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Mainstream Media Silent On Dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership


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Written by  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D

Despite the many unconstitutional provisions purportedly contained in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, the mainstream media has ignored the subject almost entirely.

A survey of television news coverage of the TPP reveals that a:

transcript search of CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly, ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer, and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams from August 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014 found no mention of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The TPP received one mention on PBS’ Newshour, when Doug Paal of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace argued that approving the TPP would improve relations with Asian nations.

The 24-hour cable news channels have been almost as silent. The report indicates that “the three largest cable networks — CNN, MSNBC, Fox News — covered the ongoing negotiations 33 times during their evening programming. The overwhelming majority of these mentions (32) originated on MSNBC and aired during The Ed Show.”

That the pro-Establishment media should ignore a threat to the Constitution is no surprise, particularly since their political patrons do likewise. The problem with the information embargo on the TPP is that there are millions of Americans who still rely on the so-called “mainstream media” for their news.

Perhaps this is the precise purpose behind the decision to keep the TPP out of the headlines and off the nightly news.

The “Fast Track” to Tyranny

Forbes reports, for example, that only President Obama can close the deal on the TPP. Part of that includes persuading Congress to “fast track” negotiation of the TPP, in the form of a Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill.

The TPA is a tool that the president demands be in the U.S. trade representative’s bag when he sits down with his colleagues from the other TPP participants. Again, from Forbes:

TPA or “fast track” is essential for the President to complete negotiations. Negotiators for our trading partners would be foolish to sign off on a treaty unless they knew that the Congress could not amend it.


A TPA bill would allow the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty, said to be in its final stages, to be completed and ratified. In addition to its trade and economic benefits, TPP is the most prominent piece of the Obama “pivot to Asia,” his attempt to exercise more leadership in the area. TPP is supposed to lead the region to our version of open, reciprocal trade rather than have the region move toward the Chinese mercantilist model.

That would be a little more believable were it not for the fact that the president himself has entertained the inclusion of China in the TPP.

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  1. It really does not matter what Obama, his minions sign. IT IS NOT LAWFUL HERE IN THE USA. EVER! PERIOD!!!

    WE must start nullifying them, taking control of our states, and continue teaching our Militias and law enforcement about their LAWFUL duties- removing those who are into the “power” of assaulting US citizens.

    Remove judges who did not use “Good Behaviour” while on the bench, promoting those who have. It is us, “WE the people” who decide guilt and innocence, if a law is bad or good, AND if judges are keeping their contract and oaths in the courtrooms.

  2. Basically this is an assault on the USA and her people from within by those in power and those too ignorant to NOT “just blindly follow orders” or “just do their jobs”, mercenaries, and
    even foreign troops here on US soil.

    None of this is lawful or authorized.

  3. When you lay out all possible pathways, no matter how ridiculous or counterintuitive they may seem, and sort the multitude of data, events, and actions upon their appropriate piles, a new reality may emerge to compete against your own bias. It is your ability to believe and amend your belief system, which separates you from the masses. “The task is not so much to see what no one yet has seen, but to think what no body yet has thought about that which everyone sees.”

    —Arthur Schopenhauer, 1818 —

  4. Not lawful? No problem. I thought that an executive order
    could make anything lawful. And besides the Congress has
    no problem with things unlawful, such as the “Patriot Act”
    and the NDAAs, etc.

    “TPP is supposed to lead the region to our version of open,
    reciprocal trade rather than have the region move toward
    the Chinese mercantilist model.”

    Just what we need more of. –Reciprocal trade agreements
    with the lowest wages on the planet for the American workers
    to compete with.

    But as a “believer” in the free trade religion it sounds
    great to me. But their is a problem. Do we have anymore
    jobs left to offshore, and can we borrow anymore money to
    finance our “free” trade deficits.

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