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Oath Keepers Will Give Out Additional Gas Money for Volunteers Still at Bundy Ranch on Thursday, May 8, 1-2pm at Stage Area

We have already given out over $4,000.00 in gas money over the past two weeks, but we are now going to give out additional gas money to any volunteers still out at the Bundy Ranch who need gas money to get home.

Oath Keepers will be sending our store manager, Jim, out to the ranch tomorrow, Thursday, May 8, from noon to 1pm.   He will be at the spot where the main stage was, near the tall flag poles, on the side of Hwy 170, which is on the left, before the bridge, when driving in from I-15.    This is the main stage area where most of the action took place, such as Cliven Bundy bringing the Sheriff onstage to announce that the BLM was calling off the Roundup.   Those who need gas money are asked to please email Jim in advance, if at all possible, at:

Please email him and let him know what state you are from and how much you are requesting.  He has to cut it off at $360.00 maximum per request to make sure there is enough for others, but if there is money left over after he has given gas money to others, he may consider giving you more if you can prove you are driving that far until he is out of money.
If for any reason Bundy Ranch volunteers can’t email him in advance, just show up at the stage area near the flag poles on the side of the highway, from 1pm -2pm, and it will be first come, first served till he runs out of money.   You will have to show your license so he can see what state you are from to support how much money you are requesting, and he will need to verify in some way that you are actually out at the ranch (that he will do on the spot by talking to you).   He will ask you to fill out a hand receipt so he can show our treasurer how much he gave out.  Fist name is fine on the receipt.  You will also have to promise to mail us the gas receipts from your trip home, for our Treasurer to use.   We will be relying on your word that you will do so.  Send gas receipts to:
Oath Keepers
Attn: Treasurer
5130 S. Ft. Apache Rd.
Suite 215
Las Vegas, NV 89148

This is the last of our funds we have for this effort.   We just want to help prevent anyone from being stranded.   All who wish to donate to the Bundy’s from here forward are encouraged to donate directly to them at:

Cliven and Carol Bundy * 7175 Gold Butte Rd * Bunkerville, NV 89007

Or you can donate online at  their paypal, here:

We still fully support the Bundy family and their cause, but it is best if you donate directly to them if you so choose.

Oath Keepers




  1. Are Oath Keepers pulling out of area now. Would like to know before I try and make plans to go down there. Thank you. Steve in colorado

    [Editor’s Note: Steve, at present time and until further notice Oath Keepers has no official activity at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. You may go up the page here and click on “Contact” under our banner atop this page and send me a message. Just say it is for “Elias” and it will come to me. Send me your email or phone number and I will talk with you personally. Thank you for your willingness to support the Bundy Ranch.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  2. This is not sounding good, I have already purchased a ticket to fly from Peru SA to be there on
    the 18th. in support of the effort. Truck is rented and everything.

    Are your Phone hotlines still being answered?

  3. Since the people currently in charge of their security wouldn’t even give us a number for us to call and report anything we saw while out on patrol, on Tuesday the 29th we informed the Bundy family that their security team would have to take on that scout function themselves. We can’t help when their security team refuses to even communicate with us. And, after Ryan Payne and Jerry DeLemus and others publicly slandered us on Monday the 28th with the lie that we had deserted our posts (when they know for a fact that we had gone out on patrol on the night of Friday the 25th and had been out every night since, our local Nevada members were offended and no longer wished to even try to work with such people.

    I spoke with Cliven Bundy on Thursday, April 30, and I informed him that until he and his family regain control over their ranch, and control the hot-heads and loose cannons on it, that we were unable to even run the patrols we had been running out on the highways and local roads around the ranch. I let him know we still support his family and their cause, which is just, but they need to put one of their sons, such as Ryan or Ammon, firmly in charge of the volunteers out there, rather than leaving it up to whoever happened to assert leadership among the volunteers to call the shots. For instance, it is highly unlikely that the Bundy family approved of Ryan Payne making that public video “vote” where he lead others to participate in an attack on Oath Keepers, which forced us to issue a public rebuttal, where we laid out the facts of what actually happened on April 25th – that earlier that day, long before any tip on possible drone strikes, I had proposed to Jerry DeLemus that we Oath Keepers go out as scouts, in vehicles with HAM radios mounted in them from which we could communicate with our General Class HAM, Paul Stramer, who had come all the way from Montana for that purpose (with the radios he installed, we could talk to him from the vehicles in a 50 mile radius of his base station set up in his hotel room at the Virgin River Hotel in Mesquite).

