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Dianne Feinstein Launches Scathing Attack On CIA Over Alleged Cover-up

CIA Investigations

Sen. Feinstein is fine with us being watched and recorded, but doesn’t like it when she is being watched. She speaks of the Constitution, when it suits her, but ignores it otherwise.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from the Guardian.

by Dan Roberts and Spencer Ackerman in Washington

The chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee, Dianne Feinstein, on Tuesday accused the Central Intelligence Agency of a catalogue of cover-ups, intimidation and smears aimed at investigators probing its role in an “un-American and brutal” programme of post-9/11 detention and interrogation.

In a bombshell statement on the floor of the US Senate, Feinstein, normally an administration loyalist, accused the CIA of potentially violating the US constitution and of criminal activity in its attempts to obstruct her committee’s investigations into the agency’s use of torture. She described the crisis as a “defining moment” for political oversight of the US intelligence service.

Her unprecedented public assault on the CIA represented an intensification of the row between the committee and the agency over a still-secret report on the torture of terrorist suspects after 9/11. Resolution of the crisis, Feinstein suggested, may come this week at the White House.

Feinstein, who said she was making her statement “reluctantly”, confirmed recent reports that CIA officials had monitored computer networks used by Senate staff investigators. Going further than previously, she referred openly to recent attempts by the CIA to remove documents from the network detailing evidence of torture that would incriminate intelligence officers.

She also alleged that anonymous CIA officials were effectively conducting a smear campaign in the media to discredit and “intimidate” Senate staff by suggesting they had hacked into the agency’s computers to obtain a separate, critical internal report on the detention and interrogation programme.

Staff working on the Senate investigation have been reported to the Department of Justice for possible criminal charges by a lawyer at the CIA who himself features heavily in the alleged interrogation abuses. The CIA’s inspector general has another inquiry open into the issue.

Feinstein said this was a possible attempt at “intimidation” and revealed that CIA officials had also been reported to the Department of Justice for alleged violations of the fourth amendment and laws preventing them from domestic spying.

“This is a defining moment for the oversight role of our intelligence committee … and whether we can be thwarted by those we oversee,” said Feinstein in a special address on the floor of the the US Senate.

“There is no legitimate reason to allege to the Justice Department that Senate staff may have committed a crime… this is plainly an attempt to intimidate these staff and I am not taking it lightly.”

Last week, CIA director John Brennan, a former White House counterterrorism aide to President Obama, issued a rare scathing public statement on the deepening crisis, suggesting that unspecified “wrongdoing” had occurred in “either the executive branch or legislative branch.”

Brennan, who initially withdrew from consideration as CIA director in 2008 out of allegations he did not consider torture to be a serious offence, said last week he was “deeply dismayed that some members of the Senate have decided to make spurious allegations about CIA actions that are wholly unsupported by the facts.”

The committee’s report is still classified, and several of its conclusions are sharply contested by the CIA.

Feinstein said that she would immediately appeal to the White House to declassify the report’s major findings. The White House, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment, is formally on record as supporting the declassification, which the president has the power to order.

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  1. This is good. The feral senators are attacking the feral intelligence service. I wish for much blood from both sides. However we should encourage them both from a distance as the African proverb says,”When elephants fight the grass gets trampled.”


  2. If this is a current picture she has lost a lot of weight. She is worried about something. We don’t lose weight that easily.

  3. And, which branch and/or House will bare the load? Obviously, there seems a need to either scrub the deck, re-shuffle it or shovel the holding pens out as usual.

  4. Since when dose Feinstein and intelligence have anything to do with each other? Seems like the shoe is now on the other foot. The very people who approve of spying on you and me don’t like it when they are the targets of spying. Go figure.

    How wonderful would it be if we the people were able to get our hands on he results of this spying…??? We need more Snowdens.

  5. Don’t any of you smell a rat in this? Remember, to these people it’s all about power and control.If the Obama-ites can weaken a powerful,semi-independent power center (The CIA) they will gather in more strands of power to themselves.Recall the Blomberg affair ca. 1936 in Germany and Stalin’s Purge of the army high command.Feinstein may just be doing the next hatchet job assigned to her by His Majesty.If BO accedes to Feinstein’s request it will certainly be a switch from his usual stonewalling, and then CIA will be in the crosshairs.Career bureaucrats live by one golden rule, CYA.It is not likely that, on his own hook, some CIA operatives would decide to start messing with congress.

  6. So the government is spying on itself? Or is the shadow government now spying on the elected government. I’m sorry people but I’m really starting to believe that we don’t hold our fate in our hands anymore! Too many weird things going on. Maybe it’s just me! I don’t know anymore what to think. Stay Armed. Be prepared. And God bless!

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