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WAPO Reporting: FOUR Air Force Predator Drones Have Vanished Into Thin Air Over Afghanistan!

Predator Drone

This is an interesting report because it admits failure by those operating drones, but tries to assure us that there is no reason to believe the drones that vanished were hijacked. The truth of the matter is, that drones CAN be hijacked, as Iran has hijacked two of them that we know of. There is the capability, by tech-savvy individuals, to override the controller and to take control of a drone from another location. Drones are guided by electronic mechanisms, and, as we all know, anything electronic, no matter how highly encrypted, can be hacked. As has also been shown, hackers love the challenge of breaking into encrypted systems, sometimes just for the fun of the challenge, other times for nefarious purposes.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor






  1. Live by the drone, die by the drone. Won’t be long before those “in power” who love to authorize drone strikes will in turn be struck by drones. Interesting, is it not?

    Turn about is fair play.

  2. With the information at hand,the Idea that these drones were hijacked is pure speculation.Since time Immemorial,craft have vanished – witness the recent dissapearance of that Indonesian jetliner. not to mention the WWII bombers found in the Sahara and Gobi deserts.The hijack thesis should be at the bottom of the list,after a number of more plausible explanations.At the risk of ruffling some feathers, I have to mention the “Drone strike” false alarm that caused such overreaction at Bundys.We have to be cooler and more calculating than this, lest our credibility suffer.On our own side I wish we could institute a braintrust similar to The “London Controlling Section” – nicknamed the “Twenty committee”,Roman numeral XX, double cross!

  3. Nope Neil…

    I don’t agree with your assessment. If Iran did it once (well documented) they can and could do it again. Look at the map…

  4. Fine,D Bertrand. As my comment indicates,I Will always look for the simple amswer first, But I’m open to Info from more informed sources.Please educate me. I,m sure I am not the only person who is interested in drone countermeasures. Jamming? Barrage Baloons? Anti Drones?Dummy installations?How can I access the documentation you refer to, and the map?

  5. The drone that Iran captured was a very valuable technological prize – so much of one that you would think an entire division of the Iranian airforce is now being utilized for the sole purpose of capturing more drones. So it shouldn’t be discounted at all.

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