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Prominent Liberal Unearths Evidence Of New World Order

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Conservatives such as Alex Jones have for many years gathered quotes from prominent world leaders about a “New World Order”:


Liberals have tended to write off this claim.

But now prominent liberal blogger Matt Stoller has unearthed fascinating evidence for a new world order of sorts.

Stoller’s entire article at Salon is a must-read. Here are the highlights:

Western elites in America and Western Europe after World War II made a serious effort to get rid of nations altogether, and combine all “freedom-loving peoples” into one giant “Atlantic Union,” a federal state built on top of the NATO military alliance.As odd as it sounds, the documentary evidence is clear. This movement did manage to create a “European Union,” which came from the same ideological wellspring as the “Atlantic Union.” Once we recognize that the Cold War saw the construction of a powerful international regime that explicitly sought to get rid of sovereign nations, these broad security architectures revealed by the Syria situation and the NSA spying revelations make a lot more sense.

The strange story of Atlantica

The effort to unite Europe and the U.S. started in 1939, with the publication of a book by an influential journalist, Clarence Streit … a New York Times journalist assigned to cover the League of Nations, which led him to the conclusion that the only way to prevent American isolationism and European fascism was for political and economic integration of the major “freedom-loving” peoples, which he described as America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and most of Western Europe. The Five Eyes surveillance architecture was created just a few years later, as was the international monetary regime concocted at Bretton Woods.


Streit’s argument, that the West needed to combine its strength to fight totalitarianism everywhere, was a powerful draw. The youth of the 1930s — those who read Streit’s book — became the political and diplomatic leaders of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and many of them went on to craft the multilateral institutions and international policies of the Cold War.

Indeed, the congressional record is peppered with resolutions and hearings from the late 1940s to the 1970s pushing for Atlantic Union. For example, in 1971, the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives convened a hearing to discuss the prospect of combining the United States of America and Western Europe into one country. This “Atlantic Union” would be a federal union, very similar to the the one described in United States Constitution. Existing countries would become states under a federalist system, with the larger federal system having its own currency, military, interstate commerce regulation and foreign relations apparatus.

That day in 1971, the committee was discussing a specific piece of legislation, a resolution — House Concurrent Resolution 163 — to create an “Atlantic Union Delegation,” a committee of 18 “eminent citizens” to join with other NATO country delegations and negotiate a plan to unite. The subcommittee chairman presiding over the hearing, congressman Donald Fraser of Minnesota, described the specific goal of the legislation as convening an “international convention to explore the possibility of agreement on a declaration to transform the present Atlantic alliance into a federal union, set a timetable for transition to this goal and to prescribe democratic institutions under which the goal would be achieved.” It was to be a Constitutional Convention.

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  1. This is just a little information of proofs what is going on and who was members of these various organizations. Counsel of Foreign Relations, NATO, United Nations, EU, Communist Party USA, Democratic and Republican Party, the Bankers, Education Department, colleges, universities. The World and National councils of Churches, Catholic Church, and other religious organizations. It is also the masons, shiners, and other groups all working together to make the USA the central leader in the creation and sustaining the NWO. GW Bush spoke and admitted it and now several others have also acknowledged it publically. In our day it is not a secret, but the finalizing of the total control of the world. In the Book of Revelation speaks to this in several chapters concerning these end time days. In reality it is the devil setting up his kingdom and God will destroy it all. Read to show thyself approved of Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. A great ending to the video…Speechless huh? “Priceless”, caught with your panties around your ankles…

  3. When the liberals begin to advertise the new world order they think they are on the cusp of success. Yet they have one great problem, the population is waking up and fighting the socialist takeover.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski fears global awakening, see video

    If we lose the second amendment protection we are finished.

  4. @ Dave, “If we lose the second amendment protection we are finished.’

    NO, we can never lose a natural right, it is ours b]from birth until death. We can choose to fight for liberty, and maybe die on that road. Or choose to submit and most likely die on that road. WE can let them take our rights, surrender them, or NEVER surrender.

    I am stubborn, and will never surrender. Am I afraid, sure. I am afraid that I might fail our children, our nation, our country because I do not know enough about how to keep what we have, and how to stop what is going on except to not submit and to educate others. That we will win and on the way the greats of literacy will be destroyed to make it that much harder to teach our children properly. That we will let a military, etc organization step into power as they will try when we defeat the current enemy – there is more than one enemy waiting at our wings.

