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Oath Keepers Update On Border Situation July 01 2014

Californians Say No!
Californians Say No!

Seventeen Oath Keepers in leadership positions at State and National levels met Sunday evening, June 29, 2014, on a conference call to conduct our second conference on the issue of the Texas border situation. It soon became apparent to me that this conference was more like a veritable “think tank” than a conference. I was pleased to see the volume of info being shared by our leaders from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Brief examples: From Oregon, Tom McKirgen furnished info on destination points for the illegal alien youths who are being, with little fanfare in the press, dispersed across America. Gerald Rhoades and Kait Hylton of Arizona furnished insights into southern Arizona’s border Counties. Others revealed the movement of plane-loads of youths to San Diego and several other States. We were given names of installations and military bases to which the illegal immigrants are being flown or driven.

Of special import was the tonnage of info provided by Lyle Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoyed meeting Lyle when he supported the Oath Keepers march/muster at Quartzsite, Arizona, back in 2011. He provided security for the two State legislators who marched with us there. A strong Oath Keeper, Lyle has great sources in unusual places and sends advisory updates to keep Oath Keepers national apprised of nefarious goings-on by Govlish-tainted public servants who’ve forgotten for whom they work.

What we are learning is that this massive importation of children and youths is not a “Freak of Accident”, did not just “happen spontaneously”, but is a well-planned move by the Federal government (and the UN too? – possibly!) in conjunction with State governments and the US military. Implications are being ratcheted up as we dig deeper into this situation. This is growing bigger and bigger as we learn more day by day. It is also growing in import, because it is becoming apparent that the government has planned this – and if that can be proven we’ll have quite a mess throughout the Federal government, starting with the White House.

The U.S. government was advertising for employee hirees to handle the influx of children as far back in time as January of 2014. Read about it:

What does that mean? Among other things, it means that, if true, the U.S. government planned this well in advance. As we seek absolute verification on various facets of the situation, we advise our members to consider the implications thus carried by the knowledge.  If – and I do say, at this point in time, “IF” – this is verified, which we think it will be, we will be faced with something very diabolical on the part of the Fedgov. We will keep our membership posted on developing proof as info is relayed to us.

Further notes: We are beginning to formulate ideas for what each of our members can do in their own communities or spheres. Oath Keepers has on the discussion table this basic plan:

We believe that right now is the time to call for publicity campaigns in the border States. We want our members to ratchet up the pressure on the respective Governors to take responsibility for their States. We do not expect a single Governor to do the right thing. But we think we must first send requests to their offices, asking firmly that Governors step up and honor their Oaths.  We are considering a letter-writing campaign, a phone blitz, and an email barrage, either executed step by step or all at once, as we shall decide, as a beginning policy for the program. The hierarchy of our targets will be like this:



County Commissions

Town/city Mayors and Councils

Veterans organizations such as VVA, American Legion, VFW etc.

We may ask our membership to arrange to send letters to County Sheriffs along the border, requesting them to step up and do the right thing in their respective Counties. We do not think the Sheriffs will take appropriate action unless a groundswell of public pressure is mounted by constituents – same as with the Governors.

As well as seeking relief from the Governor and the County Sheriffs, we will ask our members to also put pressure on local Mayors and County Commissions and City Councils. Additionally, we intend to target the VFW clubs, the American Legion Posts, the VVA chapters, and other civic and/or Veterans groups to step up and bring pressure to all the above.

Here is a lengthy example of the spirit of resistance we intend to engender across America through Oath Keepers local and State chapters. This was sent to me by John Oetken of Orange County Oath Keepers in California:


Subject: FW: Action Today & Tuesday:  Phone Calls to Congress and Protest at Murrieta Border Patrol Station & City Council Meeting Tuesday

I just spoke with Rep. Hunter’s office.  They are working with Rep. Calvert and trying to do what they can to stop this trafficking of illegal aliens from TX to CA by the Obama Administration.  Keep calling and attend tomorrow’s protest if you can.  The first buses of 140 Texas illegals are due to arrive around noon Tuesday at Murrieta.  They will be “processed” quickly (interview and fingerprints) and released into the community within hours (catch and release).  Some will be taken to nearby bus stations for transportation to other parts of the west.  This will repeat every 3 days indefinitely.  Reportedly, some illegal aliens will also be sent to the San Clemente Border Patrol Station for processing and release.

