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Publius Huldah: Old Fashioned Constitutionalism

Publius Huldah
Publius Huldah

All Federal Gun Control Is UnConstitutional

This 25-minute speech is one you’ll want to save to disc and enjoy again and again while sharing with friends.


From the intro under the video on youtube:

Published on Mar 6, 2013

Huldah goes through the history of the Federal government’s unlawful actions to regulate firearms in America and she points out that when it started, the Progressives had already begun a takeover.

Read –

The second amendment does not grant our right to bear arms, it restricts Government from infringing upon it.

“It is one of enumerated powers only. When “We the people” ordained and established the Constitution, we created the Federal government. It is our creature. We are the creator. It is the creature. It is not our master.”

Huldah then courageously pointed out that all laws made by Congress, any restrictions imposed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, any restrictions made by executive order, and all Supreme Court decisions that restrict firearms are unconstitutional. They are unconstitutional because there is no authority to do so.

“Universal registration leads to confiscation. Confiscation leads to extermination. It always has. Why do you think they are so “Hell bent on disarming us?”

“Let’s have no more talk of ‘reasonable restrictions’ and background checks imposed by the Federal government,” Huldah declared.

– end  quoted passages from youtube video page –

In the above passage is a link to Publius’ blog. At that link is one very powerful resource of resources.  A word to the wise, eh?

Here it is again


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  1. I could not watch this piece due to dial up, I am sure it was enjoyable as was mentioned, but PLEASE do not let it lull you into any false sense of security, because the powers that should not be do not give a flip about the constitution.

    [Editor’s note: Hey, CB – Sorry about the dial-up problem. Here is something you may enjoy instead:

    Elias Alias, editor]

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