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Update – Mexico

Guerrero map

Mexican Vigilantes Stand Up Against Crime

The following video gives information on the Community Defense groups that sprang up to defend their communities against drug cartels, in the Mexican State of Guerrero.





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  1. It is a God given right to defend your Self. Your Family. Your Community!
    Isn’t it great to see it in practice?

    These people are rediscovering their own Constitution!
    They are taking an “oath” to protect their people and communities!

    They them selfs are saying… “it is bringing joy to our people to have our villages back.”

    We do not know what these people had to endure under the oppression of the drug cartels and their own government.
    To see their own family members severed head stacked along side of others from their community who would stand against the cartel.

    Their own government dose not allow arms… Yet they have found what ever they have, look at their march through their town of the new home defense force…


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