ACTION TODAY: Monday, June 30: CALL & VISIT your congress member’s local office.
A group will be visiting Congressman Ken Calvert’s office, today, Monday, June 30 at 9am, please join us if you can. If you cannot, then visit the office at your convenience. 4160 Temescal Canyon Rd., Corona, CA 92883

1. Congressman Calvert (202) 225-1986(951) 277-0042
2. Congressman Hunter (202) 225-5672 &  (760) 743-3260
3. Congressman Issa EMAIL FORM:

The Lawrenceville, VA city council and virtually the entire town stood up and said NO to the settling of illegal aliens in their town. Consequently, the federal government backed down and said, “We have heard the concerns of many of the residents and leaders of Lawrenceville about the proposal to temporarily care for unaccompanied children at the now-closed Saint Paul’s College. We have taken this proposal off the table and will move on quickly to identify other sites to temporarily house these vulnerable children.”  Read the article:

Tues, July 1st:

Focus on the MILLIONS OF SUFFERING AMERICANS not illegal aliens: more than 400,000 AMERICAN foster children, homeless veterans and unemployed Americans should be the focus of elected officials.

According to reliable sources, the first bus with 140 illegal aliens will be flown from Texas to San Diego, then transported by bus to Murrietta, CA.

The bus is scheduled to arrive at the Murrieta Border Patrol Station at approximately 12noon on Tuesday, July 1st.

Final Note from Elias:

From our experiences at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, we have learned to “look before we leap”, so to say.  Oath Keepers will continue to gather info and intel and data, and we will keep our membership updated regularly as we customize our position to meet the challenge with dignity and honor.  We are still discussing our plans at the Board of Directors level and will update often. I want to thank each member for your loyal support, and especially for your patience with me. I do apologize for my tardiness in sending belated reports, but while apologizing to each of you I would also like to share some good news which will throw light on why I’ve been quasi-AWOL for so long.

When I was called down to Tennessee from Montana 20 months ago I had to leave my four bedroom home of the previous eight years, pack it into storage, and move there for indefinite care-giving for my aging parents. I spent a difficult year there caring for two withering parents who needed help for everything – I did the laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, medicine line-ups, exercise therapies, house cleaning etc etc for 24/7 for that entire year. It’s called “care-giving”. Eight months ago I returned to Montana and moved into a camper trailer which is too small to hold me, my two cats, and an office. I parked it in various barns rented from friends here and have moved it four times during that past eight months. I have not been able to set up an office as I need. During the past eight months I’ve also made car-trips with my cats to North Carolina, southern Nevada, and Washington State, as well as several eight-hundred-miles-round-trip visits to Stewart’s place. I’ve tried to keep up my work, and am deeply indebted to Brandon Smith and Shorty Dawkins, my two assistant editors for the national website, for covering my slack during the past 20 months.  Now, today, I’m finally moving – it’s four hundred miles away from where I’ve been staying – to my new dream cabin in the woods in Montana’s high country up near the Canadian border! It’s a fine, brand new cabin on a large piece of property. I will have for the first time in eight months running water, kitchen, indoors restroom with shower, and lots of seclusion among the tall trees far away from any neighbors. I will finally be able, after 20 months, to set up my office, and will finally be in position to deliver a quality editorial service for our national website.