    On the afternoon of April 25, Jerry agreed to this plan for us to deploy out as scouts, and that is precisely what we did that night, with two of our guys from Montana pulling first shift and then David Helms and I pulling a shift ourselves after midnight. And, in fact, we talked to Jerry on the phone while we were out on scout duty. So, by raising his hand in that vote condemning us as deserters and traitors, he knowingly participated in a lie, since he knew for a fact that we were at our posts that night, pulling scout duty as we had planned (and to which he had agreed), and likewise for the others with us, who took their turns pulling scout duty all night, and into the day, from Friday the 25th, every night and every day, all the way till the night of Tuesday, April 29, when we finally pulled the plug on that detail after Ryan Payne refused to even give me a number for our scouts to call if they saw anything. As a stop-gap, we had relayed information to Brandon Rapolla, who had returned from Oregon. Brandon became our only reliable contact to report to. Brandon met with Steve Homan while Steve was out on patrol, and I also spoke with Brandon on the phone to relay information on what we saw while David Helms and I were out (Brandon and I had gone out on patrol all night on April 19 – when we were on heightened alert given the historically significant date – because we both recognized the critical need for scouts being out on the roads, as eyes and ears).

    So, Jerry knew all of this – knew that we were in fact at our posts, as scouts – and still stood there and raised his hand and voted “yes” in Ryan Payne’s choreographed slander of us, which benefits nobody except Ryan Payne – it certainly didn’t help the Bundy’s to have this become a public display, with us forced to publicly refute the slander.

    Even after all that, we had still intended on running scout patrols on the highways, and had even arranged with volunteers from our Southern Nevada chapter, lead by an outstanding Marine veteran, Dan Molloney, to run those patrols. And they did go out on the night of Monday, April 28/morning of April 29. But the last straw for us was when Steve Homan, while out on patrol, went into the volunteer camp and Jerry Delamus’s CP to try, one last time, to patch things up. They invited him into a prayer circle, and while he was praying with them, someone snuck into his truck and stole one of our hand-held FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) scopes that we were using while out as scouts (a $3,000.00 piece of gear). That told us all we really needed to know about the degree to which that camp had deteriorated and where we stood with those in charge of it. And, of course, DeLamus has not taken responsibility for the lack of security in his own camp, by replacing that FLIR with another FLIR unit we had left with him. And we don’t expect him to ever do so.

    On Thursday I let Cliven Bundy know that their cause is still just, and we support it, but he has a dangerous situation there with people who are hot-heads and loose cannons, who, at the very least, put their hands on their side-arms and threatened some of our men, which very nearly lead to a gunfight, as we detailed in our video rebuttal to Payne’s dog and pony show. I urged Cliven to put one of his sons in charge of all volunteers, and to make sure that only level headed people were there (and the great majority there were just fine – but it only takes a handful of loose cannons to endanger everyone else).

    That is in his hands. From the outset, we were there in support of the family and we intentionally did NOT try to run that camp. We brought in volunteers, and considerable assets and supplies, which are still out there. In fact, the only reason they have real comms in that camp to this day is because Justin Giles, one of our Alaska leaders, left his Two Meter antenna and radio there for them to use, along with six dual band hand-held HAM radios that are also his personal property. Till Justin showed up with that base radio and two meter antenna, they couldn’t even talk from the CP to the house, because of a hill in the way, without posting a man on the hill as a manual relay. And even after all that happened we STILL left Justin’s commo gear there because without it, they would all once again be unable to even talk by radio from the volunteer camp CP to the Bundy home. We will see if he gets his commo gear back when this is over – that will be the final test of the competence and integrity of those who are running that camp (and just to be clear, it was NEVER an “Oath Keeepers” camp. It was always run by someone else. We intentionally went there in a support mode, and did not try to run it. Maybe that was our greatest error).

