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Oregon Oath Keepers Slam NDAA In Five Counties!

Josephine County Oregon Oath Keepers

Tom McKirgan and Jeff Ford are working great victories County by County in Oregon. Their arduous efforts have thus far rendered five Counties’ resolutions against the NDAA, more than any other State. Here is their latest conquest, which only happened because of the tireless efforts of Tom and Jeff –


The other four Oregon Counties, in addition to Josephine County, which have passed resolutions against the NDAA due to the efforts of Tom and Jeff and their awesome Oregon membership are:

Klamath County, Coos County, Douglas County, and Lane County.

Photo: Oregon Oath Keepers Rally in October 2013
Photo: Oregon Oath Keepers Rally in October 2013

Oath Keepers gratefully salutes Oregon Oath Keepers. Well done! Keep it up. Thank you.


Elias Alias, editor

Note: I am adding this comment by Tom McKirgan as an addendum:

Oregon Oath Keepers

Oregon Oath Keepers Face Book

Oregon Oath Keepers Meet Up

Not to be modest, but speaking only for myself, I am only one of several initiators of these actions which could not have been done without the combined support from all of the dedicated patriots and organizations involved.

Public sentiment is everything and is the backbone of any movement, for without it’s support, the entire body will collapse. To name just a few where credit is due;

Members of Oath Keepers, PANDA, Oregon Liberty Coalition, the Tea Party, Democrats and Republicans alike diligently working in concert with each other with mutual respect for our beloved Constitution.

This is but a drop of glue that binds our resolve to preserve, protect and defend it at all cost against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our oath was never a compromise, but a solemn promise to America.

In Liberty,

Tom McKirgan

Oath Keeper
Southern Oregon Coordinator
“Not On Our Watch”





  1. That’s the way to get things done…Great job Oregon oathkeepers…
    Hey NH oathkeeper leadership…..Here is a way to get the ball rolling here in NH…hOW BOUT IT..???

  2. The resolution is not strongly enough worded. And it should not be a resolution but a law of the county, negating the illegal, unconstitutional law.

    [Editor’s Note: My gosh. Truth be told, the resolution should not even be necessary in the first place. We have a long way to go to get back to where our founders’ vision was laid out in the Constitution, and we will have to take one step at a time to get back there. This is a great start in the right direction. Please don’t knock it. Thank you.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  3. I’m a vet living on a bit over nine hundred bucks a month…I strongly support your efforts with sending your emails along to my list and then having to argue down the usual chorus of knee jerks…I do that with great respect to them and with giving most Oathkeeper efforts my best shot.

    I chose to write this evening because I am stunned that you have made no comment on the police riot and overt killing of a young man in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Stand for the truth gentlemen and gentle women…it is what we have on our side.

    Christopher Lunn

    [Editor’s note: Of course, Christopher, we are gathering facts so we can know what and where and how to proceed. Oath Keepers national fully agrees with your point that the Ferguson matter needs our focused attention, so we are gathering the facts at the Board level and will chart a course for Oath Keepers involvement as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, I hope we start seeing Oath Keepers gear in the crowds of protesters there. The militarization of our police is abominable and unacceptable, and Oath Keepers means to address that as sharply as we can. So don’t give up on us – we just think we need to know all the facts, or most of them anyway, before we dive in. Stand by, eh? And btw, thank you for your service and also for spreading the word about our mission. We appreciate you, Brother.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. AD Roberts is absolutely right BUT we must begin somewhere as the editor pointed out. Good Beginning!

  5. We do not know of the circumstaces of what happened in missouri. Being a street level police officer all of my career i dont think this a instance of militarization. When your dealing with someone that is trying to take your weapon you are defending yourself to go home to your loved ones. Dont judged until all the facts are in.

    [Editor’s Note: Exactly, Ben. That is why Oath Keepers is gathering the facts before deciding our stance on this thing. Thank you for your service, and for a voice of reason in the midst of a storm.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  6. I was in the beginning concerned with the shooting of this young man, however, since the phony thrill seeker AL Sharpton came on the scene the situation has taken a turn for the not better. That man is a fool and an agitator

  7. This is the second time to get my message to you, having a website that won’t go away- So I’ll make this short before it stops me. Thank you for your efforts and we need you in Colorado. The three representatives in Denver are democrats and are bed partners with the traitor.

  8. Joe here again, We are definitely in a battle here in more ways then one. I for one detest the NDAA that the traitor Obuma gave himself to push his Communist Agenda, and we must focus some efforts to inform the public that this is 99% of his purpose for being in office and again we must rid ourselves of this tyrant. Thanks…..Joe

  9. I can only say that the things Oath Keepers and it’s members are doing, makes me proud to be a member of such a fine organization.