I want to thank all members who have been patient with me for so long – to you, please allow me to say that the wait will be worth it.  I’m ready to rock and roll for Oath Keepers as soon as my move is completed next week and I’m hooked up with a new Internet connection. I am humbled and grateful for how life works out for this one lucky old guy who for the last 20 months has been virtually one of those “homeless Veterans”.  I am blessed and am very humble to have been offered a wonderful cabin in the woods, and I personally want to thank the Board and Stewart Rhodes for all the patience and understanding while I’ve done what had to be done. Soon it will all be in the past and I’ll be in a secluded and beautiful new home with an organized and equipped office. Thank you all, and please remember – I will be packing my computer and moving over the next several days. Once the move is done (by sometime next week) I’ll be back and will be better than I’ve been in years, ready to kick a bit of Fedgov butt! So I hope all of you will hold the Fort, and Keep The Faith! Thanks from my heart!


Elias Alias, editor





  1. (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn). If sign waving every so often actually mattered and worked we would have constitutional government established. Only direct civil disobedience to dare the government into action against its own citizens will achieve anything like with Bundy ranch.

  2. I read a report on fox4dfw Facebook that they asked reader’s what they thought about the city using 3 empty schools in Dallas for over 2000 kids from the border to provide education, food, and medical care for those kids. Thought you might want to know that.

  3. The proper way to start is with your state representative. The Governor has no authority to go around the citizens of their state, any more than the president has the right to go around the congress, which represents the citizens. When you ask for the Governor, or the president to do something you are asking for a dictator.
    If anyone is interested in learning more on how to take back control, you only need to listen to Krissanne Hall:
    To view this episode, follow the link below:

  4. What many people fail to understand is as long as there is a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President US borders will not be secure . The plan of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama and his illegal administration is to overwhelm the system with illegals crossing the southern border of the United States to force immigration reform .

  5. Elias,
    I can’t imagine there are many, if any, members begrudging you your dedication to your parents and the subsequent challenges you encountered, as you attempted to return to your life. All I can say is I’m extremely envious of your new cabin. If not for family, here, I would so be tempted to head to your general neck of the woods, keep a low profile, protest our government, and try to stay off the grid.
    Blessings to you, in your new home.

  6. The only place illegals over the age of 16 should be going is to jail or prison. Send the children to Washington D.C. and let B.O. and Michelle feed them.

  7. Elias, Thanks for the update.. I have direction and will work to make sure everyone is helping in the blitz. Thanks for everything and God Bless. Hope this move renews you!

    In Liberty

  8. Thank you for your information; however I wished you were able to find this information long ago – because it’s been out there for the past 6 months.
    Of course – the manufactured invasion of children is a precursor for the upcoming ‘false flag’ and martial law before 2016.
    You see – while americans are busy with their lives or whatever they are busy with; American truckers transporting a very high number of UN Jeeps and trucks towards the southern boarder. Residents from the state of Georgia are filming these transports and can’t believe what they’re are seeing.
    Keep an eye on a Bilderberg highest ranking member ‘Donald Sutherland’ (I know ironic since he played the guy in the Hunger Games); he is a UN guy and will be shortly involved in the massive biological warfare at the southern boarder and the US – wherever these children being transported to. (It has been documented that many have Ebola, TB and Derengue fever – boarder agents are having been infected).
    The UN’s blue helmets are being brought in soon.
    Stay tuned and keep digging – it’s out there to be found!

  9. To whoever can answer this question. If the Federal Government is the one who planned this exodus from the Central Amercan countries, why are they doing it. We can hardly afford to pay for thousands of children and possibly some adults mixed in that stream also. I don’t remember reading or hearing about any starvation in those countries. Why isn’t Governor Perry stopping them at the border crossing. Id it because he does not want to take on the responsibility of feeding and caring for them. It appears that is the case. Has California agreed to take on that responsibility

    This Catch and Release program is designed to disperse these illegal immigrants to different parts of the country where they cannot be traced. They obviously want to disappear where they cannot be found. However that will keep them off the hand out programs. They would have to identify themselves and give location addresses.

