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Understanding Jury Nullification

Power to the jury

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  1. I understand that this article refers to POT and I don’t believe mind altering drugs should ever be legal but the concept of Jury nullification is an important one that only a very few people understand.

    On the topic of the RIGHT to protect loved ones and those who would seek to deny you that Constitutional right:

    Our wonderful Constitutional Republic (purposely designed to be inefficient to protect the people) has checks and balances throughout the entire system. The final and last line of defense is the Jury box. The Jury not only sits in judgement of the accused but they sit in judgement of the law itself. In each case the Judge will instruct the Jury that they MUST come to a decision based on the law… this is a lie and the Judge breaks his oath… if your neighbor or fellow oath keeper is arrested for refusing to register his / her guns then the accused should always call for a Jury trial of his / her peers.. we have that right… BUT WAIT…WHO ARE OUR PEERS? If you and your attorney don’t tell the court / Judge who your peers are (and they won’t ask you), then THEY will pick your peers. In any Jury trial YOU and your attorney need to present to the Judge a list of your peers… BUT again who are your peers?… In the case of illegal unconstitutional registration of guns, or our right to self-defense, your peers have to be sympathetic and understanding of our Country and YOU… YOU should be a LIFE member of the NRA, and the USCCA, and several other gun organizations. Why? THESE are your peers ! Any resistance to these peers can be perceived as a mistrial and the case should be thrown out. And if it goes to trial your PEERS can simply vote to NOT convict thereby denying the government its desire to rob you of your property, liberty or life.

    In the case of self-defense NOT involving guns… a martial artist was arrested for crushing the trachea (it only takes 24 pounds of impact force) of a robber demanding money. The robber had a knife and said he was going to kill HER. SHE spun and with a cat’s paw fist and crushed his trachea. The robber died of suffocation. The liberal Communist DA said she committed murder as SHE was a dangerous weapon. HER peers were Grand Masters in martial art, black belts in martial art, Krav Maga experts, etc. The DA knowing he could not get a conviction dropped all charges. Talk about he war on women… the oppressors are the liberals. Anyway, any bad law can and should be nullified at the Jury box… The problem is hardly no one is educated in this. It is up to people like me and you to get this word out as fast as possible.

  2. And please, when you are called to sit on a Jury… GO !… You never know the life you may save could well be an Oath Keeper who committed no Constitutional violation.

  3. On the topic of PEERS…. I forgot to mention that in addition to being a Life member of the NRA and USCCA you should also be a dues paying member of (of course) OATH KEEPERS ! Sorry, brain slow, my bad.

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