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FACT CHECK: Harry Reid Says ‘Multizillionaire’ Koch Brothers Are The ‘Main Cause’ Of Climate Change

Harry Reid

Harry Reid has lost it. That this man is the Senate Majority Leader is a travesty.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article and video comes from the Washington Free Beacon.

by Andrew Stiles

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) continued his deranged, one-man crusade against the Koch brothers on Wednesday, accusing the libertarian philanthropists of being the “main cause” of climate change.

“The multizillionaire Koch brothers,” Reid said, are “the two richest people in the world,” and are primarily to blame for what some liberals refer to as “climate change.”

“They are one of the main causes of [climate change],” Reid said. “Not a cause, the main cause.”






  1. Good morning,

    Although I believe that Reid is a trator to our country, what he says here is a good
    possibiliity; however, if they are part of the cause, I don’t believe that they are
    alone, as someone else could be helping to fund this project- -and for sure our government
    and NATO are a very large part of it- – if for no other reason than to be supplying the means
    for the spraying.

    Reasoning: Fact: Someone is spraying us DAILY and all one needs to do to confirm this is
    look up and watch as the jet planes disperse chemicals into the atmosphere. The trails are
    not contrails, as some would like you to believe, as contrails disperse quite quickly while chemtrails form into cirrus looking clouds and cover the sky.

    If you take the time to check into this phenomenon, you will find out one of the by-products
    of this spraying is climate change. Whether this is the soul reason for the spraying, you
    need to make this decision for yourself. But, it is serious, and the consequences are and
    will be extremely disasterous for all of us. Check out geo-engineering and David Keith, as he
    is a major proponent in this.


  2. Koch brothers are not the problem.
    Anti American UN One Worlder COMMUNIST
    thugs that have taken over our America ARE the PROBLEM.
    Obamunista HATES our country. Obamunista Hates the American people.
    This “president” is INTENTIONALLY Destroying America.
    Obamunist is a clear and present DANGER to National Security and our Freedom.
    Why hasn’t the TRAITOR been Impeached and Arrested for Treason?
    Why is Reid allowed to call Americans “Terrorist” and at the same time
    make land deals against American interests with Communist China businessmen?
    Why hasn’t Reid been recalled?
    WAKE UP: TRAITORS are in charge of Amerika.
    Why are undocumented voters allowed to install these Anti American TRAITORS into office?

  3. The only thing Dingy Harry Is Spraying is BS…These people in Nevada should get this NUT Case out of Office ASAP…He is a despotic Idiot!!!

    Semper Fi

  4. climate change,,, the federal gov. is responsile with 1000s of chem trails every day and the H.A.A.R.P. program. the belief being …. he who controls the weather controls the battlefield.

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