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Obama's Next Assassination Target


Once anyone is given, or takes, the power of assassination, everyone becomes a potential target.

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  1. This is so right. The government has been playing this “game” a long time.
    If they can get the people to go to Korea and Vietnam without a declaration of war from the Congress, they won’t ever need to have a declaration of war ever again…

  2. this is crap, this crap started with the CIA dictating to foreign countries what and what not to do or else, we (CIA) will get rid of you and put someone else in, in your place. to stop this crap, will only happen when the American people get up in arms and take back their country. till then, this crap will continue on a daily bases. GOD help us all.

  3. There is NO authority given for First Degree Murder to be committed by ANYONE who serves within the federal government – call it assassination powers or whatever you want – in OUR country under OUR LEGITIMATE government it is FIRST DEGREE MURDER by ALL involved.

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