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VA Scandal: This Is What Death Panels Look Like

VA Scandal

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by Matthew Vadum

The Veterans Administration hospital scandal that has claimed the lives of at least 40 U.S. military veterans continues to expand, adding to the image of a president who neither knows nor cares what happens to those who shed their blood on the battlefield for their fellow Americans.

With a little under six months before the crucial midterm elections, it is a helpful reminder to voters of the horrors that are not glitches, but essential features, of government-provided health care. The problems at the VA are omens, sneak previews of what the delivery of all health care in America will look like under Obamacare, and so it is fortuitous that the scandal should surface now.

President Obama is predictably, perfunctorily, outraged about these bad things that have been happening in the government he controls. He is shocked and promises to get to the bottom of the issue and do better in the future. It is tedious stuff.

The happenings at the VA are also more evidence, Obama critics say, that the president despises the military. Obama has been moving to reduce soldier pay and benefits and hollow out the military to mid-century staff levels. He has also been going on a human resources rampage, firing flag officers at a rate that alarms military observers. And like any good leftist, Obama believes that the only good American soldier is one who is functioning as a social worker, not a war-fighter.

Meanwhile, Obama VA officials have been working overtime covering up the various waiting list atrocities that have been popping up cross the country.

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  1. All Oath keepers, should contact their US Congressmen and Senators, by phone and e-mail, to express their disgust and outrage over the VA,s treatment of Veterans.

  2. Veteran’s remember who is doing this to you. It is not Your Countrymen, your parents your friend’s and real American’s (you may want to consider your commander and chief and the rest of the stuffed shirt’s in D.C. YOUR COUNTRYMEN ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY’S thanks FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!!! ,

  3. People “rah rah USA. rah rah USA. Greatest Country in world! USA! USA! USA!”

    But things have changed. You have your NWO Communist, Banker Controlled,
    “Change” from YOUR Anti American Communist Obamunista.
    You like it? You must. You TOLERATE it.
    Do You like your “Free” communist style healthcare controlled by the Knows Better Government.
    You people don’t understand. You do not accept reality. America has been OVERRUN BY TRAITORS
    to American values. NWO one worlder COMMUNIST and the International BANKERS.
    Obummer is INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING AMERICA. Destruction by Design.
    They have used us to fight their wars. They now want us ELIMINATED.
    DHS and other law enforcement Label us as “Threats” because they know we LOVE America and will not stand
    for them destroying our once great nation. They will only take our guns when we are MURDERED
    by their Stasi wanna be’s.
    They fear Vets and their Technical and Tactical capabilities.
    They fear Vets because they can not be controlled by
    COMMUNIST controlled Anti American Main Stream Media LIES.
    They deny us proper care and the Amerika Govment saves $$$ and gets
    future resisters to NWO Obamunism out of the way. We just die from neglect of healthcare.
    That is Reality. But people just don’t want to Accept that America is controlled by
    TRAITORS, NWO Communist.
    The VA is not working by Design.
    Obamacare is not working by Design. It was NEVER meant to work properly.
    Don’t you understand that? Failure by Design.
    Do you really think the Obamunista govment can’t mange a schedule to manage patients
    in the VA, IF THEY WANTED TO?
    Do you think they couldn’t put up WORKING web site to enroll for Obummer Care
    IF they WANTED TO?
    With the resources they have available they could get it done IF THEY WANTED TO.
    The fact is that we have ANTI AMERICAN TRAITORS in charge that DESPISE Americans and
    especially VETS. They despise our values of God, Freedom, Justice, right to Self determination,
    right to Keep and Bear Arms. Obamunista HATES everything America has traditionally stood for.

    Wake up. Grow up people. We now have Amerika.

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