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Congress Learns An EMP Could Kill 90% of Americans

solar eruption

This article was originally published at Activist Post

Yesterday Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee held a hearing about the potential impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb over America.

An EMP is caused by the detonation of a high-altitude nuclear bomb which sends a massive surge that fries anything electrical. It destroys anything with a microchip, the entire electric grid, and all vehicles built after the mid-1980s.

McCaul opened the hearing entitled, “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Threat to Critical Infrastructure,” saying an EMP would be far more catastrophic than even ground-level nuclear bombs. (watch video below)

“Some would say it’s low probability, but the damage that could be caused in the event of an EMP attack, both by the sun, a solar event, or a man-made attack, would be catastrophic,” said McCaul. “We talk a lot about a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, and cybersecurity threat to the power grid in the Northeast, and all of these things would actually probably pale in comparison to the devastation that an EMP attack could perpetrate on Americans.


Dr. Peter Pry, a member of the Congressional EMP Commission, testified that an EMP event whether from a rogue state or the sun could wipe out 90% of America’s population.

“Natural EMP from a geomagnetic super-storm, like the 1859 Carrington Event or 1921 Railroad Storm, and nuclear EMP attack from terrorists or rogue states, as practiced by North Korea during the nuclear crisis of 2013, are both existential threats that could kill 9 of 10 Americans through starvation, disease, and societal collapse,” Pry told the committee.

The purpose of the hearing was to advance H.R. 3410 To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to secure critical infrastructure against electromagnetic pulses, and for other purposes.

The general aim of the resolution is to appropriate funding to research “a comprehensive plan to protect and  prepare the critical infrastructure of the American homeland against EMP events.”





  1. EMP… it’s been around since the 1800’s and just now they want to use our tax dollars to emp
    proof the infrastructure.. B.S. just another reason to waste money on bridges to nowhere… should be in the construction contract to begin with and not after the fact…

  2. The next shoe to drop will be the dire need for a smart grid. This sounds like the building of a Trojan horse.

  3. Protecting against EMP is MUCH needed.
    But the Real purpose is for the Smart Grid.
    Smart Grid is to SPY on you.
    Smart Roads, is to track you, spy on you. RFID in tires and computers in cars.
    Credit cards are to Spy on you. Track you.
    Banks are to spy on you.
    Cell Phones are to spy on you.
    Cable TV boxes in your home, spy on you.
    Wake up to the reality and PURPOSE of the above “modern conveinences”.

  4. I know of nothing that has more variables when attempting to understand it’s effects. EMP is just another form of EMF (electro motive force). In order for damage to occur there must be a path or circuit (conductor). A “chip” sitting on a rock all by itself, has the conductivity equal to the rock it’s sitting on. An 85 chevy sitting in your driveway with the ignition switch off(key word) is as conductive to EMP as the driveway. Statements, “destroys anything with a microchip”, or “fries anything electrical” are half-truths. Should the electrical potential (voltage) in the air create “lightning” type effects, such as seen in photographs showing EMP lightning surrounding a burst, and strong enough to “jump” switches, the chip and chevy would be your last worry. The “grid” should be your greatest concern. The area of the grid can conduct huge voltage, the amount of volts measured per cubic meter of atmosphere, from a relatively small yield EMP device, depending, could bring it(grid) down. Many “ifs”. If a frog had wings… Don’t misunderstand, EMP is a real threat, but personal Farraday cages? Hmm. Thanks Oath Keepers, for all you do.

  5. I have found several things about EMP threat be it Solar or Human caused, and placed them on this site, some idea’s on preparing, what can one do? some farraday idea’s, as well as on the site the links to the reports sent to DC leaders about this. It is a real danger, both Russia / China have super EMP devices, and Iran has been practising missle lauch from containerships that can as Mosad reported be possible emp attack practices as they detonate at the same altitude, note this is a feasable attack plan upon America and non defendable.

    If your prepared as best you can its all one can do, as for 90% American fatalities? not sure I would estimate a minimum of 50% and up to maybe 75% due to the lack of food, supplies, medical needs and breakdown in law enforcement, etc. So just food for thought, also I am learning more about it as I go, Appreciate Chandlers comment on the topic. There are many ifs, I would hope such an event would be less life threatening, but due to the current lifestyle of Americans most of our life resources are now digital, and on most of the time and could easily be a victim to EMP.

  6. we would all perish. Think about all the trouble 1 screwed up nuclear power plan is causing us (Fukishima). How would we survive 400 fukishimas with no in tact civilization to work on them?

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