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Ryan Bundy, Raw Footage of April 25 2014

Ryan Bundy on stage with Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, Cliven Bundy, Others
Ryan Bundy on stage with Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, Cliven Bundy, Others

Ryan Bundy, Raw Footage of April 25 2014

The sound on this video is pretty bad, but gets a little better as it moves along. However, you will be able to hear everything Ryan Bundy says in this remarkable impromptu press interview.

As this video is anything but professional, I had to force myself to go ahead and wade through the first minutes or so. It was a very surprising delight as what Ryan Bundy was saying led more deeply into an understanding of the Bundy family’s stance against the BLM’s assertion of authority to manage public lands within the boundaries of a State.

I noticed that in the video he is not speaking from notes. His only reference material is his pocket Constitution. He waxes historic and speaks in poetic imagery as he fields questions from his audience. After some difficult interferences during the first third of this video, such as the incessant wind noises (my camera does that too, so can forgive), one is nicely hooked into the message in Ryan’s speech and is no longer mindful of interferences. And then something surprising and wonderful happens. Ryan Bundy morphs from pistol-packing horse-riding Cowboy into a Constitutional Teacher right before one’s eyes. The depth of his knowledge becomes a blessing to all who view this film.

I found it remarkable how intimately Ryan Bundy knew the Constitution and could apply it to his life as a rancher, so I continued to watch this video, again and again.

The natural and simple ease with which Ryan delivers his vision of Statehood, sovereignty and the nature of compacts, in the simple terms of a day in the life on a desert ranch, brings his speaking to life in the visage of an American Cowboy.

It is classic Americana, alive and well in the southern Nevada desert, and it rides horses, mends fences, lives a just and moral life of hard work and family values. Ryan loves America enough to value States’ rights via the compact, which produces productive and therefore viable States, each and total of which thusly guarantees the strength of the Union – our beloved “America” – by asserting its own sovereignty via the compact.

By another word, as the Bundy family members can each attest, State sovereignty is freedom, and prosperity is its direct result. It is how Nature works, which perhaps has to do with why the founders valued Natural Law and its “unalienable rights”.

Enjoy this gem, brought to us by  Southern Nevada Watchdogs


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Elias Alias, editor






  1. You know I have seen this earlier,
    Before I had a chance to go there, (yes folks had to finish my time in Iraq at work before going) I said to myself after seeing Ryan, this is a man I have got to meet.

    I was not disappointed, he is a man of integrity actually all of the Bundys are.
    wish I could have spent more time with him, but everyone was busy with agendas.

  2. Chris F.,
    Thank you for serving at the Ranch and overseas. I’m glad you got to meet some of the Bundys. I totally agree with you – they are an awesome family of patriots who have taken time to read into our history as a people and into our Constitution as the highest authority in this country. As a family who reads, studies, works, and worships together, they represent very well the best traditions of the all-round American family. Ryan’s remarkable knowledge of history and Constitutional issues is surprisingly broad and strong in detail. His understanding of “America” is complete, is wonderful, and is encouraging to me. I think he will inspire everyone who watches the full video, especially the last half.


  3. God Bless all who have stayed and supported the Bundy’s. I only hope that this is the end of the Government and their tyranny. If this continues on the American people this will end America aswe know it. Now Oathkeepers need to go get our Soldier out of the Mexican jail. Let us trade all of the illegals for our soldier.
    God Bless Oathkeepers. And the Militias who have helped the Bundy family.

  4. Outstanding video. We should all teach our children as well as the Bundys have. We have to do it ourselves because our children will not learn the truth about our country’s founding and our Constitution in a government run school.

  5. Thank you OK’s for bringing this to our attention. It would be wonderful if this could be spread non-stop through out America. I will do what I can. Many of us, due to financial challenges, are not able to easily stray far from home for any extended amount of time. I thank all of you who can and do and then share what you experience and discover.
    At my home we are facing a ‘proposal’ for a natural gas line to run through our county. It is encouraging to see ‘we the people’ stand up together to nip this in the bud.
    America is alive and well, as shown by the Bundys. Let us all stand up like them as one American Spirit….. AWAKENING!!!
    I highly recommend all to go to Find the resolution, sign it and JOIN the CSPOA, NOW! Sheriff Mack is a man who we need to ACTIVELY join with. You don’t need to be a cop to join; the only qualification is to understand the American Spirit based on Principle.
    September 17th is something to truly look forward to.
    Thank you again OK’s for all that you do!

  6. believe that this is not only going down in the desert. The land grab has been progressing for years in all the Counties across the Nation. Local public servants have lost the will to serve and have began to take away the Rights of Americans without regard for the oath they all take and without the feeling that Americans will fight back if their Rights are violated. When your family is set aside from the rights clearly specified in the Constitution of the United States of America…..stand tall and just say no way……give it right back to them. Some counties like ours have so little protest that they do not even know what is allowed or not.If it feels wrong it is wrong. to live this life having to put up with obvious violations of a greedy selfish section of our Country called Public Servants is an embarrassment that we are letting happen that will take over the lives and freedoms of our future generations. stand tall , say no to the arrogance say no to the aggravation and fight for what is right and save your rights for all future generations to not let the ultimate sacrifices made in the past to protect and preserve Liberty go without cause. like the past heroes in war have done for us….we must do for our future generations to come.
    In our case after 38 years the County demanded 15 times the property tax after two arson
    never allowed due process our property was sold at auction without regard
    for our truthful protest. 10 years promised a resolve then stabbed in the back
    backed by the board of supervisors who in fact would never get involved in the fraud until

    the end….. hiding in their chambers refusing to make a ruling that allowed our position to
    ever be considered. they have no idea what we are saying, they act unlawfully
    receive pay,demanded from us, fund their pockets through buddies

    es of our Grandchildren to ,

  7. I landed on Mt. Trumbull (Arizona Strip) back in the mid 90’s after being invited by a friend (Garth Bundy) to visit his camp during the Bundy family’s annual reunion there on the mountain. As soon as the aircraft was shut down, hundreds of Bundy’s came out from their camps in the woods and greeted us. We drank some home made root beer and visited for a while. I’m lucky to have know Garth and Louise – they represent the ‘salt of the earth’, the very essence of what I feel we should all strive for. They are Patriots who love their Country and after seeing this video of Ryan, I’m reminded that certain things run in the family. I hope to meet this Man and shake his hand one day!

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