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The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

The Federal Reserve Explained In 7 Minutes

The following video was produced by Belligerent Politics

Many of us who have been involved in the Liberty Movement for years or decades often forget that at one time, we knew little to nothing about the Federal Reserve.  Here is a great video summary of the dark history of the Fed that you can share with friends and family in order to wake them up before it is too late.  Now, if only we could educate the masses on the fact that the Fed is run by the same international financiers that control central banks in Russia and China – then we would have a powerful enlightenment on our hands that could stop the current drive towards engineered economic war…

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor


[Editor’s Note: This article was emailed to our national membership on June 05 2014]





  1. Now you need to show the people that once the Fed. Reserve took control of the money, How they enacted the second part of their master plan.

    That is the US Government borrowing money from them (Fed. Reserve) to finance their growth (US Gov.) and in return establishing income tax on the people (NEVER HAD BEFORE 1913) of the United States to pay for the US Gov. and Fed. Reserve spending.

    Thus in effect enslaving all citizens and all of our offspring.

    Now that the GREAT EXPERIMENT has succeeded they move on to a NEW WORLD ORDER were all people of the world will serve the elite of the Earth.

    Sound like Science fiction, Well folks I wish it was, spend a few days researching it and WAKE UP!

  2. It’s time to throw these worthless, thieving scumbags behind bars…until they rot for their misdeeds!!

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