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Mexico Vigilantes Enter Knights Templar Cartel Stronghold


This article comes from the BBC website

Vigilante groups in the troubled Mexican state of Michoacan have entered a stronghold of the Knights Templar drug cartel, occupying the main square.

Hundreds of vigilantes, backed up by armoured vehicles and troops, arrived in Apatzingan on Saturday.

They have also set up roadblocks around the city, in western Mexico.

The cartel controls much of the drug trafficking in the area, carrying out killings and kidnappings and extorting money from local people.

Vigilante leaders, who have joined the official security forces, and the army have been searching house by house for leaders of the Knights Templar.

Some arrests have been made, including the brother of one of the organisation’s top leaders, according to local reports.

The vigilantes “will be in charge of security in Apatzingan”, Michoacan deputy government secretary Fernando Cano told AFP news agency.

In the beginning of January, the “self-defence groups” launched an offensive against the Knights Templar gang, taking over several municipalities in Michoacan.

On 11 January, they also occupied the central square of Apatzingan, where the cartel’s command is based.

But there were reprisals, with arson attacks against local businesses.

The new operation began just before 11:00 local time (17:00 GMT) on Saturday.

The vigilantes, federal police and soldiers walked unchallenged into the centre of Apatzingan.

Checkpoints have been set up along several access routes to the city “to check who goes in and out,” said vigilante leader Estanislao Beltran.

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  1. Vigilantes? they look like citizens militia to me, I guess BBC cant stand the idea of good people arming themselves for their own defense.Haven’t heard a peep about all this from the lamestream or from the cesspool on the Potomac – wonder why –

  2. This proves beyond a doubt that Mr. Stewart Rhodes concept of the Civilian Preservation Teams (CPT) works for sure.
    Here we find the people of Mexico working with the Police, and the Military defeating the drug cartels.

    Are we to believe this would of happened if the people didn’t do some thing on their own first, by arming them selfs? This was going on for years the Cartels killing these innocent indigenous people, they had to do something because the government did nothing!

    After the people banded together in these “self defense teams” the government had no choice, they would either have to fight the people, or join them in the fight against the drug Cartel.

  3. Very well put Mr A Patriot…The CPTs will be created by us citizens in our own localities. In our county, we are working with the Sheriff to implement the anti-ndaa laws that were recently passed in Sac.You might write your reps about a bill in Az,backed by Sheriff Mack. SB 1290 would require the feds ask permission from the Co. Sheriff before they do any enforcement in his jurisdiction.

  4. Sheriff Paul Babeu in Pinal county is one helluva sheriff.He is teaching the young men and women in the county to become active members of society and to protect their own homes.his police explorer program is exceptional and should be set as a model for more jurisdictions.If WE THE PEOPLE can provide support for the local sheriffs that are pro-constitutionalism then we can take back the country from the illegal leaders falsely elected.The Mexican people are as fed up with the drugs destroying their families and the children .WE THE PEOPLE should be a helluva a lot more upset.Our country is falling apart.The poisons are killing our future while those in DC become wealthier .THis is a sad time for our country.We have allowed criminals to occupy our highest office and most of the other offices in DC …It is time,IT IS THE TIME,that AMERICA takes back our country .Purge the DC area of all the worthless and appoint military leaders until we get our borders secure.Dealers purged and our citizens addicted clean and sober .Productive people are sober people.

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