    [Editor’s Note: Thank you Ledarrel. We’re proud to have you as a member.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  10. The Missouri thing is important, that’s true, but I joined Oath Keepers because I feel strongly that my pledge (given over 70 years ago)to defend our country against our enemies both foreign
    and domestic is still in force and I believe the primary mission of this organization should
    be the restoration of this Country to the nobility it once possessed. The domestic enemies are today’s
    most profound concern, in my opinion. I am still healthy and will do whatever I can to realize a nation I can be proud of once again. Oath Keepers must concentrate on taking our beloved Country beak.

  11. What are the “certain provisions” of the Act that were being challenged? We readers need to know more about the specific reasons for this proclamation. Although impressively written in legalese and 18th century Anglican vernacular the elements are missing. Whereby leaving us to only guess what the “certain provisions” were.

  12. All Federal laws must be “PURSUANT” to The {Enumerated Powers] of our US Constitution. This is Article 6, clause 2 of our US Constitution. And all Congressmen, Executives and Officers of the Courts in the States and in the Federal Government must “Support” the US Constitution. This is their sworn OATH and can not be violated! [ Article 6, clause 3]. NDAA is NOT part of the Enumerated Powers of The Constitution. And many times Congressmen vote for bills that are against their Oath to the Constitution. Not being PURSUANT to the Constitution and not voting according to their Oath makes the BILL [in this case NDAA] illegal. We need to encourage our State Legislators to vote to teach Christianity and Constitution in our schools at all levels. —- Second point: We must stop The Militarization of our local Police Forces and encourage the revitalization of our Constitutional Militia. The latter is CRITICLAL! Read Dr Edwin Vieira on this subject!

  13. Go to the internet and look up Dr. Edwin Vieira’s several articles on REVITALIZING the Constitutional Militia. And make note and look at Article one Section eight, clauses 15 1nd 16 of our US Constitution that discuss the Constitutional Militia. Militia were present and pre-date our Declaration and Constitution. We must have Constitutional Militia in every State! A recent article by Dr. Vieira is called “The Bastardy of Martial Law!” He has many articles on The Constitutional Militia. Please read them and spread the word.

  14. @ Ben

    First let me start with saying thank you for your service to your community, and recognize that you are correct in your statements. The facts aren’t in yet, and to paraphrase “NEVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPON”.

    With that being said, this story about a police shooting clean or not has gone from that to the riot response of the community and the response of riot control by the local authorities. It is also one that has personal effect on me knowing some good LEO’s who were my mentors growing up. One shot and killed a teenage male, clean shoot but didn’t matter to him he closed his eyes every night to that memory and the fact he took that kids life, I can only imagine the torment he lived with.

    The other I will mention was a real “character” to say the least, in the middle of a local riot he walked into the bar it started in, in uniform as if nothing was going on ordered a beer then notified the patrons they were all going to be placed under arrest. No one was injured. Personally, the most notable point in this for me was the sheer dis-belief that was seen on my fathers face as he told what he witnessed first hand. Both officers were brave and honorable men and because of them if you were a “cop” I had your back…

    This is no longer the case. While working under orders of the court, for the court I had not one but 2 40 S&W’s pointed at my head and was disarmed in a highly unpleasant manner because a rookie trooper just couldn’t contain himself or make a proper assessment of the situation.Thank God his back up was a seasoned tactical and K-9 officer, I believe the life he saved that day was mine. While not pleasant and the whole thing being totally the fault of the troopers who dropped the ball. I can let that one slide.

    The second one not so much, (please feel free to add your insights as I am still raw about this one after 2 years) an acquaintance shows up at my place, has his own beer leaves 2 cans in my trash can, after talking to me about a job. Leaves, shows back up with front end damage and a broken windshield, long story short hit a kid on a bike, left the scene asked me to check out the damage once I get the truth I call a retired corpsman to grab a kit and get to the location of the kid, take the guy back to the scene, I get grilled searched and then my whole property searched, no warrant. So at 02:15, I tell them I need to alert my girlfriend to what is happening and restrain my dog, one trooper goes to draw his gun. Needless to say that was the end of my cooperation and I let him know in no uncertain terms that would be his last mistake.

    Now I know police have a job to do, and its a tough one. Having grown-up surrounded by great guys who were law enforcement, and now witnessing heavy handedness and being left feeling violated it does leave one conflicted. My feelings have changed I don’t believe LEO’s are the good guys anymore, and I find that to be a sad commentary, and my loss of trust a painful blow to my perception.

    I would like to find a resolve for all this, I would like to see communities go back to being able to feel like law enforcement are the “good guys”, however with both the MSM and alternative media highlighting the stories of corruption and abuse and then footage of escalated response it does seem quite easy to see the “militarization”.

    Defiantly not an easy issue from either perspective.

