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Are You Talking To A Provocateur?

In Plain Sight

An agent provocateur is most likely to hide in plain sight.

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by David Hathaway

The imagined look and persona of an agent provocateur in most people’s minds probably couldn’t be further from the truth.  Most would probably picture the obscure, silent individual lurking in the back of the room while doing his best to conceal his identity and his movements.  If you accept that image, you have also accepted the notion that the provocateur is really just peeking in on, documenting, and recording pre-existing criminal activities and shady plans going on around him.  You haven’t faced the reality that the whole show is the production of the provocateur.

Once you realize that the momentum, the force, the ideas, and the infrastructure of an event are suggested, put in motion, paid for, forcefully or charismatically insisted upon, managed, and facilitated by the provocateur, then you look to very different individuals when considering who is the state’s agent provocateur.  Looking for those individuals causes you to look for those displaying the characteristics of a leader, a financial sponsor, an employer, a boss, an orchestrator, or a charismatic friend to a lonely person.   Following are 11 characteristics that may be displayed by a provocateur.

1.  Is at the front of the room. He is the most visible person in the activity.   He is the center of everything; the lynchpin.

2.  Is the biggest talker. He talks endlessly about illegal activity with no attempts to conceal his intended activity.  The provocateur doesn’t, as some must think, randomly stumble into a lot of evil debate societies where he is welcomed warmly into an open discussion of criminal conspiracies.  On its face, that notion should be counter intuitive to most people based on their life experiences.  Even private criminals rarely, if ever, speak specifically to anyone, even to their family or inner circle, about the details of criminal acts they plan to carry out.  Talk is at a minimum and objectives are not openly stated but, understood.  The provocateur, on the other hand, rants incessantly about criminal ventures and seeks head nodding, mumbling, smiling, or something that he can describe to prosecutors as assent to, or participation in, the planning of a conspiracy or the execution of a criminal act in furtherance of a conspiracy.     Real criminals will quickly decide to get out of Dodge when confronted with a showy loud-mouth nut job that is either a cop or will get everyone thrown in the slammer.  That leads us to the third characteristic.

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  1. Great topic and article! Check out the documentary: Into the fire, this movie shows Agent Provocateurs in action

  2. Oh great make us more paranoid, This may be true, but were going to have to trust, just not to much Maybe when the SHTF you will be forced to get a squad together and shoot the guy that is a traitor. .

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