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Oath Keepers Honor Color Guard Wanted At Gettysburg Event

Larry Liguori (R) put together a very successful booth at the Great American Outdoor Show

Editor’s Note:

This call comes out from Larry Liguori of Pennsylvania Oath Keepers.

While this is a location-fixed event at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I am sending this to our whole membership in case some from other States may want to show up for this. ‘Tis the time for vacations and such, yes?

There are many good reasons why a lot of us would want to make the trip. Pennsylvania Oath Keepers continues to do outstanding projects, so I’m sure this one will be exciting. Also, I’m told, Pastor Manning has specifically requested that Oath Keepers be a part of his program. He appreciates Oath Keepers and our potential for helping heal America’s woes.

Pastor Manning has a mission to unify people and inspire them to live with dignity and personal responsibility. His tactical area of responsibility is Harlem, New York. He intends to teach citizens of Harlem how to restore their ghetto-like community and return it to its proper place in American society. His project is visionary and wonderful. His July 4, 2014, project is a part of that. See flier below.


Elias Alias, editor


Pastor Manning is organizing a great event on July 4th at the Eternal Peace Light area of the Gettysburg Battlefield, to commemorate Americans who died there, and to put a stake in the heart of the attempts to divide and conquer Americans along racial grounds.

This year commemorates the 151st Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, so there will be many tourists and re-enactors. Other events will be going on as well.

Honor / Color Guard Needed!

We need Veteran members to step up and form an Oath Keeper 12+ Member Honor / Color Guard. We will assemble on 7/3 at 10AM  at a location near or at the Battlefield {to be announced]  to Drill and practice for the main event the following day July 4th.

Uniform as follows:

OK headgear {black n gold cap}

Black button down long sleeve

Branch of service on left sleeve

Black belt

Khaki pants

Bloused black boots

Any Veteran members who wish to be part of this historic Oath Keeper Honor Guard contact me ASAP!

Regardless we encourage all members that are able, please wear your colors proudly and attend this historic event.

For God & Country,
Larry Liguori
Oath Keepers PA Chapter

PA_Gettysburg Flier July 4 2014





  1. What an event to be able to attend , but as always ,the desire is there ,but funds is always the issue . I praise those who can go ,and be there , they have all my Respect !
    Perhaps one day in the near future I’ll be able to attend an event such as this one;;
    May Our Lord be with all of You ,and place His Hedge of Protection around everyone while there ,and coming back home;

    All My Respect;
    E T Cerda “IN GOD WE TRUST”

  2. I don’t agree with this flier. The flier states ” its time to prove racism is manufactured by liberals and not practiced by conservatives”.

    This plays into the false left/right paradigm. We’re Non-partisan. I’ve seen both so-called sides practice racism.

  3. My youngest son and his Blind friend will be there will be nice knowing there will be oath keepers with them.

  4. I am trying to make arrangements to be there even if im not on the color guard.i was a/co.2/108inf tnth mtn Div.

  5. It was a privilege to be part of the Honor Guard yesterday at such a wonderful event. The weather was beautiful and everyone was so respectful and grateful to God. The field that we stood in had been saturated with the blood of soldiers wearing blue or gray . Many died for the privilege today of living as a united people.

    Many thanks to Larry and others who organized this event.

    The tide is turning !

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