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U.S. Judge Asks: Why Haven’t The Financial Executives Been Prosecuted?

Fat cat

Why not, indeed?  Could it be the huge political donations made by the very executives who could be prosecuted? Obama and his appointees can’t blame Bush for failing to prosecute these individuals. The responsibility lies on their shoulders. They are protecting the Fat Cats, plain and simple. JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo Bank of America have all settled consent decrees with the SEC and Justice Department, but not one individual was prosecuted. It is nice to see at least one judge speak out about this travesty. – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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by Michael Hiltzik

As the five-year statute of limitations approaches for the wrongdoing that bequeathed us the Great Recession, the question of why no high-level executives have been prosecuted becomes more urgent.

You won’t find a better, more incisive discussion of the question than the one by U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff of New York in the current issue of the New York Review of Books.

Rakoff, 70, is the right person to raise the issue. He’s a former federal prosecutor in Manhattan, where he handled business and securities fraud. A Clinton appointee, he’s been on the bench for more than 17 years.

It’s unsurprising to find Rakoff emerging as a critic of the government’s hands-off treatment of Wall Street and banking big shots in the aftermath of the financial crisis: He’s never shown much patience for the settlements in which the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission allow corporations and executives to wriggle out of cases by paying nominal penalties and promising not to be bad in the future. These are known as “consent decrees.”

In 2009, he tossed a $33-million SEC settlement of a white-collar case with Bank of America, calling it “a contrivance designed to provide the S.E.C. with the facade of enforcement and the management of the Bank with a quick resolution of an embarrassing inquiry.” The parties later agreed to a higher fine and stricter terms. And in 2011 he rejected a $285-million consent decree Citigroup entered with the SEC. That rejection is still being pondered by a federal appeals court.

In his new essay, Rakoff takes particular aim at the government’s habit of prosecuting corporations, but not their executives — a trend we railed against earlier this year.

“Companies do not commit crimes,” Rakoff observes; “only their agents do…So why not prosecute the agent who actually committed the crime?” He’s witheringly skeptical of prosecutions of corporations, which usually yield some nominal fines and an agreement that the company set up an internal “compliance” department. “The future deterrent value of successfully prosecuting individuals far outweighs the prophylactic benefits of imposing internal compliance measures that are often little more than window-dressing.”





  1. The US Federal Government is mostly a criminal organization.
    They use intimidation, fear, violence, prisons, fines, EPA,
    to Bully the masses and business into compliance.
    VERY similar to how the mob charges you for “protection” so your
    business doesn’t have “problems”.
    The FEDS take money from the states.
    Then FEDS force the states to comply with federal edicts, laws, rules, so as
    the same states can have money returned, that FEDS took from the states citizens.
    This they call Federal dollars for roads, schools, etc.

    But the FEDS only return PENNIES on the DOLLARS that the FEDS took.
    It is a racket. A scam. But it is how the FEDS keep the states under control.
    Many of the largest financial institutions and Banks are also criminal organizations.
    International World Bankers are the worst.
    But this is too long. Google and you can find out the scams the bankers pull
    to destroy economies, and again to control nations.
    The bankers make loans and make sure Nations stay “on message”.
    Another scam.
    There will never be prosecution of these criminals.
    The criminals paid off the politicians.
    Criminals/bankers, giving other, criminals/politicians, their cut/tribute.
    That is how a protection racket works.

  2. Just as the cry went out to “Remember the Alamo,” we must always REMEMBER THE GREAT BANKERS’ ROBBERY.

  3. There is “us” –those who run the banks, and their is the “U.S.” –common Americans.

    We are talking about feudalism: the royalty versus the serfs. –And there is a “big”

    This is not what our founding fathers had in mind when they decided to leave the feudal
    system that they were living under –the rule of English Kings and nobility. And English
    royalty didn’t sit in the “Star Chamber” in England. That was reserved for the “commoners”.

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