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DHS Immigrant Dump-Off Stopped By Residents Of Oracle Arizona

Oracle residents camping out to stop federal buses (Photo: Patrick Henningsen – Copyright 2014)
Oracle residents camping out to stop federal buses (Photo: Patrick Henningsen – Copyright 2014)

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21st Century Wire

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) were planning to bus-in approximately 40 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors to the Sycamore Canyon Boys Ranch, located in Oracle, Arizona, but the plan came to a halt as peaceful, law-abiding residents exercised their First Amendment right to challenge Washington’s latest the border surge scheme.

This marked federal bureaucrat’s latest attempt to at forced resettlement in southwest region of the US, as Washington DC attempted to traffic yet more more illegals via the DHS and HHS, into a rural community located in southern Arizona. Federal buses carrying Washington’s latest consignment of underaged immigrants were due to arrive in Oracle at 8:30am, but word reached the campsite at 3pm that the buses would not be be coming because of the protest mounted by local residents.

21WIRE and GMN reporter Patrick Henningsen was on the ground reporting from the protest encampment nearby the proposed housing facility there. Three hundred peaceful protestors rallied at the early hours of the morning and were met with little or no opposition from pro-amnesty and open border Latino groups like La Raza who cleared out early in the day, having been vastly outnumbered by local residents voicing their concerns about illegals being transported into their community.

Pinal County Sheriffs were on hand to keep the peace (Photo: Patrick Henningsen – Copyright 2014)
Pinal County Sheriffs were on hand to keep the peace (Photo: Patrick Henningsen – Copyright 2014)

Local residents were also joined by members of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), as well as Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, and former Arizona State Senator and author of the controversial SB1070 state’s rights bill, Russell Pearce. Pearce was thrust into the national spotlight in 2010, for his role in authoring and sponsoring the SB 1070 legislation, a law which strengthened state law enforcement procedures by requiring those that are suspected of being illegals need to provide government issued documents or face a potential misdemeanor, as it is a crime for an alien to be in Arizona without holding proper identification. Since the passing of SB 1070, the city of Phoenix is enjoying a 30 year low in crime.

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  1. That’s a great victory people. Keep up the good work. Let the feds know that we will no longer take their unconstitutional crap. They may raise the stakes but we must stand together as Americans and do whatever it takes to put an end to government overreach. The fate of our nation, our rights and freedoms are at stake here. Stand fast, stand strong and above all….STAND TOGETHER.

  2. We need to Gather The Masses. Its time for an #AmericanReunion #PatriotReunion Book Meeting Places in ALL 50 States be it a Stadium or a Pasture Wired For Sound! Link the Locations with Each Other and Lets Make a Date! The Time to Stand for Our Nation is at Hand!
    Our Elected Leaders have Abandoned Us. For whatever Reason they Have “Turned Their Backs on Our Country”. “When you turn your back on your Country,so too Do you Turn Your Back on Your Countrymen”
    I know You Ex-Military as well as SWAT and even Patrol have to see whats Going On?
    DHS has already Stated”Refugee Processing Centers through-out The U.S WILL be Operated by ARMED DHS Personnel”!
    Ive never been a Civil Servant or Military but…Is this not amounting to a Military Occupation under The Guise of Protecting Illegals?
    Just Sayin.
    1.Acclimating America to DHS Armored Personnel Carriers…..Armed~but of course~
    2.Panthers…..MIA(many mos)*Recall Farrakhan calling them To Arms~
    3.Putin has Subs off Cuba’s Coastline~
    4.You see NONE of Our Military conferring with The Public.Just Bo’s Sheep Bleating~
    5.Billions to be Appropriated for Illegals Comfort…Lighting the Fuse of Vets&Their Families&Fellow Patriots~
    6.Those Doctors,Nurses,LVN’s,Porters.Housekeepers that Watched an Untold number of Our Veterans Perish,Knowing they were being Denied Care….Know What? How Many of them Lost Their Jobs? How Many of those Doctors Lost their License to Practice?Nurses? Just know they didnt even Fire the Custodian that Mopped under The Beds of Dying Veterans!
    Wait How Long?

  3. So, I wonder if obozo has “seen this on the news” yet? Ya’ think just MAYBE we’re trying to tell his majesty something?!
    Keep up the good fight fellow patriots, let’s all send the message LOUD AND CLEAR…”we’ve had enough”, and it is sooooo far beyond time to say NO MORE!
    We WILL NOT back down, stand down, step aside, or in ANY WAY let up on these corrupt bureacrats, or ANY of their cronies!!!!
    Thank you all for your DOES matter, and DOES make a difference!!!!

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