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Russia Threatening To Intervene Militarily In Ukraine


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A senior Kremlin aide accused the United States on Thursday of arming Ukrainian “rebels” and, urging the Kiev government to put down what he called an attempted coup, warned Russia could intervene to maintain the security of its ex-Soviet neighbor.

Sergei Glazyev, an adviser to President Vladimir Putin with responsibility for relations with Ukraine, told a newspaper that U.S. “interference” breached the 1994 treaty under which Washington and Moscow jointly guaranteed Ukraine’s security and sovereignty after Kiev gave up its Soviet-era nuclear arsenal.

His characteristically confrontational comments, on the eve of an expected meeting between Putin and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich at the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics, could add to tensions with Washington, and within Ukraine.

Asked by Kommersant-Ukraine daily whether Russia might “actively intervene” if the country’s crisis deepened, Glazyev recalled the Budapest Memorandum of 1994: “Under the document, Russia and the USA are guarantors of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and … are obliged to intervene when conflict situations of this nature arise.

“And what the Americans are getting up to now, unilaterally and crudely interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, is a clear breach of that treaty. The agreement is for collective guarantees and collective action.”

He did not specify what action Russia might take.

Washington, which has urged Yanukovich to share power with a unity government to end a violent standoff in the streets, has accused Russia of pressuring the leadership in Kiev to prevent Ukraine joining a trade pact with the European Union.

Yanukovich sparked the protests in November when he turned down the EU accord and took financial aid instead from Moscow.

“The United States is committed to working with both the Ukrainian government and the opposition to help de-escalate this crisis,” White House spokeswoman Laura Lucas Magnuson said when asked about Glazyev’s comments.

“We condemn the use of violence by any party in Ukraine. Russian officials should be doing the same,” she said. “Russia should not view the desires of the Ukrainian people for greater democracy and a closer relationship with Europe as a zero-sum game.”

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  1. –“Russia Threatening To Intervene Militarily In Ukraine”

    Great. John McCain(?) will have his war, even though it wasn’t
    with Russia over the Georgia Republic. One thing good about
    it is that we will not have to worry about what war to get
    involved in next. I have NO love lost for Vladimir Putin
    –and I am sure that the former KGB agent has plenty of
    blood on his hands. But hopefully Americans have had enough
    of wars half-way across the planet. I wonder if the Russians
    have a Monroe Doctrine regarding their(?) spheres of influence.

    When it comes to starting wars in recent history Russia has a
    long way to go to beat the U.S. And as I remember they might
    have helped to keep us from sending young Americans to die in

  2. Don’t mess with Russia. They have Nukes.
    Leave their backyard alone.
    What they do there, is none of our concern.
    None of our business. End of story.

    We have our own problems.
    We have a NWO communist Traitor that is controlled
    by bankers as Jester in chief Obamunista Czar.
    They WANT a ww3 with Russia. Syria is a Russian partner.
    Respect that and LEAVE It Be.

    Put the Obamunista TRAITORS in Prison.

  3. 02 Jan 2014

    A Marine who graduated from North Central High School was killed Wednesday in Afghanistan, the
    Defense Department announced today.

    Sgt. Jacob M. Hess, 22, died while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, said Lt. Hector Alejandro, a Marine spokesman for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, which covers the east coast and is based in North Carolina. Details about the incident were not immediately available and the incident is under investigation, Alejandro said.

    Hess graduated from North Central High School in 2009.

    What the article did not say:
    Hess Loved America, Loved his family, Loved his woman.

    Mica Lamb, who coached Hess when he played on the North Central’s soccer team, said Hess was “full of life.”

  4. The BIGGEST threat to America is the Obamunista and NWO Bankers.
    As stated,
    “Leave Russia alone.”
    Let the Russian Bear sleep peacefully.
    Don’t poke a Bear with a stick.
    Don’t wake a sleeping Bear. They get cranky.
    And Russian Bear has subs armed with nukes sitting off of our coasts.
    Do NOT provoke a confrontation.
    Live and let live.

    America has it’s own problems. Treason. Traitors.
    Criminal, corrupt, bought off, NWO politicians and NWO Bankers.
    Arrest them. Arrest the Criminal Obamunist.

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