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Obama To Propose Ending NSA Bulk Collection Of Phone Records: Official


Of all the BS coming out of this administration, this is some of the worst. Obama is wanting to appear as a defender of privacy rights, while out of the other side of his mouth, wanting to appear to be a forceful defender in the War on Terror. The NSA is under his command. He could just as easily issue an Executive Order to accomplish his stated goals, knowing full well the FISA Court goes along, authorizing every request. But he wants Congress to share in the duplicity. It’s all smoke and mirrors. BS on a grand scale. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from Reuters.

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama plans to ask Congress to end the bulk collection and storage of phone records by the National Security Agency but allow the government to access the “metadata” when needed, a senior administration official said on Monday.

If Congress approves, the Obama administration would stop collecting the information, known as metadata, which lists millions of phone calls made in the United States. The practice triggered a national debate over privacy rights when the extent of the surveillance program was exposed last year by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Instead, the government would have to get permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to review data about the time and duration of telephone calls that it believes may be connected to terror attacks, according to the New York Times, which first reported the plan.

Obama, who on Monday met with world leaders in The Hague, has been grappling with a backlash to U.S. government surveillance programs since classified details about the extent of data-gathering were first leaked by Snowden.

Snowden is currently in Russia under temporary asylum.

Obama has defended use of the data to protect Americans from attacks. His plan seeks to hold on to “as many capabilities of the program as possible” while ending the government’s role in controlling the database, the official said on background.

“The president considered those options and in the coming days, after concluding ongoing consultations with Congress, including the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, will put forward a sound approach to ensuring the government no longer collects or holds this data,” the official said in a statement.

The Obama administration will renew the NSA’s telephone metadata program until Congress passes new authorizing legislation, the official said.

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  1. All of a sudden,BO has decided to “Ask Congress” to scale back his snooping, as though he’s interested in observing constitutional obligations.The trick here, as I see it, is to have congress agree to certain forms of government spying, which will spread the blame and also legitimize it by congressional approval.I wouldn’t be surprised if this maneuver actually expands the spying.

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