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Veteran Dies Waiting For VA Appointment In Houston

VA medcenter

Many of us have long been aware of the corruption within numerous VA hospitals around the country, and it is sad that it has taken so long for such corruption to be exposed in the mainstream.  It is also even more disconcerting that through Obamacare, the entire nation may soon be forced to accept the same malpractice and low-grade health services.  If anything is certain it is this – the worst our criminal bureaucracy has to offer is usually kicked in the faces of American veterans first, but the rest of the population is not far behind….

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

George Barraza love two things in this life: playing the electric guitar with all his heart and this country.

During the Vietnam War, Barraza proudly served in the U.S. Army.

But on April 16, Barraza, a father of three girls, a chef and an American veteran, died waiting for an appointment at the VA Medical Center in Houston.

At the time of his death, Barraza was battling heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. But his problems became much worse in September when he went to the Michael Debakey VA Medical Center in terrible pain and unable to move his hands at all.

“They said, ‘Oh, that looks like it hurts, let me give you some pain medication and send you on home,'” said Barraza’s daughter, Georgia Barraza who complains the VA staff did not treat her father’s problem that day by admitting him and caring for him, but instead gave him pain medication and an appointment to come back.

The very next day, she said Barraza had to be rushed to another hospital outside the VA system to Methodist Hospital Sugar Land, where he was immediately admitted and treated for close to a week.

Over the next several months, family members said Barraza began to decline physically and he did go to the VA for various tests and other help.

But in March family members said Barraza was suddenly rushed to Methodist Hospital again. This time he was vomiting blood and doctors told him he had a tumor or growth on his liver.