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Red Alert: Border Wide Open

Border Patrol

In this report by Jon Bowne, of InfoWars, it is revealed that over 70% of the immigrants flooding into the US along our southern border, are what is referred to as OTMs, meaning other than Mexican.






  1. The OTM’s happen to be MORE foreign soldiers being smuggled in by the the Traitors in the WH and others to be then given “new” identities,then armed and already-in-position to be used against us? 

    Sure, call me paranoid if you want to, but I now believe those PLANNED for sick children are the diversion. A problem in itself because they are not being sent back, but a diversion from the OTM’s that quite possibly be sent here to be used against us.

  2. Between 12 and 15 Americans are killed every day by illegals Some are murdered out right some are killed in automobile accidents where illegals are involved. the illegal have polio virus dengue fever cholera typhus antibiotic resistant tuberculosis and other communicable diseases to which the american people have no resistance if these infectious diseases get going again in our communities the result will be an unbelievable contagious disaster. The infected will crush our health care system and divert resources away from us persons to aliens and our casualties will soar.

  3. Who is constitutionally not doing their duty at the borders? It is not the federal government because they lawfully have nothing to do with our borders regarding immigration, only with what tests LEGAL immigrants must take to become citizens (Article. I. Section. 8. Clause 4 – To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;)

    So who does RETAIN their jurisdiction over each states borders? Section. 9. The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress…

    The states do. That means the MILITIA of each state with the (preferable) constitutional
    Sheriffs. Working together, and calling on assistance from other states is the American way to handle things like this. When the feds try to interfere those that are serving within the federal government are then ATTACKING the states and committing treason. Of course, for every person injured or killed it is First Degree Murder (once again) going all the way to the imposter in the WH.

  4. All the health benefits go to them as well. I still don’t have benefits as I won’t feed the beast. AFLAC may be my affordable health care alternative. Pertaining to invasion, two months ago an elderly couple in Oconee lake GA was murdered and the man beheaded. Who does that?? Think the police are even looking in that direction?

  5. Is your group and Sheriff Mack talking to the governors of all states as well as cities, like go to the horse first educate them on their powers to stop intrusions, control and stop militarized local police from harming Americans????????? Americans are let out of the military and illegals are put in their place as they have no allegiance to the flag and will fire on Americans. They come to take away what is ours at all cost.

  6. I speak Spanish and I went to a Spanish medical school and I can tell you that the Hispanic diet is high in carbohydrates which is associated with cancer diabetes and heart disease eventually 30 million or more Hispanics have a high probability of Needing long term intensive care for medical conditions of diabetes heart disease and cancer this will bankrupt the United States completely the people who are being allowed over the border are minor in comparison but eventually the Hispanics will destroy America as we know it and it will become a permanent democratic majority politically who do nothing more than vote them selves programs and money from the Treasury that the white minority pay taxes to there is a solution
    we can put the illegals to work caring for our military Who been wounded and disabled In our endless Wars in order to fund this all we can borrow money from the Chinese. you are looking at the end of america. next year will not be any better …the bill for the wars and the illegals is about to come due.the currency will become worthless and the hollowed out economy will crash. Disease and starvation will be the norm here in America as it is in most of the world.

  7. Federal agents are being sent to stop protestors from protesting an illegal order to not enforce American laws by allowing illegal immigrants to enter America illegally!!!
    Is there something wrong with that scenario?

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