    Have you noticed how other nations peoples are now also fighting for their freedoms against greater odds then we currently have? What we are fighting can be won, but we must not destroy our values to win it.

    Our US Constitution gives us the wherewithal to use whatever is necessary to DEFEND our nation. That we are NOT allowed to put our military into “wars of aggression” or fund a standing military for over two years if a lawful war is not declared by the congress. That it is the Militia of the several states that is taxed with the duty of defense, enforcing the US Constitution and state Constitutions, and the laws of our land. But we let them almost destroy our Militia – help build it back up so that we do have a defense that is LAWFUL. That can go and arrest LAWFULLY those who are corrupt.

  5. @CAL, “NO, we can never lose a natural right; it is ours from birth until death. We can choose to fight for liberty, and maybe die on that road. Or choose to submit and most likely die on that road. WE can let them take our rights, surrender them, or NEVER surrender.”

    I have worked all over the globe and at times in active civil war regions. I pray we never get to that point but to sustain our freedoms it may be necessary. Civil war is an ugly situation that can devolve into indiscriminate destruction. You say you have fear. I respect that completely and would stand with you if necessary. I would be very wary of standing with those who say they do not fear an open conflict environment. Fear focuses the mind and reduces mistakes that can be catastrophic. However, I firmly believe in the old adage “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees”. The progressives will put everyone but a select few on their knees. The progressive movement has been striving for a New World Order for over 100 years. They will not stop striving for that result voluntarily.

    The great awakening has become a worldwide phenomenon that over time may release more people from tyranny. Obama attempted to install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and failed. Hopefully Syria will be able to gain their freedom as well. The country that interests me the most is Venezuela. I was working in Venezuela when the monster Chavez was elected. He began sending groups of thugs throughout the country (Brown Shirts) to intimidate the land owners. That later evolved into those thugs taking the land for the hand selected cronies of Chavez. Do not think it would not happen here.

  6. Bravo, I could not catch the video,(dial up) but I think I got the meaning. I have been visiting some liberal open minded web sites, we have a lot in common a lot of the time. The progressives both Democrat and Republican have sold their souls, but if some how we could reach out to some of the liberal bloggers to help get the truth out. Geez I have neighbors that are good people, and democrats but we just don’t see eye to eye on every little matter. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over 30 yrs. We don’t agree on much but it has not come to blows. NOW THE PROGRESSIVES that is another picture. I’ve blabbed on this site as much as anyone to hope to come to some kind of a conclusion, Lord Jesus I hope we can put something together.

  7. @Charlie Brown,

    You are correct; this is not a fight between the Liberal, Libertarian and Conservative movements. This is a battle with the PREGRESSIVES. See sites below where the Agenda 21 policy is supported by Republican and Democrats. The environmental movement is the centerpiece for the progressive movement. They use false arguments to frighten the masses to support their cause.

    Agenda 21 is a draconian land management scheme designed to force the population into compact urban areas.

    Truth be told, the progressive desire for population control is rabid.

    Progressives are our enemy period. They live in the Republican and Democratic party.

  8. @ Dave, you re correct!
    But “Agenda 21 is a draconian land management scheme designed to force the population into compact urban areas” does not cover all of their “enumerated” goals:
    – depopulation
    – all people (left alive) moved into “human habitats”
    – no one owns anything: cloths, cars, bikes, themselves, food, water, etc. it will be given to you based on if they decide if you deserve it or not.
    – no pets, etc
    – and much, much more. Agenda 21 makes the slavery that happened in the middle ages throughout the world look good. Clinical trials – all must participate if ordered to do so whatever the age – birth thru death.

    What most of the dupes do not understand is that they HAVE to be killed because they will learn they are betrayed and become the enemy. The promises should always be looked at with great doubt – look at all of Obama’s (he is NOT the legitimate president) lies. Even the Pentagon, federal reps, state reps (dupes) who think they will be in power – laughable, as they are useful TOOLS only. Those who will be in power are the ones whose feet they are currently licking.

    If they only way they can get it into “power” is through lies, deceit, murders, etc then you KNOW if the people understood what is going on they would not accept it.

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