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The Systematic Elimination Of Private Property

Bunkerville Standoff 2

Northwest Liberty News has sent us another video from Bunkerville. This is an interview with Wayne Price, from New Mexico, who has long experience fighting the encroachments on his private property rights.





  1. I see a great documentary opportunity here. A true map of the size and scope of the problem lends itself well to video. This gentleman made a powerful argument.

  2. I am glad to see we have opened our eyes to another facet of the attack on the American people. Agenda 21 to be exact. It is being implemented at the lowest levels of government and incrementally moving forward. It’s like standing in a fire ant bed. They all climb on you and the start biting at once.

  3. In case some missed this complete video showing more than what was released before of the camper in NM, March 2014. Seems the man was going with them, then they let loose the dog on him causing him to defend himself against a biting dog. He is shot, now the shooter walks closer seems another shooter as well. He is shot to death while he was alive laying there suffering from the first shot. They finished him off.–Albuquerque-Police-fatally-shoot-homeless-man-found-camping-in-desert-area-illegally

  4. ooops be sure to listen to video the guy says bean bag him when he was down. First shots must be what killed him, not that they just kept shooting him with bullets.. sorry

  5. What an incredible testimony. Americans need to wake up. My family lost a ranch in New Mexico and one at Ft Hayes South Dakota where I was born. BLM ended up with both large ranches. My family had been ranching since 1840’s in Texas. We are all shut down. My generation could not afford to keep the fight going.
    Ken Wight

  6. I drove from Kansas to Mr Bundys Ranch,. I spent April 18 an 19 to learn the real story. I was fortunate to meet Mr Bundy and his sons. His guards invited me into their morning rally meet. These dedicated patriots, I’m proud of them. I promised Mr Bundy that I will take what I learned back to Kansas with me. I’m doing that now.

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