    If this request is hard to understand it is because there is little information about this problem getting out to the public. We all are flabbergasted that this is happening. It is clear to us that they are illegally in this country and the solution is simple, interview each of them, find out where they came from and set up staging areas by country they came from and put them on buses, trains, ships, and planes and send them back to their own countries. Thats what should be done. I know I sound like a hard case but the stopping point has been reached.

    Thanks for listening…and thank you Elias for all your hard work and sacrifice.

    Ronald Thompson US Army RA, Life membger of Oath Keepers.

  10. Elias Alias, what a wonderful son you are to take such care of your parents in their time of need. I am positive they were very thankful and happy to have you with them. Parents are never happier than when they have their child or children with them.

    Sincerely hope you enjoy your new home and the comfort of being able to have an organized office to work in. Your cats will enjoy making themselves at home in a new place also, as long as you are there for them boss around. I know from experience!

    Be sure to let us know how the move is going and when you get settled we will be interested to hear how you like it.

    Thank you for taking time to send us the information.

    Take care and God Bless.

    Karol Hancock

  11. Elias…. Best of luck to you in your new home….. Hope to hear from you from time to time on your progress..

  12. God Bless. I also had to take on the same task with my elderly parents in Kalispell, MT until they passed on to a better place. Loved the area (I grew up there next to the entrance to Glacier national Park) but due to medical insurance issues was forced to move back to Colorado to get treatment for my wife now. I will be returning to Kalispell area and the big mountains soon. Keep up the good work and we are all praying for you.

  13. Are you gentlemen aware of the job flyer posted for officer positions for “peace keeping” (specifically disarming the citizenry) IN THE USA for massive civil unrest? In conjunction with the Fed offering positions to accompany juveniles across our border, you’d have to be an idiot to not connect the dots about the Fed working in conjunction with the U.N. for a soon impending national crisis of their own creation!

    I say to the traitors at 1600 Pennsylvania and the Congress, over my dead body! I’ve sworn an Oath to the Constitution 4 times during my life-time and will honor it even at the cost of my own life!

    Molon Labe!

    Glenn Dixon
    Nampa, Idaho

  14. Interesting, informative, motivating & worth the wait. So glad things are turning around for you. Thanks.

  15. What the …… why am I not surprised?

    former FMF corpsman and retired Fire Captain

  16. Elias,
    First off I want to say that I have read many of your postings & appreciate your knowledge & service. But from what I have read, the observance of an influx of unaccompanied minors started around 2006, with it taking off in 2008 & doubling each year since.
    Here is something I read at the National Journal:
    “From reports that we are hearing from individuals on the ground, both from our U.N. offices that are there, as well as NGOs—in particular Catholic Relief Services in El Salvador—they have been really clear that on the ground a few important things are happening.
    One is that the criminal armed actors, specifically gangs, are really operating with significant impunity and targeting children at a younger and younger age. Recently there was a very public massacre and dismemberment of children as young as seven who had refused to join the gang. So it was a message to show who is in power, who is in control.”
    I am not dismissing the suspicions voiced & like Benghazi, know there can be a lot more to a story then we first think. So I will keep an open mind on this & hope all are members do the same.

  17. I live here in McAllen Texas along the Rio Grand, and you are right this has to be a thought out plan by the Demoncrats to muster up future votes. They have shown their hand at ballot box stuffing and his is a sure fire way to manipulate the voter turn out in their favor. The republicans are to stupid to see that this is a death blow to their political party but a great opportunity to the tea party. Keep the faith, my house is your house…along the Border, best regards Scott A. Gillard, life member

  18. What Soldier says is correct. Eventually it will come to that by simple osmosis… we will have taken-in so much abuse that the only thing left to do will be to start throwing lead. That’s what they want us to do anyway. How many petitions to George III ever worked? In the end the musket ruled.