    In that support mode, We brought in well over a ton of food, 20 MURS radios, another 20 handheld dual band HAM radios, and countless other bits of gear and supplies, including all the materials to construct 70 mylar and tarp camouflaged shelters to hide the men from FLIR, along with bringing in dozens of Oath Keepers members as volunteers. Some of them were out there for two weeks. And all of us, including the four BOD members who came from all over the country, pulled guard duty. Steve Homan and I stood guard for five hours at the post in front of the Bundy Ranch turn off, so one of our guys from Montana could get some much needed sleep.

    We also flew three current serving Sheriffs in from across the country, and helped bring in a large coalition of Western State legislators, and we were instrumental in forming the Coalition of Western States (COWS) which held its inaugural meeting at the Casablanca Hotel there in Mesquite on April 26, to help spread this fire of resistance all over the West. Some of those legislators were on hand to stand on the stage with the Bundy family at a public press conference on April 14.
    and we brought in additional volunteers, food, and gear over the next two weeks. I personally drove a truck load of volunteers and towed a trailer with their gear and donated gear for the Bundy Ranch volunteers already there. And we had another truck and trailer pick up a ton of food in Bozeman Montana.

    And I brought my own HAM radio expert, Paul Stramer, all the way down from Montana, so he could be on hand to talk to the world in case the Bundy Ranch was isolated, and cell reception disrupted.

    He brought his mobile Hi Frequency rig (so he could talk to the world while mobile if needed), and also set up a base station in his hotel room to be the commo base for the mobile scouts we put out. He also outfitted two rental vehicles with mobile HAM radios for the scouts to use, and we used them for four days and nights. But after the debacle of Monday the 28th/29th, he returned to Montana. Likewise for a medical team I also brought down from Montana, lead by a lady who has incredible field experience running clinics in third world countries. She just flat did not feel safe at the ranch, and I could not blame her. So, she too returned to Montana.

    I don’t regret going there. The cause was just and still is (and we will go again if the BLM tries once again to oppress the Bundy family). If I could do it over again I would keep all Oath Keepers in a separate unit, and keep our gear closely watched and to ourselves. And I would make sure that our men and women were under leadership within our own chain of command and not mix our people with other units or under other’s command, except for the ultimate leadership of the Bundy family, of course.

    More later.


  4. “And I would make sure that our men and women were under leadership within our own chain of command and not mix our people with other units or under other’s command”

    That is probably the best idea.

    Hopefully someone is still trying to discover who the infiltrators are since they are most likely in every group. It is what they have done with our government, with all who group up to display the criminal actions of “our” government, so why would we (meaning us “normal, everyday, not trained” people) think that they would do otherwise.

  5. I am looking forward to hearing a statement from OK’s in reference to the upcoming May 16th gathering.
    And I wonder what your opinion is of Sgt.Maj.Page, who spoke to OK’s in St. Louis.

    May we stand united.


  6. Chris F. Says:
    May 7th, 2014 at 3:02 pm edit

    This is not sounding good, I have already purchased a ticket to fly from Peru SA to be there on
    the 18th. in support of the effort. Truck is rented and everything.

    Are your Phone hotlines still being answered?
    Stewart Rhodes Says: Chris, even after all that happened, I will not try and discourage you from going there and lending a hand. But, I recommend that you reach out to the Bundy family directly and coordinate with them, so you are assured that they make the most of what you have to offer, and so you are confident that your trips will be worth while. They still need GOOD people on the ground there. But if you are not going as a cohesive unit, try and connect directly with the family and coordinate with them. Stewart


  8. What is needed is a operational procedures manual, addressing the operational policies and chain of command to be established at events & operations like this for the OK’s. This should be implemented through out the whole OK organization.

