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Oath Keepers Assist WWII Veteran

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People helping people. Good communities look after their own. In this case, some Oath Keepers helped out a WWII veteran. Great job, Oath Keepers!

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By Lance Ferguson

Group, Business Helps WW II Vet

FROSTPROOF | A Frostproof couple found a warm spot in other people’s hearts in the middle of the recent cold temperatures.

Donald and Michele Vandorn’s home had been without air conditioning and heating since the beginning of winter. Donald, 93, is a Navy veteran who served on a submarine in the Pacific during World War II and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Because Michele Vandorn, 62, is a member of a group called Oath Keepers, she called Doc Woodard, the group’s leader, to tell him about their situation.

“It got down to the 40s inside the house,” VanDorn said, adding that all they had to keep warm was a space heater and electric blanket.

After hearing from the Vandorns, Woodard made their plight known and Kissimmee member Holly Winsman contacted Danes Air Conditioning Inc. in Frostproof. Winsman told the company to send the repair bill to Oath Keepers.

Owner Dell Danes and his nephew, Jason, both Army veterans, rearranged their schedules to get the heat back on within a matter of hours.

And Danes didn’t send a bill to anyone.

“I didn’t do it for any recognition,” Danes said — he did it because Donald is a World War II veteran who needed help.

The group is currently taking donations to pay the Vandorns’ electricity bill.

Mike Austell, president of Florida Oath Keepers, said anyone can donate.

“Three dollars, 5, $10, whatever. We just don’t want them to be cold again,” Austell said.

Vandorn said she is overwhelmed by the amount of support she and her husband received, as well as a little embarrassed because she has never had to ask for help before.

“I didn’t join Oath Keepers to get something out of it; I joined because I believe in the Constitution,” Michele Vandorn said.

To donate, contact Austell at 904-864-4968 or