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Utah Rep. Ken Ivory At Virginia City Montana This Week

Ranchers and farmers and plenty of other Americans are upset with the past forty to sixty years of Federal intervention into how they operate on their respective States’ lands.  Americans are learning about what is behind the deliberate mismanagement of our lands – the Green movement in general, operating under the umbrella of the United Nations’ “Agenda 21” program. The Federal government is increasingly seen as over-reaching and intrusive, or even worse.

A respectable body of western State legislators are working with a cool and calm but deliberate and effective approach to getting State lands back under control of the States. One of the leading voices in the quest for Constitutional justice for the States, who simply wish to reclaim their rights to own the lands within their borders, is Utah Representative Ken Ivory.

I would like to let our Oath Keepers in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana know that Representative Ivory of the American Lands Council, working with Montana’s Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel and friends, will address the Madison County Tea Party on May 22, 2014. I will be there and am inviting all Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho Oath Keepers who can be in Virginia City on that date to join me there. See flier below for details.


Elias Alias, editor

1A1_Dan Happel Flier May 2014





  1. A few words for the members of the well known “OFO” organization (old fart Oathkeepers). We all experience anxiety, frustration from not being able to physically attend these meetings or not able to help when events such as “the Brady Ranch” occur, we all can find it in our budgets to kick in a few bucks to help Oath Keepers. Everyone keeps forgetting to pay their “OFO” dues, so instead of that, let’s not forget to kick in our share to help. Don’t trip over your cane or forget to use your walker, heck, no need even for a lozenge to work up some spit for the stamp. Make sure the check is good before mailing. See all at the next meeting. Someone please e-mail me with the date, can’t find what i did with the notice, thanks. A little, makes a lot, thanks, again.

  2. Being both OK and TP, It grates on me having to miss this important meeting. I just don’t have the bucks for such a trip.I hope a video of Representative Ivory’s presentation will be available. And his contact info is supplied. We out-of-states can’t do Ivory any good at the ballot box,but we can send him our appreciation and support.

  3. Milt….I want to express my thanks to you if you were one of the contributors of food or cash that came to us at Bunkerville.The outpouring of support from across the country was magnificent.As to the OFO apellation,you can speak for yourself. At 66 I am to young to qualify.I did see a considerable number of armed seniors with us in that dry riverbed,and hope to see more at the next action.Consider, Milt, The special qualifications we seniors have to stop a bullet – The one that hits us did not hit a young person, the very ones we are doing all this for.Consider Having some choice in the manner of your death, and actually giving your “Last full measure” in this vital cause. Or would you rather croak in a hospital bed with ten plastic hoses sticking out of you? The choice is obvious to me.Consider the example you will set for younger patriots.Consider the supercharge of vitality you will feel by putting yourself on the line – I sure did – I left the Bundy ranch about 20 years younger.Consider the deep satisfaction of “Making your bones” as an activist.Don’t miss it!

  4. It is my pleasure to call Ken Ivory and friend and my Utah Rep in this very important battle of states land rights. Thank you Ken for all the hard work that you and your wonderful wife have done to bring this issue to the forefront. You are a true oath keeper in your own right.

    Your friend and constituent,
    Bob Trate

  5. Neil, it’s encouraging to know others have the same feelings. You’ve said what I was reluctant too, and hopefully many others will read your reply. Took a few years to get rid of the wheel chair, but getting stronger every day. Deep feelings require much stronger actions. Disabled seniors must not dwell on what they once could do, brings only disparagement. Strive to achieve whatever is possible in your reality now. Neil, i get a bit supercharged just knowing there is the possibility of meeting others, hopefully not in dire circumstance, but if so, then let that “Last Full Measure” be as example. Thanks. Thank You Oath Keepers.

  6. I attended the above described presentation by Representative Ken Ivory at Virginia City, Montana, on the 22nd of May, 2014.
    I left there with new knowledge and with an appreciation for the American Lands Council. I have much film to download from my camera so I can study what Rep. Ivory said, and I also brought home with me a stack of printed paper materials so I can educate myself. I fully intend to illuminate the question of property ownership as contested by the States and the Federal government in the fight for States’ Rights.

    I want to thank those oath Keepers who showed up, and I’d like to thank Commissioner Dan Happel for making that presentation possible.

    Elias Alias, editor

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