    As the word of God says: “don’t be unequally joined together”, “come out and be you separate”. We are OK’s, not dumbed down wanna bees or glory seekers. We are men & women of honor, integrity and valor, tried and tested for the most part under military, LEO, first responder and patriotic Americans standing in the fire for others.

    I salute all of you for you service, honor and integrity, and standing for Liberty.

    Yours for freedom
    Pastor Richard C Wilmot, BRR/ AKA Freercw

  9. If Oath Keeper’s are going to respond to future events in this capacity, I agree with Pastor Richard C Wilmot.

    An After Action Review.

    SOP for a Rapid Deployment Force for future events.

    It would be nice to to have a Rapid Deployment Force of OK’ers from each State,equally trained to the same standards that could respond to events in their own States.

  10. Refusal to interoperate when contact is imminent or likely is the mark of either a narcissist (see Obama/Benghazi) or an agent provocateur. You can expect both in this milieu. As S-2 for the New Mexico Militia in the 90’s, I watched the combination of the 2 decimate & neutralize any attempt at a cohesive national organization.
    From the sources I’ve seen, OK has done an outstanding job in Nev., provisioning the volunteers, providing comms and roving road patrols and a presence far more professional than what was there when OK arrived. Some of the commentary I’ve heard from the other camp is frankly, more than disappointing; some of it is downright scabrous and deliberately inflammatory, esp. this crazy talk about “Zionists” and so on. The mainstream press gets a hold of that, we all just might as well hang it up.
    My opinion is everyone needs to QFA on the infighting. The bad guys are waiting for both the enthusiasm and the numbers to dwindle to a point where they can apply maximum force with overwhelming numbers, and then they will incur; and they will kill ever last person down there, so to leave no witnesses.
    This in mind, I will get there when I can (early/midsummer if possible), bringing whatever provisions, etc. I can. I will contact the Bundys well beforehand. I would urge OK not to give up on the Bundys, to keep a dialogue open with them, with an eye to your return to the AO. All goes well, Lord willing, I will you there. De Oppresso Liber. NJ

  11. I would highly advise working with all the groups that are there. There is safty in numbers and to have an effective defense, you need a central command. Seperate groups are easily defeated.At one point the numbers were so thin…the govt could have walked over us…only way to avoid that is working together.

  12. Hey fellers, as an observer from afar it strikes me that most of the “operators” there are naturally drawing off their military experience. Our military is designed to be led by a civillian executive. I think this is because armies are designed for one thing: kill the enemy until they are all gone. An army doesn’t have it’s own off switch. Somebody has to be there to say stop. In this case there was no such leadership and I was dismayed by this. However I don’t blame Mr. Bundy for not being a political leader, he’s a rancher. But as you guys say, clearly deliniated authority and chain of command seems essential to you going forward.

    Now sit back and watch the comedy in Utah unfold. I’ve identified 6 groups involved so far and each of them has a different agenda. Not only no unity of purpose, actual cross-purposes. Should be kinda like the clown car routine.

    And thanks for what you did. The basic mission was accomplished. I’m hoping OK can overcome this present noise. Nation still needs you bros.

  13. Oath Keepers is doing a good thing offering gas money to people that need it. I
    contributed money to the fund and I intend to contribute more. The one question that keeps popping into my head is who would possibly go on a trip like this without the funds to return home? To me it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I’m just way out there on looking after ones self, at least to the extent of some very needed return home funds.

