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“Anti-Putin” Alliance Fraying: Germany, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic Urge End To Russian Sanctions


The goal: create a new reserve currency, controlled by the Bank of International Settlements, through the IMF. First create a fake “new cold war”, then create a “reason/excuse” for the “Western” allies to pull away from the US, whose Reserve Currency is slated for demolition.  Next, bring in the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR) as the new Reserve Currency. Presto! Mission accomplished. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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Last week Germany reported that in the second quarter, its GDP declined by 0.2%, worse than Wall Street consensus. This happened a few shorts days after Italy reported a second consecutive decline in its own GDP, becoming the first Europen country to enter a triple-dip recession. What’s worse, Europe’s slowdown took place before the brunt of Russian sanctions hit. Surely in the third quarter the GDP of Germany, a nation whose exports accounts for 41% of GDP, will be even worse, with whisper numbers of -1% being thrown casually around, but one thing is certain: Europe is about to enter its third recession since the Lehman collapse just as we forecast at the end of 2013, a “triple-dip” which may become an outright depression unless Draghi injects a few trillion in credit money (which will do nothing but delay the inevitable and make it that much worse once the can can no longer be kicked), and unless normal trade ties with Russia are restored.

Which means one thing: for Europe to resume the status quo, it needs to break away from the “western” alliance and the sanctions imposed upon the Kremlin which solely benefit the populist agenda of Washington, and certainly not Europe proper, which it is now quite clear, is far more reliant on Russia than vice versa. it is also something Putin apparently was aware of from the very beginning.

And now, that realization is starting to spread to Europe’s own countries, which – while the new cold war was only one of rhetoric were perfectly happy to go for the ride – but now that trade war has finally broken out, suddenly increasingly more want out.

As we reported previously, it all started with the Greeks, a nation of heavy food exports into Russia, who were the first to announce their displeasure with the “Stop Putin” coalition:

the moment Russia retaliated, the grand alliance started to crack. Enter Greece which has hundreds of millions in food exports to Russia, and which was the first country to hint that it may splinter from the western “pro-sanctions” alliance. According to Bloomberg, earlier today the Greek foreign minister and former PM said that “we are in continuous deliberations in order to have the smallest possible consequences, and if possible no significant impact whatsoever.”

And making it very clear that this will be a major political issue was a statement by the main opposition party Syriza which today said that the Greek government’s “blind obedience to the Cold War strategies of Brussels and Washington will be disastrous for country’s agriculture.” In a moment of surprising clarity, Syriza asked govt to immediately lift all sanctions to Russia, as they don’t contribute to a solution of the Ukrainian crisis, and “instead fuel an economic and trade war, in which Greece has unfortunately become involved.” Syriza concluded that the government hasn’t weighted Greece’s special interests and bilateral relations with Russia.

Then it was Slovakia whose premier Robert Fico criticized Ukraine for preparing sanctions against Russian persons and companies, and he has called on Ukraine not to approve them, expressing concerns that the legislation could result in a halt to natural gas supplies.

If the conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalates, the legal norm could cause interruption of natural gas supplies to Slovakia (and to Western Europe) via Ukraine from Russia, he said.

Slovakia depends on supplies of Russian gas. However, if gas supplies via Ukraine were interrupted, Slovakia would get gas through backflow from the West.

“It is strange that a country that has signed an association agreement with the EU and which we are trying to help is taking one-sided steps that endanger the individual economic interests of EU member countries, instead of coordinating its approach with the EU,” Fico said.

“We do not want to be a hostage in the Russian-Ukrainian problem. We expect Ukraine not to adopt formal steps that, if implemented, can endanger our interests. A country that has signed the association agreement should not behave like that,” Fico declared.

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  1. “What’s worse, Europe’s slowdown took place before the brunt of Russian sanctions hit.”

    Economic sanctions. –Two can play that game.

    What did the retards in Europe and the West think that the Russians were going to do.

    I have no use for K.G.B Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin and his $70,000,000,000.00 net worth, but he seems to be able to think, something that those in the West seem incapable of doing.

  2. P.S. to 1:

    If the U.S. and the Europeans want to force Russia closer to China they are doing an “excellent” job. The U.S. is fast becoming the number two industrial power in the world, and is insolvent but for its “present” ability to borrow dollars. –And the Russians are rich in natural resources. The Russians and the Chinese must be getting more scared by the day of the big, bad United States and Europeans. This isn’t some football game –it’s for keeps.

    Maybe it is time for Americans to focus on the United States of America and what we can do to make America a stronger industrial and freer county.

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