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It’s Not Just Obama That’s Screwing America: Congress Reaffirms NDAA

It’s Not Just Obama That’s Screwing America: Congress Reaffirms NDAA

This article was written by M.D. Creekmore and originally published at

That’s right folks, it isn’t just our fearless leader B.O. that’s wiping his butt on the Constitution and the Bill of rights, it’s congress too, and before you go off blaming the democrats, no matter how evil they are, I should point out that this monstrosity against American citizens, was reaffirmed with the support of a majority of republicans – see the full congressional member roll-call and how they voted here.

The “No” votes are votes against amendment  H.Amdt. 676 sponsored Rep Adam Smith (D) to eliminate indefinite detention of American citizens, without due process of law under the NDAA H.R. 4435.

In total 214 republicans voted against amendment  H.Amdt. 676  that would have eliminated the power given to the president and the executive branch allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens under NDAA without formal charges, or due process of law.

Looking to my state of  TN Republican “representatives” Phil Roe R, Chuck Fleischmann, Scott DesJarlais, Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, and Stephen Fincher all voted against the amendment that would have eliminated the power of indefinite detention of Americans given to the president under NDAA.

They are an embarrassment to the state of TN and to America as a whole.

What exactly is the National Defense Authorization Act you ask? Well it essentially does away with the constitutionally guaranteed right to a due process and a fair trial by providing the executive branch of government with the power to arrest and detain indefinitely any US citizen, without charge or due process of law.

Via The New Ameriican

One of the most noxious elements of the NDAA is that it places the American military at the disposal of the president for the apprehension, arrest, and detention of those suspected of posing a danger to the homeland.

Furthermore, a key component of the NDAA mandates a frightening grant of immense and unconstitutional power to the executive branch. Under the provisions of Section 1021 the president is afforded the absolute power to arrest and detain citizens of the United States without their being informed of any criminal charges, without a trial on the merits of those charges, and without a scintilla of the due process safeguards protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Further, in order to execute the provisions of Section 1021, Section 1022 (among others) unlawfully gives the president the absolute and unquestionable authority to deploy the armed forces of the United States to apprehend and to indefinitely detain those suspected of threatening the security of the “homeland.” In the language of this legislation, these people are called “covered persons.”

The universe of potential “covered persons” includes every citizen of the United States of America. Any American could one day find himself or herself branded a “belligerent” and thus subject to the complete confiscation of his or her constitutional civil liberties and nearly never-ending  incarceration in a military prison.

What this amounts to is essentially a repeal of the sixth amendment and once again our so-called “conservatives republicans” have showed where they stand, how they stand and what they stand for. Why we keep voting either one of these political parties (republican – democrat / democrat – republican) and their attached evils into office to “lead” OUR country, is beyond me.

Folks we don’t have a two-party system as we’ve been lead to believe. Many Americans think that they have a choice when they enter the voting booth. Well guess what we don’t – republicans and democrats, democrats and republicans what’s the difference? Neither political party actually represents the American people nor do they care about defending individual American rights or the Constitution

In the U.S. we have a one party system masquerading as a two party system, to give voters the illusion of having a choice and hope for change, but both parties are controlled by the same people who really run the country. The system is rigged and we don’t have a choice…

And unfortunately, I don’t expect a third party like The Tea Party to ever take a majority of Congress, the Senate or the Presidency, the people who really run things won’t let it happen or maybe it’s because the American people care more about the next football game or American Idol than what is really happening to OUR country…  Nope Democrats and and Republicans and business as usual…

Want proof, we need to look no further than the recent senate race in KY where “Republican Mitch McConnell Crushes Tea Party Challenger Matt Bevin“… But I digress…

The republicans think that no one will know, remember or care how that they voted on this, prove them wrong. Take a look at your state and write down how each one of your “representatives” voted on this and then you vote to throw them out of office during the next election.





  1. What do you expect from TRAITORS
    who are bought off by the highest bidder?
    TRAITORS have taken over the Media and Political system.
    You have an Anti American president Obummer that is
    delusional, unfit for command, a TRAITOR to American values, a threat to National Security.
    Now he is dumping illegals to vote in other commies that promise to give something for nothing.
    Obummer is INTENTIONALLY destroying our military and nation.
    Obummer HATES America.
    And people do NOTHING.
    Why haven’t the TRAITORS been Impeached and Arrested?
    Like your change? Like that “free” healthcare?
    Stand up cowards. Speak. Act. Impeach. Arrest. This is OUR country.
    D-Day. The Alamo. 1776. Did all our brave ancestors die for nothing?
    We Stand Together as Americans that love our America, or we loose EVERYTHING.

    Are you people just brainwashed zombies?
    Yes…just go back to your porn, sports games, and NWO commie controlled TV and Movies.
    If you do NOT Stand, then you deserve your anti American Obummer as in-com-patent in-chief.
    carry on tv media zombies. follow nicely.

  2. You gotta keep a level head dude! Going out and doing something foolish is what they want us to do, these men are the king of the counterpunch they have already taken 2 anti Obama movements and turned them into focus groups ensuring the continuation of their government system, the tea party is now the new arm for the republicans and the occupy wallstreet was turned into communists, those were just unarmed people shaking signs, the government conquered them without firing one bullet and they don’t even know it! And I sure hope armed people dont start some new patriot militia to try to ”take back America” and lead some disorganized assault on Washington because big brother wont be sending Sarah Palin and John Mccain to kiss up and charm them down, they will get squashed by the army and all of us will feel the government’s crack down.

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