  14. Gary……some of us had the funds to get there and back, many did not but went anyway. Some had mechanical breakdowns and took more than they had. All these men risked their life to come to the ranch. Mr Bundy helped some people with costs. Myself and Jerry spent about 12 K between us to help people that had problems. You can not just leave these me behind…we pleged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. We did what we had to do to get them home…bus tickets were bought, a plane ticket was bought. Money was given to get them home also. I set up a paypal donation fund at john_hackett1@ to help recover some of the cost but the site was taken down on the forum. Men with courage came..they did not all have money…bit they were needed badely as we were pretty thin when the BLM was ramping up…we were down to twenty men…bad odds…but we were resolved to stay and defend the best we could with what we had. Leaving was never an option for us no matter what happened. These men deserved to be helped by those that could not come….many had jobs and families but all could help those that did come. I have a lot of respect for the brothers and sisters that answered the call. The infighting and false accusations on the forum are regrettable.

  15. Gary…..few had the courage to actually come to the ranch…let alone the money. We pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. If we have 40 thousand members do ya think those that could not come could chip in a few dollars each to help those that had the courage to make it?

  16. What is needed is a operational procedures manual, addressing the operational policies and chain of command to be established at events & operations like this for the OK’s. This should be implemented through out the whole OK organization.

    We need this quickly. We need Rules and Regulations, a chain of command and a guide for members as to what is allowed and not allowed and when a pullback is required.

    Having attended a recent meeting it was realized that OK is at risk of being accused of viloent and radical actions. If an Ok is accused of staring an unwarrented fire fight it will end the OK organization. The FBI is looking for radicals and OKs do not want to be in this group.

  17. Patriots will always be accused of things they dont do. I was accused of starting a fight and pointing a weapon at a person at the ranch and I was not in the area at the time. All of this by a New Hampshire Moderator that was not even there….so there will always always be false accusations.I have been banned because of this and other false information. I think the Constitution spells it out. We are there to protect and Defend the Constitution and in the case of the Bundys, we were there to protect the Bundys from an over reaching government. We do not start fights….we finish them.
    When boots on the ground was called for…few responded and leadersdhip comes from the best man qualified that can lead. Jerry is a leader and he led us well. Our numbers changed daily so that is not easy to work with and a fluid situation. There were no radicals in the group and no one wanted to see any fight started, the purpose was to prevent a fight if possible, we would not be the aggressors…if the government came at us…we would have no choice but to defend ourselves. We could not leave the Bundys unprotected, thats the reason we were there.

    [Editor’s Note: Mr. Hackett, were you or were you not standing in that circle with the Booda guy and Jerry DeLemus and Ryan Payne? Did you or did you not raise your hand to affirm each time Payne denounced Oath Keepers? What in the name of Hell are you doing here at our website trying to post comments? Time to grow up, Mr. Hackett. You were opposing Oath Keepers until Payne got outted for “stolen valor” because he has claimed publicly that he is a Ranger when he’s never been a Ranger. Now you want to come in here and soft-sell the guy as a really decent sort of chap? Really? And yourself? Two-faced is as two-faced does. I don’t buy your BS.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  18. Elias, i would prefer to talk to you face to face if you have the Courage. You have a big mouth and apparently think your a mind reader. If you want to be nasty…do it to my face, I would have no problem debating you. Ryan Payne made a mistake as many peope do, its easy to condemn people on one single sentence…but he has been there for the Bundys and has risked his life for them…as to him being a Ranger or not….I have no information one way or the other and he never claimed to be a Ranger to me. I really do not care. You claim to be an Oath Keeper…but are you? Save your false accusations for face to face.
    I do not blame Ryan for feeling like they were deserted by OK…..numbers are where their safety is and the numbers went down the road and never came back. Put yourself in their position. If you want to ban someone every time they disagree with you…your membership will dwindle. I have pleanty of solid friends among the Oath Keepers. By the way…I have the greatest respect for Jerry DeLemus…..when our numbers were small and it looked like we would be over run…we all vowed to fight to the end and no one choose to leave. Thats courage…I doubt you have that kind of courage. Its easy to judge people from a distance when you are not facing what they are facing…and then to leave those men hanging to find their own way home ….we have recieved zero support from OK for getting men home, Jerry did not leave one man behind…we all returned home together…I love and respect that man and will stand with him any day against any foe. Dont try to put words into my mouth…I am capable of telling you exackly where I stand….love to have a face to face with you. So far I drove 2800 miles one way to defend a family against a tyrannical Government, I did so at my own expense and risked my life in the process for what I believe in (not the first time) I stayed three weeks in the desert under less than great conditions (how long were you there?) I did this at my own expence and insured that all the men got home (did you pay your own way also?) So don’t try talking down to me MR because you have not proven a thing to me at all. Stewart has not answered any e-mails I sent him???? Whats with that??? Actions speak louder than words so until you put your butt on the line with the rest of us under the same conditions…..and pull your weight, you just vibrating the air. You saw the video…if your smart enough to figure out what happened…oh I read minds…sorry. Hate Rayan if it makes you feel good, hate me also, I could vcare less.
    best Always
    John Hackett

