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Man Gets Raided For Gun Tattoo


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by Claire Wolfe

Michael Smith was asleep Tuesday morning when a tree-cutting crew went to work in his yard. Smith, who works nights and sleeps during the day, climbed out of bed, shirtless and wearing only pajama bottoms, went outside and told the crew to go away and come back another time.

Some accounts say he asked. Others say he yelled. No account says he threatened anybody.

But just a few minutes later, Smith was awakened again. This time by police shouting at him through an electric bullhorn. They ordered him to come out of his house. When he did, he discovered his that his driveway was full of state troopers, bearing what a local newspaper described as assault rifles.


Because Smith has a tattoo of a gun on his belly. Somebody on the tree-cutting crew mistook it for a real pistol and called the cops. Fortunately, police didn’t kick down Smith’s door. They didn’t shoot him. When they realized the “gun” was just a piece of body art, they didn’t even arrest him. A Maine state trooper commented afterward, “Obviously it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t have a weapon, but we had to respond to the initial report as if he did. We take all precautions when we don’t have the details.” Did they really? This is rural Maine where guns are common. Smith had done absolutely nothing wrong. Not one thing (unless you count a fair number of ugly or politically incorrect tattoos as being “wrong”). Gunblogger Weer’d Beard, who knows that area, commented.

This call to the police should have gone like this:

  • “I saw a man with a gun!”
  • “Was he pointing it at you or acting threateningly?
  • “No he just had it stuck in the front of his pants?”
  • “Oh, well grow up, Cupcake!” **CLICK**

I mean there’s nothing even RESEMBLING a crime in the report.

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