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VA Audit Finds More Secret Wait Lists

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By Jacqueline Klimas – The Washington Times

An internal audit of the Department of Veterans Affairs released Monday found that 70 percent of facilities had placed patients on a wait list other than the official electronic record.

During the audit, officials spoke with more than 3,700 VA employees to see if allegations of secret wait lists, manipulation of data and delay of care were true for facilities across the VA.

The scandal at the VA emerged when a whistleblower reported at least 40 veterans died while awaiting care at the Phoenix VA facility after never being placed on the electronic wait lists. The audit found 8 percent of scheduling staff used alternatives to the electronic wait lists, and 70 percent of facilities had at least one alternate list. The audit did not examine if any of these lists were acceptable under VA’s policy.

The scheduling process at the VA is “overly complicated,” the audit found, and “resulted in high potential to create confusion among scheduling clerks and front-line supervisors.”

The audit also found that 13 percent of scheduling staff had been instructed to enter a date other than the veteran’s requested appointment time into the “desired date” field, substantiating the claims that employees were cooking the books. The audit also suggested that the idea of a desired appointment date, something unique to the VA, is “difficult to reconcile against more accepted practices such as negotiating a specific appointment date based on provider availability.”

The VA will review why its performance goals caused some managers to tell their employees to manipulate data to make wait times appear shorter.

The audit found that the VA’s self-imposed deadline to provide a veteran care within 14-days is impossible given the lack of doctors and appointment slots.

“Imposing this expectation on the field before ascertaining the resources required and its ensuing broad promulgation represent an organizational leadership failure,” it said.





  1. This is where they are practicing the “medical death squads that will be used on the people, already are. They have been practicing on our vets for years now.

    Yet WE still let this murdering democide go on as if it is business as usual. WE need to start charges against ALL involved at any level, then ask for the death penalty for those whom it will apply to.

  2. Okay, who do you expect will act on this activity? Who is the ultimate group or person that will do anything, who will direct punishment?

    Here is the bottom line, ‘YOU’, me and everyone else. We must stop complaining and voice our conditions and position.

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