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School Officials Want to Ban “Alarming and Frightening” Gun Ban Signs

No Guns Sign

This article was written by Lily Dane and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

On January 1, 2014, Illinois finally caught up with the rest of America and passed concealed carry legislation.

Under compliance with that new law (House Bill 0183), schools, churches, government agencies and liquor stores statewide will be posting 4-by-6-inch stickers like the one above to remind the public (in particular, those with concealed carry permits) that there are limits on where a gun can be carried.

But school officials in Illinois find the picture above too disturbing to post on school doors and windows.

Tinley Park High School Principal Theresa Nolan is one of the school officials who shared her feelings about the signs:

“One of my biggest concerns as a principal is safety and security. It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, ‘Hey, folks, leave your guns at home.’

“I think the general public will be alarmed by it and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past. I have no knowledge of guns ever being in this building.

“I would have appreciated something more subtle, yet still recognizable — a logo, perhaps, not a gun.

“You can’t look at this (sticker) and not think about Sandy Hook.”

Tinley Park Associate Principal Randy Couwenhoven chimed in:

“The intent of the stickers is to inform those with a concealed-carry license that they are not allowed to bring a gun into this location. It is a reminder to this particular audience, an audience that should already know this.”

Perhaps concealed carry license holders aren’t the ones school officials should be worried about. In fact, maybe school officials in Illinois should be disappointed that their state did not join the 18+ others that DO allow teachers and other adults to carry loaded guns on school grounds. After all, concealed carry permit holders DO often save lives.

Last December, an armed deputy sheriff stopped a shooter at Arapahoe High School in Colorado. As soon as the heavily-armed shooter saw an armed officer approaching him, he fatally shot himself.

Armed citizens often save lives, but the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about that. It often happens in places like convenience stores, which usually have “no guns” signs on their doors. Convenience stores are common robbery targets, so we see how well those signs are working for them.

Perhaps those school officials should be afraid of the no-gun signs for that reason – because such signs let criminals know which places are easy targets.

District 123 Supt. Paul Enderle said of the signs:

“It is not necessarily something you’d want on a school building. But it correlates with the law, and I think if it ultimately helps to keep schools safe, that’s the objective.”

Yes, having those signs on a school building isn’t ideal, but probably not for the reasons Enderle has in mind. And the idea that the signs may keep schools safe is nonsensical. Since when do criminals follow laws, anyway? Surely a “no guns” sign is going to make a would-be shooter stop in their tracks and rethink the mass murder they were planning to carry out!

This sign more accurately depicts what the “no gun” sticker means, especially to a would-be mass shooter:


Supt. John Byrne of Community High School District 218 said the sticker is “abrupt when you first see it.”

Here’s what Byrne told the Southtown Star about the signs:

The image can be frightening, Byrne said, “but if it keeps the world safer, that’s OK. The No. 1 thing we do for kids in general is keep their school safe. We don’t want schools to become like airports but we should make some reasonable efforts. If it’s reasonable to tell people this is a safe, no-gun zone, then we’ll do it.”

In some ways, he said, “it is a sad editorial on humanity” that people need to be reminded that weapons are not allowed in schools.

Being afraid of a sign defies logic.

These are the people who are in charge of educating our children.





  1. I had thought to go into a local police station because I wanted to confer with the community affairs officer. It was nearly impossible, in fact, in my case it was impossible. The station was more secure than Fort Apache the Bronx! A sign on the outside entry way said to use the provided phone and an officer would come to the small enclosure I found myself in, unable to prdceed any further. Upon picking up the phone, a voice immediately said, “911, what is the nature of your emergency?”
    I replied that I was inside the entry foyer of the police station and desired to speak to the community affairs officer. The questioning began in earnest at that point. What was the nature of my business? Could I give relevant information as to why I was there. etc? Finally, I just thanked the person on the other end, told them to forget it, and walked out the door, got into my car and drove away. Not once did I receive any encouragement that I would be able to speak with an officer as I desired.
    Frankly, I am amazed by thoughtless administrators who believe that their foolish mechanisms are appropriate to stave off violence they obviously fear. Are police departments now becoming so fortified to protect themselves from law abiding persons, or is it that they cannot trust anyone? If police departments must fortify themselves in the very real manner I just described, how is it that school administrators with limited protection capability, may think to be more secure because of a 4 X 6 sticker with a gun crossed out on it?
    We all know that too frequently the only thing law enforcement may do in their official capacity is to write a report. This is done only after the wrongful act has been committed. And therein lies the key, “Wrongful act!”
    Let’s just say that the true purpose of such sinage is to forestall inadvertent discharge of an otherwise lawfully carried weapon. Can that really be the purpose? And, is it a well thought out prohibition?
    Has anyone of them ever thought to consider the innumerable times they have stood in the pay line of a supermarket or Right Aid store next to an armed person without even being aware of it? How many bank tellers have stood across from a licensed carrier with a fully loaded firearm on their person without either knowledge or injury? I venture were the truth to be known, it happens thousands of times daily.
    Are firearms dangerous? Of course they are! Yet everyday untold numbers of police officers go about publically with their firearms plainly evident and yet the public is at ease because they intuitively understand these persons are protectors. The only problem is, when you need them, they often are not present to provide their valuable services. Indeed, that is why they more frequently are report writers describing events already having occurred.
    It just doesn’t make too much sense. Why don’t they have “Bomb free zone,” stickers on the entry ways also? Klebold and Harris had such items prepared for use in their assault on Columbine High School.
    The unpleasant truth is man has a capacity for violence. That unpleasant truth is often fortified by violent movies, violent video games, and a careless inclination to disregard that we are enabling children to learn to kill without remorse.
    At least in police departments, there is a command structure and authority that informs officers when they may use their weapons and the guidelines that must be followed in the application of force. But a school shall never be able to have such opportunity because they have no command or control of a person who cares little for the little blue or red stiker on the door. It might just as well be dispensed with.

