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Ron Finley: Let The Shovel Be Your Weapon Of Choice

An Underground Nutrition Regiment
An Underground Nutrition Regiment

We found this remarkable inner-city free-thinker who deserves awards and accolades for originality with a blessed purpose.  Read about it at this link –

And enjoy …

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA


The revolutionary idea is spreading fast!
The revolutionary idea is spreading fast!





  1. It is excellent way to assist people in being able to survive, to give them hope, to give them a chance to make something for themselves that they can have pride in – which is the American way; giving those who need it a skill to make their own life.

    A helping hand is NOT one who makes people dependent upon THEM for them to be able to live – that is slavery. It is the one that assists you in developing the SKILLS that enable YOU to be in charge of YOUR life, be it learning to garden, becoming an apprentice – not used much anymore which is a shame, and where to teach yourself the skills you need.

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