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Sheriff Leading Probe Into Murder Of Border Patrol Agent Claims Armed Illegal Immigrants In Military Fatigues Have Been Spotted On Texas Ranches

Sheriff Larry Spence
Sheriff Larry Spence

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By Will Payne, In Rayondville, Texas For Mailonline

*Sheriff Larry Spence of Willacy County spoke to MailOnline after murder of off-duty Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega Jr. who was allegedly gunned down by two illegal immigrants who had been deported six times
*Sheriff Spence said ranchers had reported illegal immigrants walking through the brush in single file, armed with rifles in military fatigues
*Spence said he used to not show a weapon but now he has ‘two or maybe three’ because of the increasing ‘criminal element’
*He added: ‘It’s not like it was years ago when people were just looking for a job or something to eat’
*MailOnline also spoke to the woman who reported Javier’s alleged killers to the police. She now fears she could be killed by the cartels
The Sheriff leading the investigation into the brutal slaying of a Border Control Agent by two illegal immigrants has revealed local farmers in his county have reported spotting gangs of armed Mexicans ‘in military fatigues’ marching through their fields.Sheriff Larry Spence’s department played a key role in catching Ismael Hernandez and Gustavo Tijerina after they allegedly gunned down hero officer Javier Vega Jr. in front of his mother, father, wife and three sons while they were on a family fishing trip.

Since their capture,Fox News reported that the suspects are both Mexican nationals who were in the U.S. illegally and have been deported SIX times between them.

Spence, who has been Sheriff of Willacy County in south Texas for 29 years, said the problem on the border is reaching a crisis point.

He said ranchers with land 25 miles north of the border have reported groups of men – believed to be illegal immigrants – walking single file, through farm land in military fatigues. Some were armed with rifles.

His stark warning came as a local woman who unwittingly helped Tijerina, 30 and Hernandez, 40, after they killed Javier, said she is now in fear for her life.

Her concerns are indicative of the climate of fear that is creeping into certain parts of the border states because of the increase of illegal activity.

The fugitives banged on her door at midnight on Monday morning, claiming they had been in a fight and looking for help. She let them in and gave them water.
She only became suspicious when she saw a police helicopter circling the property. At that point she flagged down a passing Border Patrol Agent and scores of officers took the men into custody.

But now the mother-of-four says she is terrified that the men, believed to have links to the infamous Gulf Cartel, could send criminal associates round to her secluded property to kill her and her family, to stop her from testifying.




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  1. Notice that no one from the Obama administration showed up for the officer’s funeral. In fact, no one showed up for the general murdered in Afghanistan, or any other death of American peacekeepers who are killed by illegals or other criminals. Same for the border patrol agent killed in the Fast and Furious debacle designed by the Injustice Department. Yet, three administration officials did show up for the funeral of Michael Brown, the thug killed in Ferguson after assaulting the police officer, not attempting to surrender as the media have attempted to push. We are being ruled by a lawless administration hell bent on destroying our once-great country who have no qualms about murdering American citizens themselves when the opportunity presents itself in order to advance their progressive/communist goals. Stand tall and many, many millions of Americans will stand with you.

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