  19. Well, so far Barack Hussein Obama has escaped any and all responsibility for every scandal that has plagued his entire administration. The man remimds me of a greased pig………………extremely hard to catch and hold on to. I feel fairly confident that any documents containing evidence that this border rush was expected for months is being shredded right now. As a matter of fact, I can hear the hard drives crashing in Washington………..and I live on Long Island.

  20. There was a time that Democrats & Republicans were ALL Americans.
    However “American” today… For many Americans is something to be ashamed…is
    Something to “be against”. Is this deserved ? If you are over 60-NOT . Under 60… ?
    Point is as the older generations die off, the younger will be in a position to “call the shots”.
    And many younger Americans believe this Republic is NOT for them.

  21. I have sent Emails to our state legislators, Beck, Hannity, Huckabee, Alex Jones and to all on my large mailing list. We need to call for and insist on a full out boycott on tourism travel into Mexico and Central America. As for Mexico stopping tourism will hit them hard in the money Poclet/
    Tourism if stopped would mean a loss of probably billions to the Mexican economy. We have done this to other countries and if it was ever needed it is needed now. Anyone using or allowing children to be used for political gains is the mark of a very sick society. So agree, then lets get some mail out to your congressmen and demand a boycott stop all travel into Mexico. Thank You.

  22. Elias, thanks for the update on a few levels. Cali who wrote in with a comment; if you could fill us in with more info, that would do all of us good. Either through another comment or via a short article in OK’s.
    Elias, may you be followed by continued blessings in all ways. Looking forward to hearing from you after you are settled.

  23. I am closing in on the 80 y/o mark so I’m not as fit as I was when I was younger, but I still have a voice and arthritic fingers that can still type emails etc. to let as many people know just what’s going on with yet another scandal to hit the American people by this corrupt government.
    I sent a letter to one of my representatives about this problem and she wrote me an email back so I’m copying it for you to read. I don’t think it means Congress is going to do anything drastic to help matters… they ever….but at least I let her know that I was fed up with the constant abuse of power by this regime.
    Here it is ,,,,let me know what you think of her response:

    Responding to your message‏
    Rep. Virginia Foxx
    Add to contacts
    [Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
    To: Ms. Mary M. Sergiacomi

    Virginia Foxx
    5th District, North Carolina

    House Republican
    Conference Secretary

    Congress of the United States // House of Representatives // Washington, DC 20515

    Committee on Rules
    Vice Chairwoman

    Committee on
    Education and the Workforce
    Chairwoman, Subcommittee on
    Higher Education and
    Workforce Training

    June 30, 2014
    Dear Ms. Sergiacomi:

    Thank you for contacting me with your concern about the situation on our southern border. Your input is valuable to me and I am pleased that you care enough to share your thoughts.

    Like you, I am very concerned with the reports of thousands of illegal aliens, mostly children, coming across our borders. You may be interested to know that I, along with some of my House colleagues, sent a letter to President Obama regarding the influx of unaccompanied children illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The letter urges him to secure the border and work with Congress to end this crisis immediately. Rest assured I will continue to support securing our borders and American sovereignty during my time in Congress.

    Furthermore, the House is exercising oversight and holding hearings to investigate this problem. Please follow the links below for more information from the House Committee on Homeland Security and the House Judiciary Committee.

    Rest assured that I have duly noted your opinion and will keep it in mind should the opportunity for the House to take legislative action on this issue arises. Thank you also for your kind words about my work. If you need more information or have additional concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you have not had the opportunity, I hope you will visit my award winning website, We update our site often and it is a great resource to learn about constituent services, legislative updates and my work in Congress. I hope you will utilize the website and let me know what you think about it.
    Virginia Foxx


  24. @ Scott A. Gillard, “… this has to be a thought out plan by the Demoncrats to muster up future votes.”