    [Editor’s Note: Oh Goodness! Mr. Hackett, I have nothing to say to you. I do have some things to say *about* you, but I will save those for the Board meeting this week. Regarding your comment here, I rest my case.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  19. Oathkeepers went in uninformed, unprepared and totally off the grid in regards to common-sense during this action.

    Flag-wavers and t-shirts only work for the first few hours in situations such as this and it is shear stupidity to believe otherwise.

    There were no immediate and reliable Communications planned or implemented, there were no funds readily available to purchase NECESSARY ITEMS for this mission, there were no leaders forming-up the Oathkeepers as to their Service, Ranks. MOS’s, Abilities or even a formation to review what supplies and manpower WAS on hand or for WHAT REASONS?

    The “Intel”, sucked, which it always does, combat situation or not, supply lines were never established, mission and accomplishment never occurred and of any such actions in the future needs to be lead by those of us that have the proper training and expertise in these types of matters. NOT BY CIVILIANS, VICTIMS or WANNA-BE MILITIA!

    I anxiously await the debrief of this entire saga and the orders for a top-to-bottom overhaul of Oathkeepers (Which I most definitely want to be a part of) and the way future matters such as this will be handled in the future, PRAYING that those of us that are properly trained will be put on the ground ABOVE AND BEYOND ANYONE ELSE!

    Semper Fidelis, just don’t make my loyalty to my country and this group so damn painful in the future!

  20. “…few responded and leadersdhip comes from the best man qualified that can lead.

    So WHO makes THAT determination in a situation such as this? You IMMEDIATELY seek out your highest ranking U.S. Marine! ALWAYS!

    Jerry is a leader and he led us well.

    By WHO’S standards?

    Our numbers changed daily so that is not easy to work with and a fluid situation.”

    You don’t think THIS occurs in combat?

  21. [Editor’s Note: Mr. Hackett, please understand that your participation in Oath Keepers’ websites is no longer welcome. I have deleted the content you placed in this text box. You’re going to have to go play somewhere else.
    Elias Alias, editor]

    < .....>

  22. @Gregory

    I think you are confusing the Oath Keepers with the wanna-be militia goons that showed up at the Bundy Ranch. It was OATH KEEPERS that arrived with all communications, medical, and supplies. I know because I helped put those logistics together. Payne and other tactical dullards arrived with only their own gear and no common sense. Oath Keepers was the only group that had any semblance of organization, the problem was, we were not in charge of the Bundy Ranch. The Bundy’s are in charge of the ranch, and they deferred authority to people who were not qualified. Jerry is no leader (he only joined Oath Keepers about a week in advance of the Bundy incident), in fact, he along with Payne prevented men from digging in and fortifying against attack. They just happen to be good at sweet talking people into following them. The only mistake Oath Keepers made was arriving in a support capacity instead of taking charge. In the future, there will be no blowhards like Payne running the show as far as Oath Keepers is concerned.

    Also, a LEADER is someone who PROVES their leadership qualities through action, intelligence, and most importantly, effectiveness, not the “highest ranking marine”, or the guy who happens to talk the biggest. This is why picking a leader on the fly almost always ends in disaster. Too many guys are overly impressed with big talk and supposed rank, and not with concrete results, and they end up with a lemon that sends them charging to their deaths.

