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Leaked DHS Document Predicts Rise of “Anti-Government Violence” In The NEXT Year

Leaked DHS Document Predicts Rise of "Anti-Government Violence" In The NEXT Year

EDITOR’S NOTE:  A rise in unconstitutional activity would certainly facilitate and inspire a rise in “anti-government violence”.  Let’s not forget that there would have never been a Bundy Ranch confrontation if the Feds had not denied protestors their 1st Amendment rights and inserted snipers to intimidate the Bundy family.  Perhaps the DHS will fulfill its own prophecy through its own arrogance…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

This article was written by Kerry Pickett and originally published at White House Whispers

A leaked document from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis predicts increased “anti-government violence over the next year.” The document says the inspiration for violence is Cliven Bundy’s Bunkerville standoff with the Bureau of Land Management from earlier in the year.

DHS’s seven-page report entitled Domestic Violent Extremists Pose a Threat to Government Officials and Law Enforcement points to the recent murders of two Las Vegas law enforcement officers as evidence that there is a “growing trend of anti-government violence compared to the previous four years and inspired by perceived government overreach and oppression” and the “perceived victory at Bunkervile” will “likely prompt more violence.”

Bundy’s 20-year legal dispute with the BLM over grazing fees on federal land escalated when the agency attempted to seize his cattle in the beginning of April. An armed stand off between the BLM and supporters of Bundy ensued until the feds backed off before any serious violence erupted and left the 67-year-old rancher’s land.

Jerad and Amanda Miller, a husband and wife who were at the Bundy ranch, later killed three people in Las Vegas, including two police officers, before killing themselves. The two left an ominous note, swastika, and Gadsden flag by the bodies of both officers. Ammon Bundy, son of rancher Cliven Bundy, told the Associated Press the Millers were not welcome at the Ranch and were kicked out after a few days, calling them “very radical” and that they didn’t “align themselves” with the Bundy’s protest movement.

These incidents that took place in the south and the west since 2010 and that DHS counts as a “surge in militia and lone offender extremists events with anti-government motivations and targets” are: Alaska militia menWaffle House plot in GeorgiaFEAR militiaLAX shooting, XXX Militia Splinter Group, Bunkerville Ranch, Texas Militia plot, Las Vegas shootings.






  1. “A leaked document from the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis predicts increased “anti-government violence over the next year.””

    That is a lie. What is going on has nothing to do with “anti-government” and has everything to do with SUPPORTING OUR LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT and defending it from domestic enemies and
    traitors. The activities they are ascribing to “anti-government” activities are actually in SUPPORT OF OUR US CONSTITUTION, our government from those working to destroy from positions of “authority”.

    Remember that those who serve within our governments swore an Oath to “support and defend” or to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States. They are not doing that, or anywhere close to it.

    Off subject: I have a question from others who study the US Constitution, our forefathers sayings, writings of the period, etc.

    The 14th Amendment: “No State shall make OR ENFORCE any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”.

    Does that mean that the states, by failing to enforce the Bill of Rights on those who serve within our federal government are violating that provision (“No State shall make OR ENFORCE any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”)?
    Is not the omission of an act or the failure to act the same as enforcing by default — by allowing those within the federal government to enforce that which is plainly outside its assigned and delegated powers? Should the states be enforcing the US Constitution upon those who serve within the federal government?

  2. Yes and some have, examples are the Tenth Amendment ledgislation passed and signed into law restricting state employees from helping enforce any federal gun laws or federal agentcies coming into the state to abridge the privileges of that states citizens to hold and bare arms. The Tenth Amendment center has many ongoing preposals in many states, go to their web site and view how you can get involved in your state.


    Who do you serve?
    Do you serve the Elite/BEAST, UN NWO Bankers/King O Amerika?
    Or do you serve God, American People/Bill of Rights?

    Check this out. One of Our Own

    Get squared away.
    Remember, almost everyone that served King Hitler in Nazi Germany died, cities destroyed, died of famine, or were put on trial and HUNG, SO choose your side and uniform carefully.

    Are you a Runner, Hider, or Fighter?


  4. I ain’t running these colors don’t run. I am going to live as an American and die like one if the ones that don’t like it get upset they will have to get over it

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