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“America Has Ceased To Exist”: Investment Guru Doug Casey On The Coming Economic Meltdown

Doug Casey

Doug Casey is interviewed on Reason TV about his outlook for the US economy.






  1. Impeach and ARREST the anti American
    traitor sitting in the Whitehouse.
    Charge Eric Holder with his crimes.

  2. I like how the rich when they start losing their money they start complaining that the country sucks just like the impoverished people do, the very same people they accuse of being ”anti american, you know what rich bankers and investors? Boo hoo for you that things aren’t going your way anymore! I guess you’ll have to walk on the ground us peasants walk on instead of our nice cushy underpaid and overtaxed backs getting the top of prestige, now please dont misunderstand me as being anti rich but I just don’t want to be ruled by them anymore they can be gazillionares and do whatever they want I dont care but I want to vote the big money out of washington.

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