gives us the lawful right to. Train us of those not trained to assist and NOT to be a hindrance.

    Put Ron Paul, if he would, into place as president pro tempore since he does have experience while we start TRUE elections going for EVERY position in the federal government, including removing every supreme court justice for not using “Good Behaviour” as is required by the US Constitution.
    Put those who could most likely keep him alive while we get our nation back into order to protect him because there is NO ONE serving within the federal LEA’s that can be trusted since none have kept their oath.

    Back him up with other true constitutional people as more pro tempore until we straighten it out.

    Sorry Pentagon, you are the east trustworthy right beside the federal reserve; all must go, many face charges.

  3. Sorry, let out some crucial words here “Ron Paul did win the republican nomination, and he would have been US president until they murdered him as they did others.”

    Should read “”Ron Paul did win the republican nomination, and he would have been US president until they murdered him if we could not keep him safe as they did others before him.”

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