    It has nothing to do with “factions” – either demo or repub as the SAME criminal elements dictating to both and they BOTH carry out the treasonous orders to destroy the USA from within. Why do you think they went after Ron Paul so heavy, and the Rep convention want against the law to refuse him his lawfully won place as THE rep presidential candidate.

    It has to do with doing away with the US Constitution, our legitimate way of government and putting our country under NWO “leadership”. Democide to knockdown the population – which they have already been doing in plain sight: veterans, homeless, people disappearing, etc. Then taking all land and dividing the USA up into 10 sections ran by the NWO.

    The influx of sick illegals is to assist in democide, by being able to “blame” it on something they knew nothing about and were not medically prepared for- LIES.

    Then mass murder here, not just of them, but of many of us.

    If I sound pessimistic, I am not. I believe we will win. But we will lose many and much on the way because we waited so long and they are deeply entrenched, foreign and mercenary military on US soil – even being hosted on US military bases – closed and open ones.

    Congratulations Elias, and Feline Friends. Stay Safe!

  25. To Ronald Thompson US Army RA–And Elias — As an occasional analyst, among other occupations I was asked why is this happening, and ( this ) is a many faceted campaign. To assist others, I built this powerpoint, to both bring some historical material, and move up to the present day. I trust the material will be of use. Two powerpoints are here, one a quick study- four slides, the second longer, while when read ( carefully ) because there is more material than one should put in slides, one will no longer be in the same place intellectually.


    Note in slide four the United Nations requirement to kill religion, first Christianity, then in a final thrust Islam. Realize that this is why our current P——– is puzzling to many –he is not working for us, but the UN.


    Truly, I apologize for the length of the program, while I found the information that follows a timeline to be necessary. Not what you learned in school.

    At your service

    Lt. Robert Keith Powell ( ret. )
    Oregon City, Oregon

  26. Check breitbart. com, they are reporting this travesty in real time, with facts. go below heading and you will see column for breitbart texas.

  27. Stewart, maybe You could reach out to the National Office Of the VFW. and make them aware of the things that have been going on at The federal level and How the Obama Admn. has been Grinding down America. There seems to be a small faction that are waking up , with the young Marine and Mexico , but as to the larger picture I don’t think they’re seeing it. Every month i look for something in my monthly magazines but silence, They could truly awaken a lot of people , They are one of the largest Combat Vet. org. in the world. Just a Thought. Could not hurt!.

  28. Oath Keepers can take an active role on the border by setting up operations on various border ranches. The owners want the extra security, because the illegal alien children create an excellent opportunity for drug smuggling and anything else COMING our way soon. The children are a diversion to a much broader situation evolving. AND…at the same time, Oath Keepers can save many lives in the hot desert, as we did during Minuteman Civil Defense Corps operations. No hot heads allowed, only professionals. This was brought up to those (here) in Quartzsite, but nobody cared at the time. WE knew it was coming in one shape or another, under this administration. Note: Certain ranches already have armed security in-place, therefore…those ranches will remain under control by Ranch Security. Oath Keepers may wear their colors, but only as participants. Border Patrol prefers it that way, anyway.

  29. Copy to e-mail and mailed to the 70+ members of the Twin Rivers Region Oath Keepers of SC, and reminded them to contact their congress members along with the governor of our state i have already done it myself. only takes a few seconds to get it done.

  30. Go see the movie America. After the tyrant of Mexico we gave back half of Mexico. Those people today if they knew this may wish we kept it all. Great movie.

  31. Ranchers in Cameron County, on Texas Border, are now being threatened to look the other way, when the cartels smuggle illegal aliens and drugs across our Border with Mexico. If this is allowed to continue, the Border from Brownsville to El Paso, along the Rio Grande River and many miles inland will eventually become (no mans land) this will include massive Big Bend Federal Park. I want to be clear, The US Chamber of Commerce( Big Business looking for cheap labor) and Republicans and Democrats that have pushed this Amnesty Legislation, have brought us to near critical mass.

