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Relocations Of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors – Map

immigrant children

There is a map that someone prepared showing the known locations of attempted relocations, (or at least places of interest to FEMA). Some of these have been blocked, or proved inadequate.  As you will see, these locations are spread far and wide. It is not just in the South that these children are being dispersed to.

On the left column of the map page, there are links to articles discussing the sites indicated on the map.

See map here.





  1. I must be ignorant on google maps, because all I see is a map of the U.S.. Any one care to enlighten me?

  2. Relocations Of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors – Map”

    Notice the politicizing of the words here to make it seem as if this is innocent of wrongdoing.

    “Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors” = ILLEGAL immigrants invading the USA with the assistance of the TRAITORS (Let me spell it slower so that those serving within the federal government and NSA can read it better), T R A I T O R S who need to be charged, ARRESTED, AND PROSECUTED.

    Funny, was talking to a “cop” about arresting those who serve within the federal government for THEIR crimes, both criminal and civil. He said they are too well armed. So I ticked him off and said, “Ahh, that is why you are pushing so that the people will be UNARMED – because your too much a pus-y to enforce the laws EVEN with MILITARY armament(s) that you guys supposedly are trained upon and that LAWFULLY belong to the states Militia.

    That is what I do best, tick people off – so does that mean I work best as “bait” in our Militias of the several states?

  3. so how do they get here with out food and water? i mean thats a long ways for some like 2 and 3 years old.that i see on the news

  4. Mr. Wilkinson,
    I’ve seen the bodies in the southwest US desert.
    Very sad situation.
    Desperate people do desperate things.
    The Economies are collapsing in Central and South America.
    People are desperate. So they grasp at straws and take a chance.
    The human smugglers often take the money, then abandon those they promised to assist
    in entering the US illegally. Without water the people DIE in the desert.
    There are thousands if not tens of thousands of bodies of those who tried but failed the
    desert crossing into USA.
    Without Border Enforcement, it only encourages desperate people to try the crossing.
    Not an easy task. Non Enforcement causes more DEATH because more people try and fail crossing.

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