  2. When I read such stories about schools being gun free zones I want to scream!!! I can’t help wondering how educators can be so pathetically stupid, and in my opinion they are what I call: “educated fools.” How can anyone in their right mind not see the stupidity of posting signs letting criminals know that there are no fire arms in the school building. They may as well post another sign saying….”come on in criminals…we are a gun free zone, therefore you can commit your crimes at will and no one will try to stop you because we don’t have the gumption to have a fire arm ready to protect the children”
    This really does baffle me at the sheer stupidity of those in authority who ought to know better, yet they are in charge of our children every day. They have to be mentally challenged not to see how utterly stupid their actions are. But then, how many stories have we heard about where a young first grader has been put on suspension for pointing his forefinger at a school mate, pretending it was a gun. Or even drawing a picture that resembled a gun!
    Yes, these are the morons who are educating our children!

  3. I saw a shirt at a gun show in Pennsylvania this past Sunday. It read “The door that you just kicked in for entry was locked not to protect me from you. But to protect you from me! Maybe these schools should post more applicable signage to get the point across to the unlawful nitwits.

  4. Actually the sign has a larger purpose than the protection of children.
    It is a seed that is being planted in any number of ways, that ultimately will disarm the whole of the country. This is not to protect us from horrendous isolated incidents, but rather to allow the subjecting of our citizens to control never before experienced in this country.
    That same control has happened elsewhere and resulted in the Armenian massacre beginning in 1915.
    This control enabled the enslavement and subsequent deaths millions of Russian citizens.
    The Nazi war machine which killed millions and resulted in the deaths of millions more, had as the harbinger of its murderous appetite, the enforced confiscation of the personal weapons of the people.
    Our government now has reached a magnitude of influence that completely negates the will of the people.
    It has become hostile in its purpose and may not be thought to have as its design the peace and well being of our citizens or the protection of all that is held dear, freedom.
    We have had our people turned against our own government in the past (Viet Nam), and now we have our people turned against our own people. Unwittingly, we are contributing to our own demise.
    It is not recognized that as this cancer grows, it is really a war for hearts and minds to sublimate the people. It is to prevent any wind of resistance to an abusive influence, should it be our own government or any other power that exerts itself.
    These are described as powers (Domestic and foreign), that may injure us.
    Are there those who do not yet understand that the Presidential oath of office is being violated? Do they not know the Presidents oath is not superior to the oath of a Military Officer? Can it not be understood that the President may be a “Domestic threat,” as he has shown himself to be?
    The Military oath is sworn as follows:
    “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”
    You have as a President today, a man who is in violation of his oath.
    He is lawless, insisting he is his own law.
    At the same time, he is carefully crafting a personal ideal of militaristic readiness by evisceration at the national level, and empowering police departments beyond our wildest imagination at local levels. Each of these are to be subject to his administration which is further empowered by a maverick DOJ, corrupt courts, and a corrupt Congress.
    We have our domestic enemy and he is operating with impunity.
    But that is not the danger!
    The danger is the growing influence of Islam in the United States.
    Not unlike Nazi Germany, when the Nazis took power, a national registry of firearms and of persons possessing them already existed.
    We all know what happened then.
    The Armenians too, had a fateful future before them. All able bodied Armenian men were conscripted into the army. They were forced to submit to military rule and subsequently ordered as it were to their own deaths under authority of their superiors.
    At the same time all personal weapons were classed illegal to be possessed and any violation of the law punished severely.
    We have seen that here. Do you remember what occurred during Katrina? Do you remember Patty Konie and others?
    Now we have a more sinister threat in the United States.
    The people are facing disarmament while every day Islamic influence is being enlarged throughout the United States.
    We have the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and muslims of some stature in administrations of government.
    The treasonous acts of Obama and his aiding and abetting groups which have ties to terrorism should not go unnoticed yet largely and alarmingly they do.
    Now he is relaxing proscriptions that before had prevented those who had aided terrorists from coming in.
    If not an immediate threat to our security, It is a path to national suicide!
    Impeachment proceedings should have been started against him long ago, yet our unprincipled and emasculated representatives fail to act.
    What shall we look like three years from now?
    We are preparing our means of defeat until it bursts upon our own heads.
    Remember Armenia!

  5. Does anyone know anything about this situation?

    This expert is saying the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged event?

    I was in Panama during the “invasion”.
    CNN was showing fires and fighting. Said it was happening “Live”
    I was literally two blocks away from reported location, sitting on a patio, eating and drinking good food.
    No fire. No shooting was occuring then.

    During California Earthquake, same BS reporting. Showing the ONE fire, over and over.
    Most people were ok and just going about their business.

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