  15. I live 20 minutes from North County in St. Louis where the young man was shot, and the world is only getting one point of view regarding the shooting. This is another Trayvon Martin fiasco. The truth will come out eventually, but thanks to Obama, Al Sharpton and the other promoters of racial violence, it’s a green light for the crime of looting and burning, which happens even when there hasn’t been an excuse. The policeman was starting to get out of his squad car and these two punks (google the name and there are many pictures of the lifestyle of this so-called sweet little boy, who in reality was a gang member who hated whites. The policeman was shoved back into his car and the poor little boy grabbed for the policeman’s gun – there was a struggle and in defense of his life, the policeman shot him. If the hood had been successful and murdered the policeman, there wouldn’t be any news at all. Black on black shootings happen in the city of St. Louis every night, but we don’t hear from Obama or Al Sharpton, just when a white policeman,in defense of his life is forced to defend himself.

  16. Well Done Organ Oath Keepers ,I congratulate “You All” may You always remain strong and true to our cause ,IN FREEDOM . God bless You ,and give you the Strength to continue in your good work’s ;
    E. T. Cerda;

  17. @ Joan Neel, “… The policeman was starting to get out of his squad car and these two punks (google the name and there are many pictures of the lifestyle of this so-called sweet little boy, who in reality was a gang member who hated whites. The policeman was shoved back into his car and the poor little boy grabbed for the policeman’s gun – there was a struggle and in defense of his life, the policeman shot him”.

    My understanding is that the body was 30 feet away from the car. His back was to the officer, then after the 1st shot, laying down with his arms in the air – so there was NO danger to the officer. It that is true, then there is, was, no excuse and it IS murder for jaywalking. It would not matter if he was gang, not gang, had grabbed for the gun, missed and ran away. Once the danger was past, if there was any, there was NO LAWFUL reason to shoot.

    I agree that the scum (Obama, Al Sharpton and the other promoters…) is out to create more racial tension because that is a HUGE part of the divide and conquer theme that is being used against us.

  18. I simply would like to add to Mr. Brumley’s comment of 14 August 2014. I am extremely proud, not only to be a member of Oath Keepers, but of my fellow member. Our State Director in Arkansas does an excellent job in every way. The same applies to sll members who assist him. We share a common interest in maximizing electronic communications, principally through fellow Oath Keepers who are also licensed amateur radio operators. To me, what distinguishes Oath Keepers from all other groups is the high level of effective organization found among leaders and members at all levels. My sincere thanks to all members of Oath Keepers and for all that they have done, and are doing.

  19. Many many words. Writing to Congress signing protections demonstrations rally’s! What has it done for us. Actions speak louder then words. When are we going to take real action to take our Country back.
    Sincerely, Charley556X45MM

    Take a look at this.

    [Editor’s Note: Ron, he’s right, that the change must come from within. Hence the educational value of Oath Keepers’ mission. What this guy is saying is true enough, but he does not look more deeply into the causes of this sort of thing. It is now obvious that DHS was created to be the American version of the Nazi SS and that DHS is proactively teaching police how to occupy America on the Local level with State and Federal enforcement backup, including the US military. DHS is militarizing our police, and that has nothing to do with how residents/citizens protest in the streets. In fact, to assist DHS in further militarizing our police we now see that Black Panthers are being brought into Ferguson to continue the agitation. Did a Psy-Op section of DHS or the DOJ arrange that little twist? But nevermind my pratings. The guy in the video is real enough, and he’s making a good point. However, I would like to encourage you to read this artcle next, and maybe share it with the dude.

    Thanks for your post, and for reading here.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  21. It no longer surprises me that the public’s reaction to alleged police misconduct is to destroy local businesses, set fires, assault civilians and behave generally like thugs. I am sure some of this comes from criminal elements outside the community, but most of it from people who LIVE THERE. They are angry at police so they destroy their own community? Regardless of the investigation conclusions, this kind of behavior makes peaceful resolution impossible. Congratulations to our Oregon Oathkeepers. I am hopeful we can make similar progress elsewhere, but not everywhere.

  22. In Oregon there are approximately 29 of 36 counties that are Conservative and love Liberty; the other 6 are pretty much progressive communists (in my humble opinion), and their votes decide everything because of the California transplants (my opinion again), that’s why we haven’t had a Republican (or Conservative), Governor since the early 80’s. That being said, Oath Keepers, Panda and all the rest mentioned above have done a great job in what is I believe an uphill battle in this state and my hat is off to them all. They have been attacked in newspapers, radio stations, etc. and have won battles. The war hasn’t been won yet, but with a victory at a time it will be. I also know that these people worked tirelessly and traveled long distances to get these victories. We need to be thankful for people like this and take every inch of Liberty back that we can instead of complaining that it isn’t much of a win. Rome wasn’t built in a day and tyranny has been picking away at us for a long time. No Retreat, No Surrender.

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