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Austin Police Officer Upholds His Oath With Open Carry Activists

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The following video was produced by Come And Take It Texas

It is hard to check independent media news sources from day to day without coming across videos of oath-breaking police who either do not know the law within their particular state and county, do not know the Constitution, or who simply do not care.  Organizations like Oath Keepers and ‘Come And Take It Texas’ are working to change the tide and educate law enforcement on their duty to uphold the Constitution.  The officer in the video below needed no educating whatsoever.  It lightens my heart to see such a peaceful, friendly, and professional interaction between citizens and police, and it gives me hope for the future.

Brandon Smith, Associate Editor






  1. The Austin police have a bad reputation for civil rights
    violations and police brutality. Don’t be fooled by one
    smiling chubby cop. Go on the net and check out
    Austin PD-they are among the very worst. After the
    current tidal wave of police brutality and murder
    e very police department has a public relations
    nightmare. The truth is that the police have been told
    that we are the enemy and that they are at war.
    Check out Craig Paul Roberts article on the net .
    The numbers of people killed by the police are horrifying .

  2. @Antoniosucre

    I think you are missing a valuable point here. This officer’s example proves that not all police should be assumed to be the “enemy”. Don’t fall into the propaganda trap. The statists would like nothing better than for you to direct your venom at Oath Keeping officers in a blind rage, thereby generating the circumstances by which Oath breaking officer’s find a rationalization for their actions.

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