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The Rise of Organic Gardening


The following video is very revealing. I found it, and an article, on Dr. Mercola’s website. He gives this information:

The video features John Dromgoole, owner of The Natural Gardener, an educational organic gardening center in Austin, Texas. According to Dromgoole, Generation X’ers have become a driving force of his business. He’s seen a near 500 percent increase in vegetable, herb, and seed sales, for example, compared to previous years.

This is a very dramatic increase indeed, speaking to the rapid evolution of organic gardening—or perhaps it would be better to call it a rapid U-turn, back toward the age-old food production practices that we know works, and produces optimal benefits not just for you, but also for the environment.

This new wave of consumers, who are increasingly concerned about the quality of their food, are flocking to organic gardening centers to buy their produce and to learn how to grow their own food.

So, it seems more, and more, people, including GenerationXers, are deciding to take matters into their own hands. They want to grow their own organic food!

This is a facet of preparedness it is good to see young folks taking an interest in.

Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor





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    BUY AMERICAN. (It’s your country.)

    The current supply-demand equation for unhealthy food
    has been working well with an uninformed population.
    But it is starting to change as the population becomes
    more informed of just how “healthy” the food that is
    being sold to them really is. Supply-demand does not
    work to the benefit of the consumer unless the consumer
    is well-informed and truly has a choice.

    But the “choice” is developing in spite of big food
    industry’s effort to stymy the choice. And they are
    reluctantly starting to get a “little” with it, but
    to NO credit to themselves. –They are “all” about
    the bottom line.

    Guess who funds the fight against the labeling of GMO
    food. –And the “Natural” food label is nothing more
    than a “joke” on the consumer by the food industry to
    counteract the demand for healthier food.

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