  23. Correct me if I am wrong Brandon, but did not the Militia’s already have the BLM returning the cattle to Mr. Bundy before Oath Keepers even showed up?

  24. I’ll even go a step further, I posted an article that clearly stated that the cattle were being returned to Mr. Bundy, and it was on this website for awhile, then it disappeared. What’s up with that?

  25. @Lee

    No, the “militia” (some of them I would not consider militia) had barely arrived when the PROTESTORS and CATTLE DRIVERS took back the cattle along with the Bundy Family. Guys like Payne had nothing to do with that adventure. Beyond that, the point remains that Payne and the unfortunate souls who trusted him were very poorly organized and if the Feds had chosen to raid at that time, security would have had no coms, no medical, and minimum organization. This is a sign of stupidity, let alone bad leadership. Oath Keepers had to leave tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies, and teach men there how to use them, just so security could function.

    The Bundy event proved one thing, Oath Keepers is one of the only liberty organizations in the country today that actually has the knowledge and logistics to handle the kind of security issues that will arise in the future. Leadership requires organization and results, not big words from blowhards.

  26. To Lee @ comment #23 and #24;

    Hey Lee, it was not the militia. The Cowboys themselves got the release of the cattle. There were a few militia already there before April 12, the day the cows came home, But they were simply standing guard for the Bundys. Oath Keepers had men on the ground there before April 12, and we had more there on the morning of April 12. There are numerous videos on YouTube which show Stewart and Sheriff Mack at the wash under the bridges of I-15 where the BLM troops backed down and the cattle came through. It is pointless to accuse Oath Keepers of not being there when the cows came home, because we’ve got videos of Oath Keepers on the ground right then and there. And we continued to bring more boots to the ground, as well as build more logistics and generate much more publicity to get Cliven Bundy’s message of State ownership of State lands and the total lack of authorization in Article I, Section 8, for the federal government to own land within the States. That hath much to do with why Oath Keepers engaged this event initially, and why we worked there until that group of malcontents sabotaged the public perception and thereby created danger for anyone assisting the operation at the scene.

    Regarding the missing article, I do not know how you could post an article here, as only myself, our webmaster, Stewart, and our two assistant editors, Shorty and Brandon, can post articles. Do you mean to indicate that you posted a comment here? Please tell me more. If you don’t still have my email addy, please use this messaging system here to let me know where to send it. Thank you.


  27. Personally, I think Payne is a pain in the ass. So keep Payne out of this, I can show a video of Stewart arriving after the BLM had decided to release the cattle. It was not only the Cowboys that got the job done, it was the man power (Militias) backing them up.

    Here is the article I posted that disappeared…

    I know many Militias that went there personally, as situations kept me from attending.

    I should of got a google cache of the article, because it was there. But somehow it disappeared.

  28. @Lee

    Payne was the HEAD OF SECURITY at the Bundy Ranch, and the one trying to prevent Oath Keepers from improving the situation, so no, I will not be “leaving him out”.

    There were a handful of militia on the ground and they did not arrive en masse until the protestors already retrieved the cattle. Period. If those militiamen had been organized, then they would not have desperately needed all the radio gear, medical supplies, and survival supplies that Oath Keepers brought.

    The success of that particular event had NOTHING to do with the unorganized jokers that I was referring to in my post, including Payne. Stewart was on the ground when the cattle were retrieved, and there were Oath Keepers in the crowd that marched on the cattle fence, so your point is irrelevant. Again, the bottom line is that there was no solid organization or logistics in terms of security until Oath Keepers arrived. This is not debatable. This is cold hard fact. Blame it on Payne, or blame it on the people who followed him without question. Either way, if we don’t acknowledge reality, we will not learn from it.

  29. I endorse the oathkeepers, I’m still dealing with medical issues. I wish I could add money but we are limited. 🙁

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