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Ammon Bundy At The Filing

Ammon Bundy Tasered And Attacked by Dog
Ammon Bundy Tasered And Attacked by Dog

Having stood beside him personally, looked into his eyes, and heard directly the patient tone of confidence carried in his voice, I got to see a bit of the magnetic reality of his presence. Ammon Bundy is a sure and strong American cowboy, a rancher and farmer, and a man who knows how to stand for what is right. His manner is calm, deliberate, and considered.  He is a thoughtful man who takes good care of his family and his family’s ranch and farm.  He is his own natural force, like that which moves deeply in still waters. He makes one proud to be an American, and speaks clearly and with pride in his knowledge of the Constitution and our historic tradition of personal freedom. Like his father, Cliven, Ammon is a man who will stand on principle because that is his character, forged in the desert heat the same way character is forged in repeated and practiced moral adherence. He is a non-aggressor and a stalwart defender, sure of soul, sure of hand, sure of his right to stand on the land.

The Bundy family has filed criminal charges against the BLM, which in a flourish of mechanized indifference brought an army down upon a bunch of cowboys, tased Ammon while letting loose a combat dog to bite him as he tried to help a woman they had thrown to the ground, pointed sniper rifles at their children in their own yards, killed some of their cattle and buried them in a mass-grave, and threatened them for stepping off the road onto land they grew up on, and in general acted just like a massive oppressive government that in its arrogance no longer protects the very people who support it.

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Ammon Bundy and Family
Ammon Bundy and Family




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  1. Excellent start!

    Now we need to see what judge he gets, and research to see if the judge has been using “Good Behaviour” in the courtrooms as required or instead using Shariah, foreign laws which have NO jurisdiction here unless they are in “Pursuance thereof” the US Constitution. Keep the judge if has been following his duties, and keeping the oath; remove if not.

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