  32. I am Seventh Generation Texan, My Great 3 X Great Grand Father was on the Battlefield at San Jacinto, I am USAF Veteran and proud Oath Keeper. Thanks to the Editor and the Board, for addressing this crucial issue, and taking action

  33. I would like to add, that i am Seventh Genration Texan, and Descendant of the Battle Of San Jacinto, USAF Veteran and Proud OathKeeper.

  34. I want to congratulate the CA locals who stood strong and firm to TURN BACK the buses attempting to deliver the invaders to their community. Problem is, which community is the backup drop off victim? If it were possible, the only passages for the busloads would be to the border OR to southbound barges.

  35. It was on the Rochester, NY news recently that two abandoned facilities in urban areas were examined by the federal government as possible relocation sites for some of the illegal child immigrants overwhelming the Southwest borders. It is incomprehensible that Rochester NY, ranked the second poorest city of comparable size in the nation, and the #1 poorest urban school district in all of NY state, thousands of miles from the Southwest border, would be considered for relocation of these children ( who should be returned to their homeland). Are all fifty states being considered to warehouse these kids? I am interested to know if others have heard similar stories on their local news. Also, how is it that the Feds are familiar with the abandoned facilities in any given region?? There is definitely more to the story than we are being told. There will no doubt be issues with communicable diseases being spread and these relocations likely will cause an even greater divide among our citizens.

  36. As a former USAF 6C051 Contracting Journeyman I know how to read these contracts because I used to write them. YES the government knew of this. They knew since 2011. They knew because since then they have been detaining on average 897 detainees per day which works out to be 328500 per year. When taken in context the 65000 unaccompanied alien children seems reasonable. This is not some nefarious plot by the government. If you want to be pissed… be pissed at what they are spending on the whole thing. One contract awarded by DHS cost over 250 million dollars.

  37. Do you really think they’re going to listen to phone calls and emails etc? They will NOT!!! Nothing will change until what’s his name is REMOVED from our house. WAKE UP!!!!

  38. What do you expect us to do, we have to try all legal means that we have ,but then again people will not vote,they will not contract there congress man will not RTI, will not get involved in any thing, I could go on and on, all most will do is hide behind the key board. no I really do not think they will listen

  39. Live oak is correct! Letters, emails, phone calls, and free speech zoned protest areas are totally futile. We need an organized, learn from our mistakes, Bundy ranch type operation and we need it now!

    It is of my opinion that the leadership conferences should be only about where to deploy and who will be the commander’s in charge. Same goes for a report I received today regarding the BLM and Sheriff Gillespie agree that Cliven Bundy should be held accountable and arrested for the April standoff.

    These leadership conferences should only be about deployment because once or if these two matters are not properly engaged, all efforts to date will most likely be nullified in the minds of our oppressor’s.

  40. I think that the oathkeepers need to send militia members to the Riverside county protesters to protect them from the feds now that the feds are sending “riot squads” to go after the americans.It needs to be another Bundy Ranch protest. Is that going to happen?

  41. I’m not sure if this was posted. I just want to say: “Thank you Harvieux.” They do not listen. they’re all in the same club.

  42. The situation at the border, which is creeping into many small communities nationwide, as they relocate the invaders, reminds me of an attack we sustained in the Gulf of Cambodia in 1975. We had 33 ships on station while Phnom Pen was being evacuated. Cambodia had no navy but large numbers of fishing boats came out loaded with cages of little brown birds. At first we didn’t understand what they were up to, then it was discovered that the birds were infested with bubonic plague. We were ordered to wash down the ships and prevented an outbreak that could have been disastrous. With all these infected children being sent to communities nationwide we have a real dilemma on our hands. If enough people get sick and start to experience an epidemic of diseases, a national emergency could be precipitated potentially leading to some form of martial law. I fear that bad things are on our horizon.

  43. After I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.

    Is there a means you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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