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Murrieta Residents Preparing For Riot Squads, Ready To 'Be Detained'

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by Kristin Tate

HOUSTON, Texas–A busload of illegal immigrants is expected to show up in Murrieta, California in spite of a furious group of residents who claim their town is no place for the migrants.

On Sunday Breitbart Texas broke the news that federal agents accompanying the bus will have riot gear and shields, in order to push back the crowd. Despite this, the protesters have no intentions of backing down–rather, the group is preparing for a showdown that one resident told Breitbart Texas “might get ugly.”

Sources on the ground in Murrieta told Breitbart Texas that many protesters have already gathered in the town this morning in anticipation of the busload. Law enforcement is there, too.

“There are at least 60 officers here,” John Henry, a Murrieta resident since 1991, told Breitbart Texas. “Most of them are local law enforcement like the Murrieta Police and others from the Riverside Country Sheriff’s Office. But I have seen at least 10 or 15 federal agents here as well.”

He added, “There was also a fire truck pulling a 20 foot trailer as well. I would assume it is for medical purposes.”

Henry said that, according to “rumors,” planes carrying illegal immigrants are expected to land at 11 a.m. PST. He mentioned that it takes about an hour to drive from the airport to the protest grounds in Murrieta.

In anticipation of riot gear being used against them, the protesters are ready to “be detained or arrested,” according to a widely-circulated flier obtained by Breitbart Texas. The flier told protesters to be prepared with: “several pairs of vinyl gloves [which] protect against blood and pepper spray”; “heavy clothing to deflect rubber bullets”;  and a “legal aid number written in permanent marker on both arms.”

It also cautioned the crowd to “bring a small first aid kit but leave anything that can be viewed as a weapon (scissors, blades, etc.).”

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  1. Those residents must NOT back down. I sincerely hope they enlist the help of the local militia. America must push back the fed at every turn. The time has never been better to take our constitutional republic back for the people. NO WINS FOR THE FED.

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