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As Deadline Approaches, New York Refuses to Divulge How Many Citizens Have Registered Their Guns

No Safe Act

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by Bob Owens

The standoff between 80,000-100,000 gun owners who refuse to register their arms and a state government that simply doesn’t have the manpower, firepower, prison space or hospital space to enforce their ban continues in Connecticut. For the moment, the government of Governor Malloy is wisely engaged in ignoring the enforcement of Constitution State’s blatantly unconstitutional gun law, as the politicians who voted it allegedly lobby for protective details.

Just to the west, a similar problem is brewing, on a much larger scale.

New Yorkers are required by the so-called “assault weapon” ban provisions of the New York SAFE Act to register applicable firearms by April 15. At least one million firearms are thought to be affected by the ban, and likely belong to more than 300,000 New Yorkers.

How many of these firearms have been registered?

Bearing Arms attempted to find out today how many of the so-called “assault weapons” belonging to New Yorkers had been registered with the State Police, and received this curt reply.

The State Police cannot release information related to the registration of weapons including the number of weapons registered. Those records you seek are derived from information collected for the State Police database and are, therefore, exempt from disclosure.

We don’t know, and we can’t know, thanks to a provision hidden within the hastily passed NY SAFE Act. There is no legitimate policy reason for hiding this data. It is simply just another part of NY SAFE that Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted hidden from public view.

If New Yorkers are anything like their brethren in Connecticut and less than 15-percent register their arms, the deadline will pass with 850,000 qualifying firearms still “undocumented.” Considering the widespread and vocal opposition to the NY SAFE Act among law enforcement, including outright refusals to enforce the law by many New York Sheriffs, noncompliance will likely be even higher, approaching or exceeding 90-percent.

It will be interesting to see how loud-mouthed but largely impotent Governor Andrew Cuomo responds to the expected widespread non-compliance. As Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R-Pittsford) noted earlier this year:

“The rank and file troopers don’t want anything to do with it,” Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R-Pittsford) said Monday. “I don’t know of a single sheriff upstate who is going to enforce it.”

“If you don’t have the troopers and you don’t have the sheriffs, who have you got? You’ve got Andrew Cuomo pounding on the table in Albany,” Nojay said.

It it all but certain that non-compliance is going to be even higher in New York that it is in Connecticut, and there is even less that Governor Cuomo can do about at with law enforcement agencies being unwilling to enforce a law that they feel is blatantly unconstitutional.

At this point, hiding just how bad his failure is might be the bright spot of Coumo’s blatantly unconstitutional, widely ignored law.





  1. Hey – PATRIOT ‘brothers’ in NY and CT (and across America)…….Examine this “Operation American Spring” starting in Washington DC ( the heart of the Corrupt Tyrannical Un-Constitutional BEAST)…A ‘call to Action’ to ALL brothers and Sisters to ANGRILY!!!!!!!!!!! assemble in DC starting on MAY 16, 2014. examine I don’t need to list “Our Grievances”, they closely parallel the Documents of July 4, 1776……Another LEXINGTON is Coming unless WE THE PEOPLE are just willing to sit and watch THE TRAITORS ***rape Liberty daily***.

    It is long past time to ACT – prepare and be there!!! Because we all KNOW that the kicking in doors WILL COME – absolute power corrupts – Time to PUSH BACK HARD!!! Bring ‘protective gear’…..This is YOUR Country – demand it back. MAY 16, 2014!!!!!!!!!!

    [Editor’s note: David, Oath Keepers will be making our advisory about OAS very soon now. Please stand by for our recommendations regarding OAS. Thank you.
    Elias Alias, editor

  2. I can tell you after talking to some sheriff’s and deputies many within the state police and even some town police officers. That I really can’t wait for April 15th to roll around its going to be a joke. Even many of our state police are saying there is no way they will register their private guns.

  3. If I have this correct, the U.S. Constitution trumps all other law, so this is,or would be an illegal gun grab, plain and simple.

  4. It is way past time to legally charge these subversive lawmakers with Treason and subversion of the Constitution. They took an oath to defend it, but now we see their oath was just lip service. They need to understand We The People will not tolerate their crimes. I sincerely believe that they know exactly what they are doing and that they are not acting in our interests.

  5. How many of the elected, pompous politicians in this, the Empire State will admit to whatever weapons they possess……or have even registered because they were owed a “favor?” Just skip the middle man entirely and go for the hard working citizens, and of course the military within this state,…… still active, retired or deceased who by their very nature and obedience to the Constitution have more than earned the right to bear arms.

    Those who died fighting for this country earned the ability for those of us at home to follow the second amendment and be responsible gun owners…..answerable to no one but themselves as how to manage and maintain ownership of their weapons……..they are sought out for record keeping by the simple fact they have had to create a paper trail for the Feds to follow…….but what of the gang members, the criminal elements and those of unsound minds who wish harm to others… do they manage to fall below the radar and their ownership go unheeded until it is too late?

    These are the very ones the government should be seeking and leave the proper ownership to “WE THE PEOPLE” who honor and cherish the Bill of rights and recognize the ownership of guns as a privilege not to be taken lightly and if properly used does not need “big brother” constantly watching us over our shoulders.,

    Is the answer in those of us who are responsible gun owners to be held accountable for all others no matter their mental capacity……would you not agree that if those who are so quick to condemn all gun owners, become what they are intended to be…….the ones who maintain the Second Amendment for citizens and Patriots alike to enjoy the use of…….with legal use only.

  6. I spontaneously drove 710 miles Round Trip (S pa to CT) in a borrowed VAN which I slept in for 2 nights in 25 degree and 37 degree temps!!!! to be at the Connecticut GUN RALLY on the Hartford Capitol steps in Solidarity with my oppressed PATRIOT brothers…….

    I took 700 (seven hundred) pieces of “Operation American Spring” literature with me, signs, flags, and a LOUD VOICE……I wandered the crowds presenting the Event (even to MANY in OATHKEEPERS garb)…..I didn’t indiscriminately hand out the info – I presented it, and the People came to ME. They WANTED IT!!!! In four hours ALL 700 WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Patriots, Militia, just plain mom and pop) I had no more Literature left for the ‘Split Rock Gun show’ on my return. But that is OK.

    ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! From 1 person to 700 in 4 hours!! – over the next month how many times will that Number MULTIPLY!!!! Spread the Word. There is ‘safety in numbers people’. PREP, PRAY, BE THERE!!!!!! Only YOU can save YOUR Nation.

    Just one guy in PA.

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